Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Heimishe hit the beach

Heimishe women, children and men hit the beach this week in the bi-annual Chol HaMoed Coney Island extravaganza. For the first time in 2006 there were more Chasidim on the boardwalk than Russians. Hoards of carriage pushers stormed Astroland fighting for a place in line to put their shefelech on the little caterpillar and to wave to them as they pass by. There were Kosher L'Pesach refreshments available for sale at a stand in the park. Potato chips, apple juice box drinks and water were being sold for a little less than $20 each. However the real action was a little further down the boardwalk where all the bored, ausgemitcheter, nuchgeyugter fathers had gathered to smoked their cigarettes and stare at the horizon, basking in the glow of the sunlight with smiles of contentment on their faces from escaping for those few precious moments.

but you gotta admit its cheaper then all the other places, even the bathroom is only 25 cents and if you are lucky enough its not even clogged


I was there yesterday. It was such a mob scene I thought a large hand had picked up every Yid in NYC and plunked tem there. Then I went to Toys R Us ad found out that the remaining Yidden were in that mall. Getting home to Willy and going to Toys For You I was in disbelief that there were more mobs of yidden!


Dont you think that you were one of those Yidden that were plunked down overthere, or is it just everyone else who was plunked down there.


Can't think of any worse place to be on Chol Hamoed.


abi mileibt un yidden tuhn zachen tzuzaman on chol hamoed pesach. its beutiful. think of nyc just 70/80 yrs ago... a bushe!


Toys R us???
Bist de Meshuga!!
You gotta go to Totally Toys on coney between J & K. They just redid their store and it is a Machaya to shop there.


toys r us is 2 miles from coney island, therefore we went there, found nothing, and bought what we needed in willy.

jewboy, too bad it's the only amusement park in NYC...


Smoking is dangerous and we should be Moiche every time we see it, not writing about the pleasure on the faces of the people transgressing.


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