Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Boro-Park pervert - Update

Police higher ups and Boro-Park politicians have decided to take a new approach to the situation with the Boro-Park pervert. The new tactic is silence. Although it has been seemingly quiet and there has been no news of any new incidences, they are still going on. Don't let this apparent lull get you off guard. There have been a few more occurrences in Boro-Park over the last week that have not been publicized. The logic behind this is to give the pervert a false sense of security and then catch him off guard. While this approach has two sides to it and can work either way, it is nevertheless not our intention to interfere with this tactic, but rather to just give the community a heads up as to what is really going on and to help keep everyone on the alert by keeping a close eye on children playing outside, especially after six o'clock p.m.

I think that we would have been better off not publishing this warning. In fact, please pull it so that we can have the perpotrator aprehended


This is very counteractive. If you are concerned for people to know about this tactic, then people should make the announcements in shuls. How do you know this guy doesn't have a computer? If he was looking for news about what he did, it would be quite easy to end up on this blog. I think you should take this down immediately. Unless maybe you write in all hebrew?


Some people would rather scoop a headline than care about the safety of our children.

Regardless, I wonder what the source of this news is, and if it's really true.




i think we are are giving too much credit to this caracter named CHAPTZEM ,it is pretty obvious that this guy has absolutely no credibility whatsoever
wouldnt be suprised the blogger of this blog is a 14-15 yr old chasidic punk


thanx now I know


Fine. Az eych yachol lihyot she bichlal af ben adam ad achshav lo rasham et mispar luchit misdar shel ha-oto shelo??!!


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