Friday, June 23, 2006

Firemen putting out an electrical fire

The firemen are putting out an electrical fire on East 28th Street between Avenues L and M that started from a downed power line.

big deal.


it is a big deal if it is happening to you - and it was happening to me and family erev shabbas with power out freezers not working etc. and we were worried our house will catch on. Is it a big deal now? :)


Ma kol Ha`rash JE worst case if you didn't have any power you could have come over to my house for shabbos, my wife makes the best chulent.

As I always say - when life feeds you lemons eat them raw!!!


I would love to take you up on your offer even though I now have more power from a thicker dedicated power line coming to my house - so if your invitation still stands let me know where we should come. You signed anonymous so I have no idea where to go too.


Your teeth must have been sharpened by the acid because your comments are like swords.


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