Monday, May 22, 2006

Boro-Park perv strikes again

The Boro-Park perv has struck again, this time on 10th Avenue and 45th Street. The pervert started up with a girl during the day in broad daylight this time. Keep your children aware of what is going on, it's not over yet. Make sure that they have seen his description and if anyone strange to them offers them anything they should run away and alert an adult.

Is the girl ok? Did she run away before anything could happen?


Is there a description of the person? The sketch they had looks like any person working at a grocery...should we stop shopping now?


Don't know what you're talking about, and i'm a bp shomrim member. You just made up this story, any others you're making up soon? Make sure that they're a bit jucier than this!!


Did she blow her whistle?


I heard that this perv was caught. He's Jewish and his last name is Pinter.

Don't know if it's rumor.....



If you can't report on the news, you are then forced to make up news.

Why don't you report on the happenings going on right around the block from you at Satmar 53rd street.


There is a guy named moshe pinter whom some ppl think is the bp pervert but they do not have him regadless of whether or not some ppl think its him. It is a rumor.


Does anyone know which moshe pinter this is? there are a few moshe pinter in B.P. It would help to know to keep away from him (The one with the filthy mouth). I wonder if it's him. Thanks


hello! this is totally mot true, u guys r just so 1 trackminded


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