Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Alternate side parking ticket from Sanitation Cop

i know this sanitTION guy he is a rasha merisha achzer
berish frielich is on his tail now he will be removed from our community shortly


The guy was parked illegally, so he gets a ticket. Its the law. The sanitation guy made be a bad guy, but he isn't doing anything wrong here.


i agree with both of you. i believe all these people should die miserable, early deaths. but the law is the law.


I have a question why is it when the police or other law enforcement do their jobs people complain and when they don't do their job people complain.Or is it that some people want selective enforcement?


What exactly is this sanitation worker doing wrong? Do we not want him to uphold the rules? Is he not paid for doing this? Is it not exactly what he is supposed to be doing instead of having coffee?


Chaptzem - you're getting boring!


agreed 8.28. This site used to be a riot.


three pictures? three tickets?


Anon 9:02 I couldnt agree with you any more. This site used to be very funny.

Anon 8:28 this site has been boring for months already.


It's the meter maids and the traffic cops that are the problem.

I think it would be a good idea that whenever someone see's a traffic cop giving a questionable ticket or arguing with people TAKE A PICTURE OR A VIDEO CLIP and post it online either on chaptzem or start your on blog about this problem.

THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY!! They can write as many tickets as they want to even if for no reason.

Lets drive these idiots out of here. Let them tey pulling this off in harlem.


Chaptzem , You are obsessed with tickets. Maybe you are an undercover meter maid.For sure you are a Buff.


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