Monday, August 14, 2006

Korn's Bakery on 15th Avenue closes down - again

Korn's Bakery on 15th Avenue in Boro-Park has closed its doors to business once again. The bakery, which had been fighting against union workers for years, had received a court injunction forcing it to take in union workers. In order to avoid having to go along with this judicial decree, the bakery rather closed down and ceased all of its operations. The bakery will no doubt open again under a new name as it has done numerous times in the past.

Links to the original court decisions regarding unions, when Korn's Bakery still went by the name Korn's Bakery.

Document 1 (HTML format) - Document 1 (PDF format) - Document 2

Can a Labor Attorney please respond: Can a business be forced to take in union workers?


more great reporting from chaptzem.



Yes, or at least it cannot stop current employees from unionizing.


Can you post a link to this Court Decision? As an attorney, i can sat that such a decision seems very off point.


Do you have a more recent decision? This one is from 1998!


this article is so korny


I heard this had to do with 17 million in back taxes.


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