Monday, March 03, 2008

Try the new Chaptzem Ban-O-Matic 

Ever wanted to ban something in a hurry?

Well now you can, with the brand new Chaptzem Ban-O-Matic.

Just click on the link and you can make your very own ban on anything you like with thirty-two Rabbinical signatures included.

Ban Something

Great application, well done!


For some people I bet this will be voted as the most used and useful new invention of 2008.

Very cool application.


I will use this to publicize a ban long overdue.
We must stop the practice that even takes place in otherwise religious houses that normally would not sink this low.
I am referring to the eating of bananas R"L.
They are bent and not Straight. This can lead CH"V to alternative not straight lifestyles R"L.


now thats funny


my banana is straight , i have a patent on it. and 4 chasidishe hashgachos. Including one from the Bonita Rebba from mexico



You know, this might not be a joke.
You see, according to Kabbala, music reaches the depth of the Neshama like no other medium can.
Also, the kavana of the composer does affect the music in such a way that - well, if his intentions were not "KOSHER," that can affect the soul in a negative way.

IMAGINE! What would your davening be like (e.g. Shmoneh Esrei) if, all of a sudden, you hear the Beatles (as in beatle Torah)singing, "I want to hold your hand..." Some of the stuff blaring in Shul is even worse! Classical? I had to tell someone to change his phone's "nigun" because it was Wagner,Y"SH(vicous anti-semite, whose music Hitler,Y"SH, adored)!


Banning should be banned,banning banning should only be considered by the proper banning authorities. However they should ban banning by uncertified banners. In general banning the banners of banning should be banned but not entirely.


Ban on Chocolate... because anything that tastes so sinfully good should be Assur!


Very cool application.


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