Monday, May 15, 2006

Reaction to Kolko Article

After reading through the entire New York article about Rabbi Yehuda Kolko and Rabbi Lipa Margulies, I found a couple of things interesting and extremely important to bring to light. What bothered me however was that there was a major portion of this article that was extremely disturbing and inexcusable to publish in the public eye, under ANY circumstance. If the accuser felt that he had no other recourse than to file a law suit and contact the media to get his story out, that is one thing. But to make blatantly false and generalistic accusations against every Yeshivah is not only ludicrous and irresponsible, but utterly pompous and stupid as well. If you believe you have been wronged by a Jewish person, a Rabbi, that you trusted and were betrayed by and feel you need to get that out in the open, that's fine. Bury the guy. But to bring down the entire religion because you were wronged by a Yeshivah is inexcusable. The Jewish religion does not in any way condone child abuse or the quieting down of such, as you wish to lead everyone to believe. This was a crime perpetrated by individuals. Individuals that have no place in society, let alone our community.
Further, the article mentions how the repression in the community is what leads to child abuse. I found that statement very indicative of the author's contempt for our culture. Does the secular world have less child abuse per capita because they are not repressed? Do secular girls get raped less because they dress more provocatively? I wonder if that logic adds up in the author's mind at all, or was this just a mental hiccup on the back of a runaway train of anti-Frumkeit. Our religion has many rules and regulations, and no, we are not stifled or repressed. This is what ensures our future and makes us thrive, even when other cultures are failing. Our religion is smart and strong and can therefore withstand the challenges of time and change and nobody is smarter than G-d. Rabbi Kolko and Rabbi Margulies if you have knowingly hurt Jewish children, our next generation, in any way, be it physical or emotional, or by just enabling it to happen, the punishment that you will suffer in this world will pale in comparison to what is awaiting you in the world to come. To the abused, if you can help other people by exposing abusers, by all means do so. Do not however stoop to their level by destroying Frum Yiddishkeit in the process.

Thank You Great Post A1+


I agree! And it wasn't a mental hiccup, I'd call it a BRAIN FART!


Point taken....But they expect more from us as being the chosen of the chosen...and righfully so.


Not only Margulies and Kolko are implicated. Did you not see the other chashuve names that were mentioned in the article and in the lawsuits? The bes din consisted of rabonnim gedolim - people you respect.
We expect more from our leaders.


It is not really true that that Torah Temimah was called Torah Vodaas at the time of the incidents. Margulies originally worked for Torah Vodaas, and while Torah Vodaas was in Williamsburgh, he started something called Torah Vodaas of Flatbush. He broke off and became independent and renamed it Torah Temimah. At the time of these events he ran Torah Vodaas of Flatbush. It was largely independent of the original Torah Vodaas, which was and still is a different school, where these events did not occur. The article does not make that clear.

The article also mischaracterizes Torah Temimah by calling it the Harvard of yeshivas. While its considered a good school, it does not have the selectivity and exclusiveness that the phrase "Harvard of yeshivas" implies.


Great post ... but it should be pegged to the original post as a warnign that this person clearly has an agenda.
And the magazine wants to sell copies.
American law and halachah presume innocence.
Lawsuits notwithsatnding, these remain allegations. Allegations that are clearly disputed by many, and may have proved baseless in the past.
If the aupposed abuse took place, the victims desrve our support and sympathy.
But questioning the authenticity of the allegations isn't "rishus" -- it is, frankly, our right and our obligation.
I find it funny that the accuser suddenly characterizes teh accused as soft and gentle. He was well known as a strict Rebbi and Head Counselor.
What you don't do to make a fabricated story plausible.
I am about the same age as the named accusser, was in the yeshiva at the time, often received rides home with the accused Rebbi and met him many times out of Yeshiva, through Pirchei.
Never once did he do anything untoward to me.
If he's as sick as claimed, I find that heard to believe.


How could MANY people know that the allegations are baseless? By definition only the rebbi and the student know.

As far as why he didn't pick on you: 1)Maybe he knew who to pick on - the kid from out of town whose mother recently remarried.
2)If he was picking on David why would he need you?
3)Maybe you're ugly.


What I found truly reprehensible was the assertion by a blogger that this type of abuse is "only" a chiuv malkus while loshon hora causes tzoraas. Is it loshon hora to disclose this type of abuse to protect others who may become subject to it? Is it a mesira when you call the police to stop frum person from stabbing his wife?

The New York magazine may have gone too far in discussing the frum world in general but that's what happens when you open the doors of chilul hashem.


very well put.


I agree, it's absurd to say that abuse is not as bad as lashon hara.
If he's guilty, the he and those who knowingly facilitated his crimes should be appropriately punished.
And while -- if all more accepatble methods of dealing with this were in fact exahusted -- those who brought it to the fore deserve thanks for protecting other childen, there methodology and press-baiting is reprehensible, at best.
In fact, I believe that their approach raises serious questions about both their integrity and their motivation.
Even if he's guilty, I'm not sure if the blame for "open[ing] the door to chilul Hashem" is with Rabbi K or Rabbi M. I'm afraid it's with Framowitz and Herman, who seem to be interested in generating more noise than tachlis.
Bear in mind that previous investiagtions have turned up nothing.


Previous investigations didn't turn up 'nothing'. They uncovered festering rot. The investigations were halted by intimidation and threats. The beis din was a joke. Who do you think you're kidding?


Its very interesting how you guys were ok when tendler was brought into the media (both father and son) , but
as soon as margo and kolko got in its a whole different story.
Put it in the right prespective.
If this was your daughter or son that got raped by a teacher you tune would be very different.
If its too hot in the kitchen then leave . No one is asking you to stay!!!


UOJ is right to take on Kolko and Margo, but the media, as usual, is trying to talk about something it doesn't know everything about. It takes a lot of time to understand a group of people one is not familiar with. So, of course, errors crop up in the analysis. But there is also some truth in the article, I would bet. And finding out which parts are true and which are not should be a focus of investigation. "Lashon hora" is a term that's overused those days to stifle people, and while people should exercise caution in speech, not speaking up can make a problem bigger than it was in the first place.

Oh, and by the way, we're not in pre-WWII Europe anymore. Speaking up shouldn't land people in a dungeon.


For the record, I complained about the unfair Tendler-bashing.

And lest I be accused of being in denial about the problems in our community, I've been involved in several cases where we got husbands to give gittin, where abused spouses and children were removed to safe environments, and other similar cases. All without pay, and all working through Rabbonim and battei din.

I am convinced that legitimate problems can usually be handled effectively, and victims can get the protection, support, sympathy, and help they deserve.

There are plenty of non-victims who are simply malcontents or who have an ax to grind. They don;t dererve our confidence or support. And they are the ones who make it so difficult for those who were really hurt.


"I am convinced that legitimate problems can usually be handled effectively, and victims can get the protection, support, sympathy, and help they deserve."

How, genius? By complaining to the Rosh Hayeshiva? By going to Bes Din? They tried both.


If you assume that the allegations are true, and that the rest their storyis, you're right.
Which is what the point is.
Nothing's been proven, or even moderately established.
All that's happened is that accusations were made.
Which was my point.
True issues are usually addressed... I'lll leave the rest unstated.


Before anyone doubts any of the investigations they should try talking personally to a victim. Unfortunately there are enough victims of Kolko (y"s) to go around. Before you have made an effort to confirm please don't bash the victims who have had to suffer with this for many years. If you would like to contact a victim UOJ can put you in touch with some.


U expect the victims to wear a sign arount the neck with all the details? Then you'll site that as proof of insanity. They did all the right things, went to bais din etc. What are they to do if Bais Din wont believe them yet they KNOW WHO MOLESTED OR SODOMIZED THEM? Put up with it sitting down. Lord, I pray u afflict the children of the critics and the facilitators with what I and the rest of the victims have been thru. True Kolko wasn't who molested me. My molester was a chassidishe mechanech in Boro Park. I feel the pain of these adults having to carry these dark secrets in the heart for twenty plus years. I turned to my rabbi too and got nowhere. U can all criticize all u want while I cry till today and have nowhere to turn. As a victim I must suffer forever because halachicly ignorant rabbonim do nothing and worse, they destroy our credibility and the little self esteem our molesters left us. May god almighty avenge my suffering from my menahel and those who have assisted him in attacking me. God, count my tears and the tears of my family members who suffer from the resultant trauma I am left with. If I went public would the world not say I must be insane for doing just that?


I must disagree with you when you say that our system does not induce repression. I have attended mainstream yeshivas and camps and I must say that homosexual experimentation is rampant amongst sexually repressed boys. I do believe that many of these guys were not necessarily gay but needed an outlet for their urges and, being so closed off from the opposite sex, they naturally gravitated toward their own kind.


Anyone who reads Ben Hirsh comments (AKA UOJ) on his previous blogs see he has an ax to grind with the whole orthodox crowd. He is a Moser and a Mechalel Shabbos.


Dear Mr. Shrink:
As Mr. Captzem noted, blaming a "sexually repressive society" is a red herring.
Sexual experimentation of all varieties is rampant in liberal, non-repressive camps. I saresay far more rampant than in any frum camp.
Teenagers are coming to grips with physical, hormonal, and emotional changes, that's a fact. In every society.
In a Torah society, we try to instill in ourselves and our children the moral compass to know right from wrong, and to recify and mistakes they've made.
Does it work for everyone? No. We're human; part of teh human condition is imperfection.
As to the mishandling of the accusers... again, you're trusting them and their word. I'm not saying it can't be.
I am saying that by reiterating what may be a canard, you're simply using teh Big Lie: repeat it often enough and, in the court of public opinion, it becomes "obvious" that it's true.
And by the way, read the alleged victim's supposed story of how he came forward.
Even if, based on the article, you now Google the name of the accused, the accusations of pedohilia come up from the article itself and form UOJ. It's not quite what the article would have you believe....
I wouldn't neccessarily consider him a very realiable source ...


We cannot beleive everything we read. Yudi Kolko was cleared by a Beis Din led by Hagoan Rav Pinchus Scheinberg and Hagoan Rav Moshe Feinstein wrote a leeter to mechazek the psak. Rabbi Belsky who knows everything that happened in Camp Aguda backs him 100%.


Anon - It is good that you mentioned UOJ by name. Ben Hirsh is a notoriously bitter person who blaims his own personal failures. He did not get a long with his parents and is in middle of a bitter devorce. His uncle Reb Feivel Cohen said that he listens to nobody. He has everyone sscared of him becuase he will stoop to anything to get his way. He loves the attention he gets from his blog and thinks he is Superman. To even compare the Yeshiva system witch had a few isolated incidents to the ccatholic church with had systematic failures is sinas yisroel.


"To even compare the Yeshiva system witch had a few isolated incidents to the ccatholic church with had systematic failures is sinas yisroel."

What few isolated incidents? They are all false rumors created by the sonei yisroel. Frum heimishe people don't do such traife zachen.


tt parent:

You say you cannot believe everything you read. So how do you know that YK was exonerated by a Bes Din. Where you there?? Oh, you read it somewhere !


"Anyone who reads Ben Hirsh comments (AKA UOJ) on his previous blogs see he has an ax to grind with the whole orthodox crowd. He is a Moser and a Mechalel Shabbos."

Care to explain how you know he is a Mechalel Shabbos?


Ben Hirsh put up a post on Shabbos a few months ago. When confronted with this he replied on Yeshivaworld blog that he was in Israel for Shabbos. However he was seen in Rabbi Fishers Shul that Shabbos. Now he claims thet it posted late however from his first response it is obvious that he is a mechalel shabbos. Why are you so shocked that someone who is mevazeh all the gedolim from previous generations is a mechalel shabbos? you thought he is a lamed vavnik?
I have spoken to Rabbi Belsky and others and it is common knowledge that he was cleared by Beis din - there is a written psak from Reb Scheinberg.


We cannot beleive everything we read. Yudi Kolko was cleared by a Beis Din led by Hagoan Rav Pinchus Scheinberg and Hagoan Rav Moshe Feinstein wrote a leeter to mechazek the psak. Rabbi Belsky who knows everything that happened in Camp Aguda backs him 100%.
Absolute falsehood, Kolko was never cleared and in fact has well over 100 victims to his credit. Ask Reb Dovid Feinstein about Kolko and Margulies. Please report back.


Ben Hirsh is going through a divorce for ten years. He puts his money and assets under different names so his wife should not get any alimoney.


I have spoken to Rabbi Belsky and others and it is common knowledge that he was cleared by Beis din - there is a written psak from Reb Scheinberg.
In that case, why did Margulies refuse to appear in bais din? Kolko's guilt is well known. No Bais Din ever cleared him. Where is this supposed Psak? Does it make any sense that Margulies and Kolko have a Psak clearing Kolko and are hiding it?!? Surely, if they had such a Psak it would have appeared in a full page ad in every paper in town.


The psak does exist you are just setting yourself for a big fall. The psak will be brought to court to clear TT of ant wrong doing. Even the magazine makes mention of it. So far TT has decided not to dignify the charges with a response. Your day of reckoning will come. Rabbi Scheinberg is in America why don't you ask him?
No real Beis Din was set up now it is just a sham by Ben Hirsh along with his fake Hazmons from a lawyer.


This fiasco has been going on since early February. Margulies is facing a mutiny. Kolko is facing jail. Torah Temimah may never recover. Are you suggesting this "psak" is being saved for some rainy day? The game is over.


"The psak does exist you are just setting yourself for a big fall."

Margo is serving kool aid, go get some.


To the idiot kanoi who imagines that TT is not even dignifying the accusers with a response:

You are a complete piece of garbage. It's because of animals like you that many, many victims who were molested by Kolko and others, do not come forward. If there was video of a rabbi raping a child, you would still deny it and say it was doctored.

Keep imagining in your little fantasy bubble that TT is not going to "dignify" anoyone with a response. This is no longer a Yeshivishe game. The courts are now in charge, my little friend.



"Harav Hagaon" Rav Chaim Pinchus Sheinberg is just as guilty as Kolko and all the other molestors.

His own brother and nephew have had and continue to run Yeshiva Migdal Torah in Neve Yakov, Yerushalayim and they have sytematicaaly sexually abused vulnerable talmidim learning there. Not mere fondling but actual sex between Rebbi and Talmud. Rabbi chaim pinchus Sheinberg knew everything and all along continues to help cover everything up.

Did someone say R Sheinberg Yemachshmo??


Look who is playing "shrink."

On what do you base your statement that not only is homosexual experimentation not more prevalent in Orthodox enviroments, but actually (as you 'daresay') more common in 'liberal camps.'

I speak from experience. I personally have witnessed this. In the absence of female interactions, there exists as well, in camps and Yeshivas, intense emotional bonds (that cross physical boundaries) that probably do border on full-blown homosexuality. You can't deny what I've seen and I am sure many would agree.


UOJ started this a year ago.
He asked for one simple thing. The rabbi should stop teaching.

Instead they tried to find out who he was, and attacked him.

If it turns out the rabbi is guilty, dont you think he is a rasha gamur for putting the community through this mess by simply not teaching anymore?

UOJ made it anoymous so this rabbi could have cover for retiring.
Yet, he didnt.

So they escalated the pressure on this rabbi. No one believed lawsuits and public expose in major magazines would follow.
That is the same pattern of all abusers


most of the people on this blogg (excluding victims) don't have proof of actual molestation, they weren't there.
but there is a klal where there is smoke there is fire and here there is alot,alot of smoke.
anyone who learned in TT in those years knows of the "smoke" even people who are sympathetic to kolko.

my proof is in the fact when kolko was attacked at a bris in the mountains on a sunday morning by his victim (one the more known victims who has been on kolko's case for a long time) all kolko did was leave with out defending himself

now if i would be kolko and i was innocent that would've been a great time to defend my self and have it out with the person who's been on my case for years.
you cant say maybe he didn't want to bring attention to a story that most people don't know about all the guys there were TT boy's who all knew the story.
kolko has been saying for years lets go to bais din and have it out well that time would be perfect to stand up to his accuser and defend himself!!
what did he do he just walked away
to me thats about as close to admission as it gets

what say you?


I say that the facts that will be coming out in the coming days, weeks and months will rip our hearts out. Kolko destroyed so many pure children's lives. They are living in acute pain daily. They range in age from teens to forties. Margulies protected Kolko for over three decades knowing full well what he was doing. When the public sees the details of the abuse it will be unlike anything we have ever seen before. Again, it will be unlike anything we have ever seen before.


Cut out all the ad hominem attacks (that is, arguing against people by insulting their reputation) - it's chillul haShem and it's also rude. So what if U0J blogged on Shabbos? That's an irrelevent point and you know it. You're throwing dirt on him as a counterargument for his exposing a lecherous Rabbi? What kind of an argument is that?

UOJ is unorthodox and a bit of a rebel, so you can't expect him to be frum in every little detail. (As for stuff about the biblical death penalty for Shabbat breaking, that's 2000 years ago and making a mountain out of a molehill anyhow.)


100% right on that one, I don't think anyone here disagrees.


The Chofetz Chiam was very angry when he heard that a small local Cheder in Russia expelled a young boy because his father couldn't pay the tuiton. He said that the Mechanchim must be very caarefull in how they treat the children, because of the damage that 1 act by a rebbe can bring on all of Klal Yisroel. That little boy was later known to the world as Ilya Lenin. Yes one act can drive whole families away from Yiddeshkiet, therefore the perpetrator is a Choteh Umachteh es Horabima nd a Masis Umodiach and is Chiav Missa twice FOR EACH ACT AND CHILD> Hashem Yarachaim.


Your fustrations are aimed at the wrong people.

The problem was/is that not only are the accusers ignored and are left violated without any justice. The Yeshivos let these clowns continue working without recourse.

Had this guy (along with the others) not been neglected it would not had to have been dragged out in the open.

You have a gripe take it up with the true source(s) - The people who run the Yeshivos and mach nisht vissen.


"The psak does exist you are just setting yourself for a big fall."

What will you say if Kolko pleads guilty? Be honest with your answer. Don't say "he will never plead guilty." Give me an honest answer.


if kolko pleads guilty, he was forced to.


"if kolko pleads guilty, he was forced to."

Is that the best you can do?


If you think Kolko is going to plead guilty you obviously have no idea what is going on. He will fight to the end to clear his name.


I have just finished reading the New York Magazine article. TODAY, not for the first time, but more than ever, I AM EMBARRASSED TO BE AN ORTHODOX JEW!!! What Rabbi Kolko did does not embarrass me - it sickens and repulses me. He is sick, and while he is still accountable for his actions, should not have done it, and should pay the price for not controlling his urges, he does not embarrass me.

However, the cover-up by his enablers does embarrass me. They are far worse because they did not have (as I'm sure Kolko will claim) uncontrollable urges. They had a responsibility to protect the children and stop the abuse, and they didn't.

Torah Temimah, if Rabbi Margulies does not resign (hopefully in handcuffs) by next Monday, May 22, 2006, should be shut down. Every parent in the school should be embarrassed about leaving their children there in their care. I am certain that every other yeshiva in town will gladly take the boys in to complete the semester and their education, but any parent who is not embarrassed and frightened to leave his kid OF ANY AGE in their care is a shameful parent.

I am very embarrassed by Rav Pinchas Scheinberg. For whatever motive, to say it is not actionable because there was no penetration is woefully sick, I don't care if the Gadol is 93 or 193. He has young m'shorsim who should be able to advise and explain to him what is going on. NOTHING MAKES THE TORAH LOOK MORE FOOLISH THAN HIS STATEMENTS. He has brought a great Chilul Hashem on our community by saying what he did.

I am embarrassed by the Jewish Press and their attack on UOJ. I hope they eat their words and apologize. I won't hold my breath because they will not do the right thing.

I am embarrassed by a blogger who can - in all sincerity and immense stupidity - write that loshan harah is worse than the actual sexual abuse. Once again, statements like that make the Torah (and us) look foolish. I have an image in my head that this blogger and Rav Scheinberg's comments have Hashem (k'v'yachol) weeping on his Heavenly throne. (Can this be why it has been raining day after day in New york as this article was going to press?)

I am embarrassed by the senseless and mindless attacks on UOJ. To me, he is a hero of the Jewish people. I hope that someday we know who he is and that right-thinking organizations will honor him and his work of great sacrifice and great patience and great courage. And if not, if he is never honored by basar v'dam, I am certain he will be honored by the Most Honorable On High, by He who is All Honor, for the dignity he tried to bring back to His children. May Hashem bless his hands and his handiwork.


Based on several so-far unsubstantiated allegations, Mosdos haTorah, Gedolei Torah, bottei din, and a large segment of teh Frum population are being attacked.

Those attacks might be appropraite if the charges are found to be true.

But nothing has YET been established. All there's been is publicity-seeking press-releases. I would call it revenge, but I don't know that -- and most readers here or anywhere else have no way to know that -- these aren't completely trumped up stories.

Our courts are packed with slimey lawyers and phoney plaintiffs. "Just talk to them" and you'll buy their drivel too... that's why the evidence comes before a jury to decide, not newspapers.


"Where there's smoke there's fire." But sometimes the fire is the arsonist's pants -- and that is UOJ and Co.


"Those attacks might be appropraite if the charges are found to be true."

What exactly will it take to convince you? Please be specific.


You might not know that there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty IN A COURT OF LAW.

It seems that Beis Din 20 years ago wasn't enough. The accusers claim it's rigged, they were stifled, whatever.

Well...Herman, UOJ and Co. will, I guess, have their day in court. Let's see what they prove there.

Filing of a civil suit requires no finding of any sort; it's not even like any outside party verified any of the allegations before they were made.

Press releases and newspaper articles PROVE nothing .. except for, perhaps, the lack of purity of the motives of the accusers.


This story disgusts me. The rabbiam should step up a get the Rabbi who needs psych help the help he needs, get him out of the yeshivas and away from our kids. Then you want to know why are teenagers are at risk of going off the darech. Why so many of our young men/women turn away from yiddishkiet. And you blame the outside sources. What about the inside ones. The rabbiam who wont listen and make things worse not better. Step up to the plate and listen to our kids, talk to them and really listen when they reply. I did! Just A couple years ago a divorced man who frequently spent shabbos in our neighborhood spent a Yom Kippur. He made a pass at my 13 year old daughter. He was due to spend Succot also. My husband and I did our homework and found out that my daughter wasn't the first. Needless to say he did not spend Succot in our shul and is not allowed to come back. Our Rabbi stepped up to the plate along with other parents of teenage girls. I am just lucky my daughter is smart enough to have come to her father immediately in shul on yom kippur and told him what happened. And we have spread the word to our friends and neighbors to keep thier daughters away from him. to keep them safe. We found out he was doing the same thing in another shul and Simchat Torah. and offering the girls liquor and wine and taking them out to the succah. When that Rabbi found out he kicked him out of that shul also! He was Always staying at homes with teenage girls.
By the way why is eveyone on this site always Anonymous. If you are embarressed to say who you are don't be here.


Bravo, Susie!
You did the right thing. And the Rabbis did too -- your rabbi and that of the other Shul.
I made the point yesterday that my own experience has been that the Rabbis are responsive to true stories.
Which is why I find it unfair for everyone to hang the teacher, the schoo, and the rabbinate based on allegations that are decades old and have yet to be substantiated by any objective party.


"You might not know that there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty IN A COURT OF LAW."

So do you agree that if found guilty by a court of law, you will agree that he is guilty? Of course not ! You will then say that he had a bad lawyer, the judge was a sonei yisroel, the jury was rigged and so on.


So? Let's go ahead and substantiate those accusations, if true, or disprove them, if false.

hmmm. UOJ = V for Vendetta?


Our religion has many rules and regulations, and no, we are not stifled or repressed

well i guess you all forgot about Shloimys sex blog a year ago.




What a way to celebrate Lag Ba'omer, with machloikes and wordslinging.


Well said rovin ricky.

Well put Chaptzem.


Hey I was reading the comments here. You know what really pisses me off? Listen to this shmuck:

"They are all false rumors created by the sonei yisroel. Frum heimishe people don't do such traife zachen."

It's the naivete of people like you that make me sick. Instead of recognizing there may be a problem you choose to hide under the self righteous guise of "frum heimeishe people". I am a frum heimishe person but I am normal and when I see a problem I face it. I'm not saying anything about this Kolko /Margulies issue because I don't know any facts. But it's certainly not beyond the realm of possibility regardless of his frumkeit or heimshkeit. He may have a probelm believe it or not. Paople have problems and its time to understand that we are all human beings regardless of heimish frumkeit. So when you smugly sling phrases like treife zachen and sonei yisroel, it clearly shows you have a limited and narrow sheltered view... Typical - there's no problem - it's all sonei yisroel! Get a reality check and take your nose out of the mesilas yesharim for one second and take a look around you. Theres a world and you live in it so get with the program and try to make something of yourself.
Whew- that feels better! :)


Sam I am:

Sorry to burst your bubble but that post is mine - I was being sarcastic.


To all those who are claiming "innocent until proven guilty"

Anyone who's anyone KNEW ABOUT THIS FOR YEARS!!!

It was an ongoing joke twenty years ago and it was known to counselors in Manavu. Are you all saying this is the first you are hearing about this re: Kolko? Where have you been?


There is a bunch naive people on my block who send the boys to YTT. Based on conversations with them, there is no proof that would convince them of YK's guilt.

Even if there was video of YK's hands in a bochur's pants, they would say "the video is a forgery."


woops - lol. well, i'm sure there are those out there who think like that. Anyways,I still feel better .


I was a victim of sexual assault. The orthodox synagouge I and the perpetrator both attended refused to ask the man to leave the community even though they believed he commited the acts. In practice Orthodox Judaism permits this sort of thing to go on. I don't find the generalizations so far from the truth. No it's not everyone, no it's not every institution. But it's more than just the one, as so many of us would like to think. To quote Rabbi Avraham Twerski - "we are not immune"


It is most unfortunate, that for many years, this kind of crime went without comment in the Jewish community and worse, was swept under the rug. I say that a crime is a crime and maybe the "rabbi" needed help and if someone would have brought this out sooner, the rabbi would also have been helped...


To the IDIOT who thinks that there is a PSAK vindicating Kolko:

1. Perhaps Ben Hirsch is not UOJ and Margulies and crowd are the ones spreading around that rumor because Hirsch has the courage to get involved. That would answer you stupid "Chillul Shabbos" question"

2. Why don't you ask Rabbi Belsky why he decided at the last minute not to issue a letter of wupport for Rabbi Kolko some months ago if he so convinced that Kolko is innocent and if he has seen the P'SAK? Please ask Rabbi Belsky and report back to all of us.




Can you please post a copy of the Psak? I won't hold my breath waiting for it.


Lets call it the way it was-- My understanding from calls I made to Framowitz class mates in Torah Temmimah and Tora vodass that he attended in 9th grade was the entire class tried to be friends with him He was a pervert and mentally sick prior to entering Margos Yeshiva He allways smelled and was repulsive.
His step father was the Executive of Torah Vodass on East 9th Street (The same yeshiva whose Board member Lipa Brener was convited of 15 counts of sodomy at the Yeshiva with a little boy -- see http://www.theawarenesscenter.org/Brenner_Lewis.html ) Where was Avrohom Pam .
Framowitz step dad was a weird guy and he dressed and acted like a preditor.When boys saw him in the halls of Mesivta Torah Vodass in the 60's especally together with Aaron Braun (who was accused of having affairs with poor and desperate mothers at the Yeshiva. Braun used to have a private office that he locked when he met with such mothers)
The students at the Yeshiva told me that his step father made them feel sick.These creeps (Braun,Brenner and Framowitz controlled the Yeshiva and drove it into the ground.
I know if you press David Framowitz you will find out that his step father was the one that molested him This relationship will come out on Discovery and YTT will be exonerated.


Very strange. Margo claims it is all in the past, Scheinberg claims it was not severe enough because there was no penetration and you claim it never happened.

I wonder why so many people are picking on poor Kolko. Kids from YTT, kids from the camps he worked in.....

I wonder how many of these Kolko defenders are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?


I don't think that Rabbi Kolko even exists. It's a fiction created by UOJ to further his right-wing agenda.


I honestly do not know what David gained by the article in the new york magazine. I can say that the family in the US and Israel is sickened by the exposing of the family to all possible reprecussions.

Rabbi Framowitz, who lives today in Eretz Yisrael would be sick to see this article! Thank G-d he will never see it or remember it as he is suffering from the onset of Alzheimers. He was and is a loving person and a kind father and stepfather to all his children. If David needed to publiscize his dirty launfry he should have taken steps to protect the rest of the family members! As usual he thinks of himself first, and then will say sorry - I did not mean it!


"If David needed to publiscize his dirty laundry"

What dirty laundry?


Rabbi Yisroel Belsky was in camp Aguda with Yidi Kolko from about 1970 until 1976, at which time Yidi Kolko opened up his own Camp Mi-Nu-Val. Rabbi Yisroel Belsky knew Yidi Kolko was a pedophile but was always covering up for Yidi Kolko's. It appears that Belsky enjoyed hearing all the dirty pedophile stories from the campers. Rabbi Yisroel Belsky is now seeking to protect and cover up what Yidi Kolko did to so many lttle boys. Rabbi Yisroel Belsky was an accomplace to Yidi Kolko. Shame on both Yidi Kolko and Rabbi Yisroel Belsky. Rabbi Belsky too needs therapy.


We cannot beleive everything we read. Yudi Kolko was cleared by a Beis Din led by Hagoan Rav Pinchus Scheinberg and Hagoan Rav Moshe Feinstein wrote a leeter to mechazek the psak. Rabbi Belsky who knows everything that happened in Camp Aguda backs him 100%.

Firstly, there was no Bes Din, and finally schmuck Reb Moshe was dead when this was done.


I look frwrd to the day of rabbi kolkos vindication and him teaching at ytt again.
iyh my son will have him and have same sechus many others had


Rabbi Yisroel Belsky has recently told his shiur at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath that since Yidi Kolko never penetrated the boys with his penis he is being falsly accused of being a pedophile. He said there were worse stories in town and that Yidi Kolko should be allowed back to his class at YTT. Rabbi Yisroel Belsky said he always backed Yidi Kolko and will continue to back him as soon as he returns to Brooklyn.


"Rabbi Yisroel Belsky has recently told his shiur at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath that since Yidi Kolko never penetrated the boys with his penis he is being falsly accused of being a pedophile. . . . . and that Yidi Kolko should be allowed back to his class at YTT."

My comment to this is that Yisroel Belsky is indeed a very sick mental freak. Yisroel Belsky leaves me very suspicious that he too is a pervert/pedophile. I think he should be checked out.


So it appears that Rabbi Yisroel Belsky permits pedophile molestation activity when done "k'lachar yad". Next thing, this shoteh Yisroel Belsky will also permit rape when wearing a condom. The writer above seems to hit Rabbi Yisroel Belsky on target. Has Rabbi Yisroel Belsky also shared his bed with pedophiles such as Ephriam Bryks and Mondrowitz?


Charedi Youth Blows Himself Up In Synagogue In Brooklyn

Charedi Youth Blows Himself Up In Synagogue In Brooklyn

By Deborah Canner and Shachar Ze'evi, Haaretz Correspondents, Haaretz Service and Agencies

A nineteen year old charedi youth killed himself today near the upper lectern where the torah scroll is kept, in the Bobov world center. In what community leaders described as an act of terror, the youth ascended to the lectern in middle of Tuesday morning prayers and removed his coat. He stood before the crowd, naked, save for a belt filled with what the police describe as 28 pounds of dynamite. He told the crowd that he has suffered at their hands for the nineteen years of his existence. He said that other suicides in the community are hushed up and he didn't want to go out that way.

Police arrived quickly at the scene. The 911 described an influx of calls which were then silent due to the callers being in the synagogue at the scene of the crime. The police entered the prayer hall and that is when the youth pulled the switch. A loud thud shook the Brooklyn structure. Lights crashed, people described a scene like the gas chambers. One old man screamed Nazis Nazis! And somebody muttered that he was a holocaust survivor.

"You have mistreated me, molested me, raped me, then accused me of being what in effect you created! were said to be the last words of the youth, identified as Yidel Machsinevsky, a Bobov youth from Borough Park.

Police have closed off the area surrounding the synagogue and the community is in shock and has refused to comment to journalists.

Police Commisionnor Ray Hernandez said there were 29 dead and over one hundered injured. The injured were rushed to area hospitals.

posted by Rishus


I am ashamed of myself for having once believed that Yisroel Belsky was a good person. I admit I was in error. Yisroel Belsky of Torah Vodaath is a very sick and perverted degenerate that publicly condones outright znus with married women. This can be verified with Rav Aaron Shechter Shlita and Rav Shlomo Miller Shlita of Toronto, [as well as Rav Yisroel Rosenblum Shlita and Rav Elya Romnick of Far Rockaway}. Yisroel Belsky will do anything to have a young woman meet him. He makes marriage annulments for high paying clients - which is the subject of two letters written by the first two rabbonim mentioned above. Yisroel Belsky is sub-human garbage that was involved with a South African black prostitute- fichhh!. He was also published in Newsday with his picture during 1998 for having ordered a kidnapping and Gestappo beating of a yungerman from Boro Park. He supports the Yiddi Kolko position. And while the molestation was happening year after year at Camp Agudah, Yisroel Belsky was kept informed, and though he promised to stop it, he did absolutely nothing. Only today he stands behind his friend Kolko. Yisroel Belsky flaunts his being familliar with lots of Torah information (I am intentional not to use the term "knowledge"), just as the swine proudly displays his kosher looking hoof. I thank the folks behind this blog for allowing the truth. To hear the name Yisroel Belsky makes me want to spit. Thanks again.


I was forced to learn in Yeshivas Migdal Torah at the age of 13. This is in Neve Yaakov Jerusalem. The Rosh Yeshivah Rabbi Avraham Yonah Schienberg, (son of Rav Chiam Pinchas Schienberg) sexually abused me and at least 3 other students. I was also sexually abused by a managing director. That place was hell on earth. The few people I keep in touch with from there, are no longer frum, and one kid committed suicide. Well done Avraham Yona you fucking rapist motherfucker.


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