Sunday, July 23, 2006

Spring Valley developer revamps proposal

A developer's revamped plan for a portion of the village's downtown will include two four-story condominium complexes and 15 townhouses, eliminating a portion of Center Street.

Yehuda Weissmandl, a principal with Spring Valley-based Prestige Estates LLC, originally proposed a plan — which had been before the village's Urban Renewal Agency since April — that included a six-story condominium on Center Street, 15 townhouses on Jackson Street and a three-story mixed-use building at Municipal Plaza.

After Mayor George Darden, who heads the five-member village agency, said he did not want a six-story building in the village's downtown, Weissmandl presented his new vision Wednesday. A vote could not be taken because there were not enough members of the agency present.

Weissmandl's new plan includes the construction of two identical buildings that would showcase a 360-degree front from all angles. The four-story buildings would have 34 owner-occupied units each, a mix of one- and two-bedrooms ranging in price from $220,000 to $275,000.

Each building would also incorporate a community room and a computer room on the first level. Four two-bedroom apartments on the third floor would be duplexes.

"I'm very excited we've gotten to this point," said Weissmandl. "This will be a giant step in Spring Valley and bring the mayor's very ambitious goals to fruition. It'll do a whole lot for changing the downtown of the past few years and bringing back the glory days."

Weissmandl said the 15 owner-occupied three-bedroom townhouses, which would cost about $350,000, were restructured so they would face the United Methodist Church and provide access to the village's Memorial Park.

Darden said the agency planned to approve the plan Tuesday.

"I'm very happy with it," Darden said. "I'm very impressed with how it was done."

Darden's one concern was the lack of green space, but he said that since the development would provide easy access to the village park, he was willing to look past it.

Village Attorney Bruce Levine said the village would put a restriction in the development agreement that would ensure that the project remained owner-occupied and not rental.

The development of Municipal Plaza, which village officials want to be strictly commercial, has not yet been discussed, Levine said.

Prestige's proposal is the latest in the urban renewal plan, which Darden has said aims to bring more than 400 people into the village in a nearly $200 million revitalization effort to build a new downtown Spring Valley by 2010.

Levine said demolition could be under way as early as next week for a three-story building with 62 townhouses and a community center at North Main Street and Maple Avenue. He said Monsey-based Cole Development Corp. plans to demolish a former bathhouse on Maple Avenue.

In addition, Levine said demolition on one of the two sites being developed by Hawthorne-based Community Preservation Corp. could begin by the fall. The first site to be demolished is located on the east side of North Main Street and would provide affordable housing for families.


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