Sunday, May 21, 2006

Muscle mania at Shomer Shabbos

Two Bucharian Sefardim were stopped while going at it in front of Shomer Shabbos. The incident began when a Sefardi Schnorrer, who hangs out at Shomer Shabbos and is known to antagonize people, began to taunt a younger Sefardi man. The younger man retaliated by kicking and punching the Schnorrer and was about to really let him have it when another Bucharian Sefardi man came and separated the two. The third man got in the middle of the other two and told the Schnorrer, "Are you crazy? He'll kill you. Don't you know he carries a knife?" With that the fight broke up and each one went on his own way.

jewish niggers


how profound!!


I was informed that there was an arrest made in the Lakewood abduction case. I have heard that it was a jewish guy. Can anyone confirm?


Where did this happen? Location, to be precise?


anonymous at 8:46- not true.


Bucharrans are not sephardim! get your facts straight. Just because someone is not an ashkenazi it doesnt automatically make him a sefardi.


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