Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Have you seen this man?

Please print this page and post in your neighborhood.


This guy and the guy from lakewood both have a green jeep???


I would also drive a green jeep if I were doing what they are. It,s a natural!!


Breaking news from lakewood:
The publisher of yeshiva world blog was arrested in relation to the abduction case.


Chaptzem, do yourself a favor. Get rid of that last comment.


MAJOR ACTION IN LAKEWOOD TONIGHT! This Tuesday evening a man tried to lure a girl into his car at the corner of Forest Ave and 2nd Street. She fled into her house screaming and police were called. Moments later, the place was swarming with Lakewood cops, sheriffs,law enforcement officials and K9 units. No details have been released yet. Stay tuned....


MOMENTS LATER?????!!! I was there. I heard someone say that it took the great Lakewood Police A VERY long time to respond. Another guy there said "The police are very busy right at this moment with very (seemingly more) important calls.....On my way here I saw 5 - 6 PD cars frisking some teenager who was on a bicycle--they were checking the shopping bag on his handlebar." THE POLICE SEEM TO BE MORE WORRIED ABOUT THEMSELVES THAN ABOUT THE CITIZENS!!! (Why do they need so much back-up to frisk a teen ??5 - 6 Police cars???!!!???)


It was a felony bust, and they needed the extra cops in case the teen went nuts and started firing weaponry.


Maybe they didn't want to respond because some Rabbi might start beating them up again.


Stop posting stories which never happened!!


To ROvin ricky
first of all: HOw do YOU know the reason they neede so much back-up?

SEcond: That's exactly the point--- The Lakewood police are more concerned about themselves than the citizens!! Why didnt they arrive IMMEDIATELY at 2nd & Forest?? THE CITIZENS CALLED BECAUSE THERE WAS A GUY WHO THEY SAID 'FIT THE DESCRIPTION' OF THE SICKO ABDUCTOR!!!!


are these two guys not hte same person? seems so....


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