Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rabbi Leizerowitz - The other side of the story

We at the Chaptzem! Blog are always dedicated to bringing you the highest quality of Heimishe news reporting. Therefore, in order to give both sides of the story a fair chance to be heard and to let you get a full picture of the situation, we have conducted a full and thorough interview with a Gerer Yingerman.

Please keep in mind that the following information is based only and entirely on the opinion of the Yingerman that was interviewed. Other entities involved may or may not agree with this opinion.

According to the Yingerman interviewed, who happens to know Rabbi Leizerowitz on a personal basis, there is absolutely no truth at all to these allegations and rumors about him. When asked why the Rebbe sent Rabbi Leizerowitz back to Israel, the Yingerman said that Rabbi Leizerowitz was never sent back and that being that him and his wife are both Israeli and all his married children live there, he had decided to move back to Israel to be with his family. When asked why there were so many fingers pointing at Rabbi Leizerowitz, the Yingerman explained that Rabbi Leizerowitz had been a Mashgiach at the Yeshivah for over twenty five years and he was sure that some disgruntled talmidim, which is inevitable to occur, were just trying to get even with him. Even when questioned intensely and pushed against the wall, the Yingerman still did not waver from his belief of these rumors being totally baseless and untrue. So here you have it, the first interview with a Yingerman from the usually silent Gerer Chasidus given exclusively to the Chaptzem! Blog.

So why did they close the dorm????


Thank you Mr. Chaptzem!

I'm a Gerrer Yingerman too. And I can second that.

There is absolutely no truth to this story.

You can contact me at agerrer@gmail.com


Funny that you didn't try to "interview" someone close to kolko, you jusf took uoj's word for it. Kolko too, has been around thousands of kids in an authorative position, and loads of kids hate his guts also.


I know Lazerowitz persoanlly. I also had children under his care. I wasn't happy with how he treated my children, but I would NEVER make such a unfounded and disgusting accusation against him, It is definitely a bag of lies.
As for Kolko, I would not be suprised, that we find out down-the-rpad, that this too was not true. We will all then have to admit that we killed a human being and his family. How fast we accept stories about someone else. May those that spread slander on others, be zoche to have it boomerang on themselves and family.


What I find VERY STRANGE about this whole Kolko issue is that UOJ keeps on bashing Lipa Marhulis as if he was the molester himself.

It's pretty obvious that his intentions are far from pure.


How do u KNOW that UOJ is lying? As a victim I can swear by the torah that he has correctly identified at least 1 rabbi molester. Your talk is cheap, why don't u consider the hurt and revictimization u subject us to with your broad arogant talk. Is Kolko's, Leizerowitz's or Mondrowitz's blood (or for that matter thier family's) redder than that of the dozens or hundreds of victims and thier families? What would u do if u found out your 10 year old son was fondled repeatedly by someone he was to trust? I hope u get the chance to experience that feeling and be able to answer this with certainty, Amen.

Remember. The cruel fact of life is u can't vouch for his innocence because u cannot say u were with him every waking hour of his career here. Whereas I as a victim can vouch for the fact he is 1 sick pervert. Beat this u ignorant fools!


No truth to the story? And also no truth to the fact that he escaped this weekend to Canada because a boy went to the DA and this case is within the statute of limitations? Way to go guys, your digging yourselves your own grave.


some people can go that low... as to try to revenge the man who has run the yeshiva for over 25 years... i find this absolutye appalling!!!! i personally know this rabbi leizerowiz, not as a gerrer chassid, but as a neighbor on the block, and can vouch for his innocnec, just thhat some low characters try to get even with him a week before he was supposed to leave, back to israel, this is a very "goyishe" attitude, and should be talked about by local rabbanim!!! the pplace fro these people is in the loonie bin!!!!


"and can vouch for his innocnec"

A. Learn how to spell
B. How can you vouch, are you the fly on his wall that has been buzzing around his office for "over 25 years"?
C. A victim just posted his painfull story with details on UOJ. Do you realize you just might be revictimizing the poor guy all over again? These boys are crying out for help. They have gone to the rabbonim for years and no one cared! I hope your offspring meet the same fate somewhere down the road. Take my Pulsa D'Nura, u ruthless jerk. Do you think perverts have it written on the forhead?


ז' תמוז תשס''ו

אוי מה היה לנו !

אהה! מי מלל ומי פלל שנגיע למצב כזה שיעמדו בני בליעל אנשי רשע מתוך מחנינו ומחמת טענות ודברים של מה בכך [ אשר כידוע שאין מנוס לאיש חינוך שלא יהיו עליו טענות] ירדו להדיוטא התחתונה להלשין להשלטונות דברי שוא ושקר, שאחר בירור הדברים בבית דין אין לדברים הללו שום שמץ של אמת כלל וכלל, רק טקטיק שפלה של אנשים בעלי מדות מושחתות לסדר חשבונות עם אדם חשוב מפורסם באופן שעוד לא נשמע כזאת! בידעם שהממשל רגוש ומעוניין לברר דברים כאלו, וד''ל. ומוכנים להשחית כבודו ומעמדו ועתידו של הרב החסיד המשגיח שליט''א שליחו של הרה''ק הלב שמחה זי''ע אשר השליך נפשו מנגד במסירות נפלאה במשך ז''ך שנים להשריש בלבנו אהבת תורה ויראת ה'.

וכמה החמירו חז''ל על עוון מסירה, וביותר בנידון דידן, אשר יוצא מזה עלבון וביזוי ת''ח וחילול ה' נורא. על כן עורו נא והתעוררו נא ונוקיע יחד מעשה נבזה זה אשר בוודאי ברצות ה' לא יעלה זממם השפל אשר עלול ח''ו להתהוות מצב שלכל מי שיהיה לו דין ודברים עם מחנך יעליל עליו אצל השלטונות, הי-ה לא תהי-ה.

ולהרב המשגיח שלנו אנו פונים חזק ותתחזק אל תירא ואל יפול רוחך כאשר כבר נודע מפי ספרי רבותינו הק' אשר דווקא במדה שבו מצטיין האדם הן לעצמו הן להשריש באחרים דווקא על אותו מדה מעלילים עליו כמו שהיתה אצל משרע''ה שבעת שהתוה''ק העידה עליו שהיה עניו מכל אדם דווקא בזה חשדוהו קרח ועדתו.

וה' יבקש את הנרדף ויעמוד לימינך בעז''ה.

החותמים בצער ובכאב רב

תלמידי מתיבתא בית ישראל בעבר ובהווה


ב"ה we got rid of this one very sick pervert.


Ha ha ha! Those Gerer Hypocrites are just unbelievable. Let's be very clear here, Leizerowitz is a very sick and dangerous man, and I know this from firsthand experience. He has to be stopped by all means. I learned in Ger but I'm not a Gerer (thank God), and it's unbelievable to what length these people would go in order to protect thier "so called" good name. I am not angry on those people that were never molested or touched by sicko that they don't believe it. After all it is so horrendous that it's hard to believe, they don't want to believe it. The sin is on those people who do know something and are covering up. They are the most selfish people I've ever seen, it doesn't get any worse. I really am not "mekane" them on the world to come. Besides what are those "holy" gerers doing on the internet in the first place(I'm referring to those who put up an article on the web in hebrew to defend him).Hypocrites. Like leizerowitz himself, preaching all day long how holy you gotta be, and then being the most lowly, filthy, cruel, lowlife.
There's one more thing I have to say to Lezerowitz and his supportes and this is not from me. It is from the greatest poet of all times Dovid Hamelech A"H. This is from Kapitel 140 starting from posuk 9. Grant not Hashem the desires of the wicked one, do not cause his conspiracy to be carried out, for them to be exalted, Selah. As for the head of my besiegers, let the mischief of their own lips bury them. Let fiery coals descend upon them, may it cast them down into fire, into deep pits, never to rise again. Let not the slanderous man be established on earth, the evil man of violence - may it hunt him until he is overthrown. I know that Hashem will champion the cause of the poor, the rights of those who are destitute. Only the righteous will give thanks to Your Name, the upright will dwell in your Presence. Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen!
V'elokim Yivakesh Es Hanirdaf, and I'm refering to those poor victims who are crying out in anguish for help (not Leizerowitz. Believe it or not that's what his defenders are calling him "nirdaf" Ha!) and there pleas are falling on deaf ears. Isn't there any justice anymore? (Where's the Gerer Rebbe?)
To those of you who are trying to bring down this monster, may the Gracious Lord be with you all the way. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


1) whoever defends these opnstors are just as bad as them.

2) Lipa IS just as guilty. The man knew about the alegations for years and did nothing. What else did you consider him other then allowing Kolko to Benech abuse these kids.

This is so disgusting. Just because they pretend to be big rebeim, you ignore these childrens abuse? How cruel can people be ...


So who remembers when the gerrer boys would come over to shmekle leifer's yeshiva for secular studies?


I am glad we got rid of this skunk


according to the logic of his defenders, every mechanaich who has been in chinuch for 25 years should have a few people accusing him of sexual molestation.

Get your heads out of there and get some fresh air. Perhaps it would stimulate the regeneration of a few of the brain cells that have obviously died from a lack of air in your bowels.

Try not to think too much thouoh. If you ever had a bright idea it would die of loneliness.


To annon. 2:49
What do you want from the boys that went to learn secular studies by R' Shmelka Leifers Yeshivah ?
You start a sentence and don't finish.


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