Thursday, May 25, 2006

Warning! Children can fall through window gates

A two year old Williamsburg girl was playing with her brother in the window gate that extends out of her third floor apartment. The child's brother came screaming to the mother that his younger sister had fallen through the bars in the gate and was hanging. The mother quickly rushed over to hold the girl from falling. By that time a neighbor had also seen what was going on and had called Hatzolah and come to help. Hatzolah arrived at the scene but was unable to free the child. The Fire Department was called and they proceeded to cut the bars and freed the child. The child was taken into the hospital and was given a full examination and x-rays and was released with clean bill of health.

nothing to do with this post but interesting NEWS the police department has just hung papers offering a reward to whomever gives information as to who lit the police car during the community unrest i saw them hanging it on 48 and 16 made a comment to them that it would seem that hanging papers in the street is allowed and got some dirty looks from them


What a waste of paper. By the way, it is illegal to hang signs on trees and poles.

Someone should collect them, and call 311 to complain about them.

Besides, they obviously don't know the community if they believe a reward will get someone to snitch on a fellow yid!


Hah, if I know the borough park jews well enough, they're worse than mexicans. they'd sell their mother out as the person who burnt all police cars in brooklyn for a 5 dollar reward.


Above anon, you are correct, the poor jews in bp would sell out bp people for 5 dollars.


I hope someone DOES drop a dime and turn in the moron who torched a police car during the disturbance. Burning that car was a big chillul Hashem, and confirmed all of the anti-Semitic stereotypes about BP Jews supposedly thinking they're "above the law" and have right to fight with the cops just because someone in the community gets stopped and gets a ticket.

And on the subject of tickets, some locals are complaining that the cops are "out to get them". Fact is the cops citywide are issuing more summons because of orders from City Hall -- Bloomberg sees tickets as a potent revenue generator.

If you want to cut down on your chances of getting a ticket, OBEY THE LAW! That means come to a FULL STOP at stop signs, not just a "rolling stop" where you touch your brakes and the the tail lights go on for a second (cops hang out near stop signs, looking for this violation!). Also, if you're in Hatzolah, DON'T act like an idiot buff and zoom around with lights and sirens on unless YOU ARE ACTUALLY RESPONDING TO AN EMERGENCY CALL -- using them for anything else, for a personal errand or even for transporting an aided case's relative to a hospital, is a misuse of this privilege (the latter recently caused a serious accident up near KJ). And whatever you do, don't be blabbering on your cellphone while you're driving -- that's what got Mr. Schick stopped in the first place. No matter what kind of important "big macher" you THINK you are or how important you THINK what you are talking about is, fact is that when you are at the controls of a 4,000-pound guided missile that can kill, maim or cause enormous property damage, your ONLY priority should be the safe operation of that vehicle! Leave the schmoozing for later.


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