Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cell Phone M'Ishar assured by Rabbonim for being a monopoly

A couple of big Rabbonim, amongst them the Belzer Dayin, have come out against the new Kosher cell phone called Cell Phone M'Ishar. The reason for this issur is, according to the Rabbonim, due to the fact that the people behind the phone are monopolizing on their product. Instead of just selling the phone to the open public, the people behind M'Ishar are only offering the phone to people who sign a contract through them, leaving them with the commissions for themselves. Furthermore, stores that refuse to sell the phone for the M'Ishar people, and split the commission with them of course, are being threatened with pashkevilin. So far the Rabbonim have struck a deal with Duddy's Electronics and have come to a contract and commission arrangement with them. Other stores however, such as Hi-Tech 2000, have turned them down and refuse to share their commission with them. Subsequently, Hi-Tech 2000 has been threatened by the M'Ishar people to have pashkevilin thrown against them for going against the Vaad and bringing down Yiddishkeit.

Link to article about Cell Phone M'Ishar

How dare u challenge the Garfinkel monopoly! How then is he to feed his ever growing family and supply them with all worldly goods? Yagdil Tora simply isn't a big enough provider for his ever increasing indulgences. And don't u dare question his rabbinical endorsements! They r the same rabbish that enabled those holy molesters to ride our chidren. Molesters? Nisht geferlich, no penetration no adult male witness. But Cellphones?! Oy Vei!!!!!!!


Sick, two of the rabbonim who "signed" admitted they never sign that nushach etc... they just verbally agreed that a kosher phone is a nice thing. Its all about money, look at the kosher phone in Eretz yiroel with one of the rabbonim owning mirs cellphone company.


Maybe the cell phone stores stealing peoples id can do teshuva by selling the phone, and the rabbonim will ask that everyone drop the charges.


Lets see Dudy's have the guts to only carry these phones!!! If selling normal phones is damegding yiddishkeit any store selling a regular phone inculding dudys should get a cherem, not just stores who don't want to carry a stupid product.


yay good
i have long been respecting the belzers
what other rabunim have assured the kosher cell?


Oh the rabbis have a problem with cellphone stores selling non kosher phones, Duddy's sells TV's Video machines what do they have to say about that.




They are only selling through stores that don't sell other phones. Duddy's has never had a cell dept and therefore are 'eligible' to sell it.

I am glad that Rabbonim are standing up against their blackmail and strong arm tactics. Wait for the schools to start requiring parents to get the phone.

You are required to get their phone number, so you get their special prefix and can be easily identified. They want to make it so that those that don't have it will feel embarrased.

Welcome to the gestapo. This is sick!!


I spoke Friday to my Dayen and still has a "non kosher" cellphone. He told me that this is not what they meant about "kosher cellphone". He said not to buy it because Sruly Rosenberg tricked the rabbonim into this.

Once you get a number he explained to me you could port out the number to any company and also change phones to a phone that does have internet. The dayen told me that he already saw a "kosher number" on a internet phone.


Does anyone know what happens if your "kosher phone" breaks and has to get replaced, Do I claim insurance or does the Vaad change my phone.


I constantly read about rabbis being tricked,being fooled,being misled by kanoim.
Exactly what the heck is this daas torah crap that where supposed to believe in?


Looking for who is making the money on these phones, email at: IROSENBERG@ICHUD.ORG


for who said that duddys has never sold phones they have been selling cingular and nextel for years


This SCAM started in Israel and is now in the USA. I wonder which halacha states what kind of phone you may or may not use. But I know of many halachos that speak of kedushas beis hamedrash and I still hear phones go off in shul and people talking on the cellphone. I want to fine the RABBONIM of the so called KOSHER cell phone if one of their so-called KOSHER cell phones goes off in Shul during davening.


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