Saturday, June 03, 2006

Woman hit and run by 71st Precinct Cop

A Crown Heights woman was hit by a 71st Precinct Police car. The Police Officer got out of the car to ask the woman what had happened. The woman said that she was hit by the Police car. The Police Officer then told the woman that he didn't even touch her and told her that she was ok and left the scene. The woman called 911 and reported the Police Officer along with his car number for leaving the scene of an accident.

What was the result of her complaint? Was any action taken against the cop?


the police there are anti-semites! they never file police reports they always say it was nothing and next time be carefull.

you can read it all on crownheights.info they have all the stories of the police there


I live in crown heights & I never herd about it


when did this happen


weer in crown heights did this happen


this is crazy the police are criminals them self


the women went to court today more to follow.


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