Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kolko camp threatens victims and family

In the last couple of weeks, since serious litigation has begun with regard to the abuse case against Rabbi Yehudah Kolko and Yeshivah Torah Temimah, close to one hundred victims have come forward alleging that they had been abused by Rabbi Kolko over the last forty years. However, each person that has come forward in an attempt to help put some closure on their brutally disturbed childhood, has received threatening phone calls. The person on the phone threatened these people with things ranging from having their kids expelled from Yeshivah (any Yeshivah not only Torah Temimah), to having them thrown out from Shul and ostracized from the community. I guess that this is the Torah way of dealing with abuse, first abuse them and then scare them away, adding insult to injury. What is the most shocking about this is how today's Rabbonim have no problem going along with what is going on. They keep their eyes, ears and mouth closed, ignoring any possibility to what may have happened. Who knows what skeletons they have in their closet waiting to come out. Shteekah K'hoyduah!

This type of action has probably driven more Bochurim away from Yiddeshkiet, never to return, than any "outside influence" that the (as the Holy Kotzker reffered to them,) Ra - Bonim are so concerned about. Hashem yikkum dommum hashofuch, L'a na nu.


Don't worry. Alittle Tanya will cure everything.


This gives new meaning to "being Mkarev" and have a "Chibur with your Talmedim"


above anon^ you idiot

I hope a rabbi molests you

then I will tell you

a little "tanya" can cure you



The Kotzker says "Rebbe" can be an accronym for Ra Bainai Hashem. I guess this best describes why Kolko and the others in power can call themseves Rabbi. It sure fits them.


Hey fucktard
It happened to 2 friends of mine and that is exactly what they were told. One committed suicide and the other died of AIDS. Now what do you have to say?


I guess you really are the basest of a true Nefesh Habahama ( in your case not even Bahamis)


Hey Annon @ 11:13
Can't you recognize sarcasm when you see it? I agree with you, but the Chamur B'lee Daas group solves everything with Tanya or a sign from Igros.


while i have no problem and i do incourage those abused to come out and finaly get their inner immotions released there is no reason for the kind of talk you above commentors are using! very inappropriate for our community! true the people who did do those terrible things - that they are accused of doing - are to be charged for it there is no reason for slandering them because of a sickness - except of course if they took their job for the sole purpose of being able to............ i believe that being such a closed minded community (which is a very good thing!) these guys never knew what was happening to them and probably felt silly telling anyone about it not realizing that anything wrong went on until they got much older! and for those threats i can understand reason to keep this quite as not to let our youngsters get to smart here and start accusing every principle when he does anything not to their liking.......and beside they might get curious beyond this....thats my opinion and it is debatable


All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)


It happened to 2 friends of mine...

Will you report what you know? Has anyone?


We must get rid of thr so-called rabbonim and so-called leaders who have practically destroyed Yiddishkeit.Including the gutless pricks who keep quiet.


Rabbi M's Daughter, do I know you in realspace? Do I know Rabbi M? I've known a couple. Beryl Moskovitz is a real mensch and so are his kids. Elliot is a lamed vavnik.

BTW, I can always use a place for Shabbat and Yom Tov meals. I promise to try not to discuss anything the Yated won't print. LOL. Call me @ 248-968-3614.

I'm sorry about your friends who were molested. Was it at a boys' school or a girls' school? Bunny Friedman told me, while insisting it wasn't a big problem, that they fired three teachers for molesting children during his tenure at YBY. I've lived here my entire life and never heard a thing about it until now.


Hey Captzem, quit picking on Flatbush people. I hear there are some problems like this in your area or BP. See UOJ for details.


Victims of Yidi Kolko:

Call Jeff Herman, the attorney suing Kolko and Margulies and Agudah. His phone number is 1-800-686-9921 and his email address is jherman@hermanlaw.com.

The awards will range from $100,000.00 to over $1,000,000.00. He is a big mentsch and will protect your identity. The lawsuits are being filed using John Doe instead of the victims names.

Please don't wait untill it's too late. Torah Temimah's money will not last forever.


*shrugs* why not, I guess I can use some more money.


What a chazzer!


can i get kolko to molest me now (im 40)
i having a hard time paying my mortgage


That's not funny. If the allegations are true the victims would have bitter consequences and deserve to be compansated, at the very least.


Mr./Ms. 12:01 i don't know what you are doing here. I have never agreed to, much less thought much of, anything written by the apparent "laydigeiers" on this site. But I am in complete agreement with you. My sentiments exactly.


Editor, I might just call you some time!
You may know Rabbi M but you don't know me.
P.S. It wasn't my friends who were molested. That was someone else's post.


The sarcastic and cynical comments have no place in a discussion about predatory pedophiles in the yeshivas and girls' schools.

Anonymous at 12:01, I can't decide if you are a brilliant satirist of frum narishkeit or you really mean all that drivel.

i believe that being such a closed minded community (which is a very good thing!)

i can understand reason to keep this quite as not to let our youngsters get to smart here

Yes, if they get too smart they might learn how to spell words like quiet and too.

and beside they might get curious beyond this....

Rachmana Latzlan!!! So let's get this straight, you want to live in a close minded community that discourages our children's curiosity and doesn't want them to be smart. Just regurgitate that same old gemaras over and over. Pressburg has won, Frankfurt has lost. Anything new must truly be assur. Do you not let your children read the Rashi on Pinchas, Zimri and Cozbi for fear they might get curious?

If this is what a good Jew is, than I don't want to be a good Jew.

Rabbi M's Daughter, your daddy raised a kluger maidel. They sure didn't teach you Schopenhauer in Bais Yakov - though Mrs. Rabinowitz could certainly discuss it intelligently.


Editor, you are very perceptive in knowing that Schopenhauer never comes up in discussions at Bais Yakov!
(I have heard of you before, by the way.)
Shabbot shalom, Editor.


Another victim filed a new lawsuit against the two monsters, Kolko and Margulies. This is just starting. Kolko may end up in handcuffs very soon.


At the request of others, I've started up Bozoyon, the official Blog of the Bozoer Rebbe. I plan to cover narishkeiten from the Detroit frum community. The first topical post is that Aryeh Kaplan is now an apikores according to the frummies. You can find it @ bozoyon.blogspot.com


Isn't it amazing that all these 'people' have been filing lawsuits and not ONE has come forward? Is it really possible to file lawsuits in New York state while remaining anonymous?

If all these 'hundreds' of people have come forward, why hasn't any of the press, who DID run the story when it first came out, picked up in this item?

Lastly, how do so many people here assume guilty without any proof? This is contrary both from a Jewish perspective and from the perspective of the law in the United States.



Un-Orthodox Jew said...
The prestigous New York Magazine has a full expose on the sexual abuse problem in the Orthodox Jewish community and the organized attempt by the "rabbis" to cover it up. Written by the acclaimed journalist Robert Kolker, he uncovers the ugly truth about our community.

In particular, he focuses on Yeshivah Torah Temimah's principal Lipa Margulies. Margulies has known about Yehuda Kolko for thirty five years and intentionally harbored a known pedophile, subjecting thousands of children to the ill and dangerous first grade teacher and school administrator.

Without me going into
details...this is one story nobody should miss.


May 14, 2006


OMG what a chillul hashem. We try so hard to be tzunua, why do they plaster our dirty laundry in the public arena? It's such a shanda fun de goyim. I'm embarassed to go on the train or show up at work. This is golus, we try so hard not to be noticed. All this publicity is bad for our community.


It is a chilul hashem, but how else does one put an end to the alleged behavior - by telling him to stop???


R Kolko has retired. He will collect full pension and retirement benefits in return for his illustrious career. He performed wonderfully for the Yeshiva and he will be sorely missed. It is doubtful whether anyone can fill his shoes.


or his pants!


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