Monday, January 16, 2006

Williamsburg Shomrim member arrested

A Williamsburg Shomrim member was arrested last night after an altercation with a Puerto Rican man. The Puerto Rican man was being held by Shomrim until Police arrived at the scene. However as soon as the Police had arrived, the man pointed out a Shomrim member and accused him of beating him up. The Shomrim member, who actually otherwise has a good rapport with the Police Department, was handcuffed and taken into the Police Station. Regardless of whatever the member would say, the Cops insisted on holding him as a criminal. Only until later when a Community Liaison phoned the Precinct was action taken to help the Shomrim member. After the Liaison's phone call, the restraints on the Shomrim member were relaxed and he was allowed to sit in an office in the Precinct rather than in a holding cell along with other criminals. After further urging from the Liaison, the Police conducted an investigation and concluded that the Puerto Rican man's story was false and that the Shomrim member was falsely accused. The Shomrim guy was released without being processed and having to go through the system.

"an altercation with a Puerto Rican man"

it is considered impolite to call someone by his ethnic background, the least say "a nice Puerto Rican thug/man".

besides this story is quite stretched.



Zul Zein Ah Kapureh


so where is Isaac Abraham during all of this???????


Issac Abrham is where he allways is
kissing tusshh


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