Sunday, May 14, 2006

Missionary DVD has arrived in Boro-Park

The Yiddish language missionary DVD, aimed at luring Yiddish speaking people to their ideas about Moshiach, has been received by Boro-Park residents in the mail. According to poskim, aside from the issur of watching DVD's, this DVD is usser to watch because it contains apikorses. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WATCH IT TO SEE WHAT IT IS ABOUT, YOU ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO RESIST THE POWER OF THIS DVD.

is our faith that weak?
is this video SO compelling?!?


Al ta'amin b'atzmicha ad yom moscha.


I'm not strong enough to resist? Wow, I'm pretty strong and can resist almost anything besides the truth. So this DVD must be the truth. Ver volt dos gegleybt?




So dov is headed to Israel again..... Does he do any work for US in Albany?
He should be assemblyman of YESHA. He does NOTHING for us here


i thought this was MBD new album


We are not strong enough to resist? What kind of trash is that? You are coming very close to being modeh to Avodah zara by saying such a thing. Are you saying that the argument is so compelling that it is hard to resist? What shtuss!

Maybe its ossur to watch, but we cant resist? Dont make me laugh.


The video is pathetic and laughable, it's hard to believe that anyone would be swayed by it


the video was a pathetic excuse for convincing anyone, once I caught on to what it was I just laughed and laughed at the waste of energy and money spent on this attempt to prosletize. I can't imagine anyone being convinced by this video to inquire further.


everybody thinks that he is strong enough but when you start hearing so much apikorsis you get affected by it and you'll chas veshalom become like that "50 shekel guy" - he recently watched the passion and now he is part of those "jews fo jesus" people.


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