Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Munkatch, Satmar come to agreement

After many hours of negotiating in Supreme Court, the Munkatcher Rebbe's son and Satmar were able to come to an agreement. A fierce boundary dispute between the two had brought them to Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justice David I. Schmidt spent many hours with the two sides trying to negotiate a compromise. The two sides agreed to take their dispute out of court for the time being and to go to Beis Din to try to settle the matter there. Wow, what a concept, Rabbonim going to Beis Din to settle their dispute. I wonder why they needed a Judge to tell them that?!

Judge Schmidt is really the most amazing judge in the Supreme Court.


The reason they need Judge Schmidt to tell the Rabonim about the Halochos of going to Bais Din is because Judge Schmidt knows Halacha far better then most Rabonim.

I know from very good sources that Judge Schmidt has joined a night Kollel and is studying for Smicha.

Will he be joining Mechon Lehorah when he retires>


It seems that you FORGOT to mention one thing - rabinowitz went to hisachdus and called satmar to din torah first - then he got a IKUL and they did not listen to the psak of the hisachdus - so the hisachdus told him that he should go in court to enforce it


Rabinowitz Chaim E. is a known P********.


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