Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chaptzem! Exclusive - Chasidishe yingerman smashes into tree and totals car; exclusive interview with the yingerman

A Chasidishe yingerman was driving along Whitaker Road in South Fallsburg, when he lost control and began to skid. In an attempt to pull out of the skid he turned the wheel in the opposite direction and rammed into a tree, smashing in the entire front end of the car and rendering it useless. The yingerman got up and walked away from the accident without a scratch, he was however shaken up a bit. Fallsburg Police arrived at the scene and took the yingerman's license. Hatzolah showed up within minutes and begged the yingerman to let them take him in even though he initially refused. In an exclusive interview with the yingerman, the Chaptzem! Blog learned that the yingerman was indeed going too quickly and was unable to see exactly where he was going due to the fact that it was very dark on the road. The yingerman said, "I was going fast and it was very dark and I was having trouble seeing where I was going, I lost control and went right into the tree." The yingerman was then stabilized with a neck brace and a backboard and was taken into the Hatzolah ambulance to be taken to the hospital as a precaution.

This blog is getting more retarted by the day.

Any normal things to write about?


Sometimes I am just amazed at your stupidity.


What is a yingerman, and why is he so special?


can you please give a detailed description of the yungermans shirt design?! you sound utterly stupid and imature when reporting these "Baba" stories created out of sheer boredom!


Even if you had pictures of the Yingerman soiling his shorts this blog couldn't redeem itself.


First class prat


he was the same guy who wiped out his motor cycle last week


Why is everyone knocking this post? It's trying to give us all a message. DRIVE CAREFULLY!!


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