Sunday, May 21, 2006

Meal-Mart slated for new food line

Meal-Mart, the biggest distributor of Kosher travel meals, is planning to come out with a new food line in a couple of weeks. The new line, called Shelf Fresh, will be an assortment of travel meals that come in a box and have an unlimited shelf life without the need of any refrigeration. The new technology enables the meal to taste just as fresh after years of sitting on a shelf as when it was manufactured. From my experience with Meal-Mart meals, that last statement does not necessarily precipitate any confidence from me in their new product. I usually confuse the food and the box when eating their frozen meals.

From My inside sources these meals are really from LA Brieut Meals out of lakewood n.j. with the meal mart label on it.


WOW Kosher MRE's. Another way we can match the Goyim Oh Goody!!!!!


Chaptzem, now i understand why your comments are so out of sync. You probably eat meal mart right before you post a comment.


meal mart produces the labirut meals and besides this item is avl in paperrific for over an half year


They are not as bad as they seem, which I admit is not saying much. I was once stuck on an airplance runway for 3 hours and all I had was a La Briute meal. It was not so terrible and was better than simply filling up on nosh.


Yuch...I ate a couple of these during desperate times in my life (i.e., studying for the Bar Exam) and they honestly taste like roasted poop in a box!


I have these meals regularly on KLM. What gets me, is how they actually boast about the fact that this meal can sit around for years! All they manage to accomplish is to ruin the traveler's appetite. The palm hearts in crusted mustard sauce is one of my favorites. Yum! As for the "roasted poop" comment, let's just say that he is not too far off.


I vacationed in Orlando with my family last summer. I went to the kosher restaurant the first afternoon we were there and the food was atrocious and priced through the roof. I had a friend FedEx to me la briote meals. Other than the pasta primavera, the meals were delicious. I wouldn't say that I would eat them at home, where I can cook or go to a local take-out, but when you are away? or can't cook? IT'S PERFECT! By the way, never having had the pleasure of eating poop, I wouldn't know if this tastes like poop.


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