Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kwik Kosher Pushcart

If you are orthodox and paying a ticket in Brooklyn you're out of luck finding a kosher deli near the courthouse. Enter Baruch Yehuda Ganz, who took the venerable New York push cart and made it Kosher. Try the falafel balls or a knish. He's just east of Court St, open from noon to 3:30pm on weekdays.

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who's hashgucha is he under


its under kolko hechsher he checks every inch of those mini hot-dogs



From what he said in his little video, maybe he holds of hashgacha of Hebrew National hotdogs, and he would have them if they weren't fleishig.


The only thing missing is the push-toilet for the "kwik" cackeh that follows.


its very sad that you need a kosher restaurant near the court? it looks like a lot of yidden are in court for white collar crimes. stop white collar crime then you wont need a restaurant in downtown brooklyn


Why be negative about being downtown? Many frum people work there like frum lawyers etc.

There are also many people in court for a legitimate reason - mainly jury duty.


Abuncha kvetches! I was at the county clerks office yesterday I was starving so I went to grab a bite at his new location. It was a mechaya! I nice kosher meal ready to go. He is a real gentleman.


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