Sunday, May 21, 2006

New safety lessons for Women of Lakewood

Staying safe the Torah way!

truly tasteless


absolutely truly tasteless


I would just call it DUMB.


It is absolutely disgusting, to what a low level this blog has gone to.
This is not a subject of joking manner, how hurtful this is to the family who is suffering in pain.
Shame on yourself, you bsick low life scum bag!!!!




not even funny


not even funny


Did you post this because you found it to be funny?


Indeed, I must side with the others who are disgusted by your 'humor.'

Go find another riot rather than hock on a serious situation.

I've created a song just for you:
(Hum to Any Tune You Prefer)

Sometimes Chaptzem chaps,
Other times they just flop,
They refuse to adhere or even listen,
The Chaptzem Crew simply deems everything shtisim.
Because their big akshunim,
Mit kan shim yiddish tam udder punim,
A bunch of willi drop-outs,
Who bum bum bum around,
This blog makes them feel safe & sound,
Even when their readers hound,
the protested article can still be found...
They refuse to stay mum,
Because everythings fun,
on www.chaptzem.blogspot.com


you don't realize how much good you can do with this blog alot of serious people turn to you for the information that you post that is credible you have the power to unify the klal in time of need clean up your content get serious you have an extremely constructive future be mezakeh es harabim. hatzlacha rabah


The loshon harah is one thing.
Lack of human compassion is something else. If you can't understand - you never will.


am really not suprised at CHAPTZEM
as this guy is most propably a 14-15 yr old chasidishe punk,who is nothing more then a ignorant savage
do not expect anything better


This is not a joke. This is an actual poster hanging in various spots in Lakewood.

Not a bad idea, either.


Your little jingle up there is cute.

I would jsut have to disagree on one line, and that is:
"Sometimes Chaptzem chaps."


This site is irrelevant. How can you even call this "NEWS"?


I agree with 4:39. It's definitely not a bad idea, and actually a good idea to increase your tehillim, torah learning, giving tzedokah...

These are what REALLY protect us.


I read your blog daily to keep myself posted on the news of our fellow Yidden.

I was COMPLETELY APPALLED at your stupidity and complete lack of respect for the woman who was attacked and traumatized FOR LIFE.

If you find this topic to be something of a joking matter - just think if this were to happen to your sister, wife or daughter.....

I think I have better news blogs to read.


there is a TOTAL news blackout, about this story.
I cant find a lek of news, online.
this story iz gegangen shlofen?
you cant have it both ways, blow up this story, because its a yiddishe meidel, and now its a heimish...... this story never happened.


chaptzem gang you are a heartless bunch of shkutzim, mumzerim roshoim.

you have no compassion for what this lady went thru

shame shame shame on you



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