Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Meal-Mart claims Shelf Fresh will be better

The distributor of Meal-Mart's new line of refrigerator-free travel food, Shelf Fresh, claims that the new meals will be like any other available on the market today. According to them the new meals differ from La Briut in the fact that they are not rations and do need to be heated by microwave or the sort. Also the distributor claims that these meals will be superior in taste and are produced from ingredients of the utmost quality. Samples of the product were not available for tasting as of this time.

i love meal mart you guys are the best. i took meal mart to florida and it was delicious and reasonably price. but the labriut stuff is vegetarian is the new stuff going to be fleishigs? maybr lipa can do a commercial for meal mart.


who cares about food ??? Give us some solid gossip !!!


stop with the food !! give us some solid news!!


whats going on in iran that every body that in not muslem has to wear a red piece of cloth are we going bauck to 1938 when hitler starded to do that why is the world quiet the next thing everbody knows in gas chambers


Can't wait to see these meals on my supermarket shelf; I think it will pick up very quickly. Thank you MEAL MART! We knew we can always count on you.


i heard rumors about this, i'm glad to hear it is true, keep us updated about it, i'm a big fan of their products, no one can compete with their quality.


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