Friday, October 13, 2006

Another anti-Semitic video

Where's the anti-Semitism?


Who said chaptzem doesn't have a sense of humor?


anti-semaitism?Looks like they were playing around with them.At the end a girl said those kids were fun.


why were the kids talking to these goyim for ?


its actualy pretty funny.


Att 1:57am: They were using those kids to make fun of Jews. Asking them what kind of music they listen to might be innocuous, but asking them about the "war" in Israel? Telling the driver to hit one of them? Saying there's a whole army of them? Try this with another ethnicity and see the reaction then. This video may not be overt anti-semitism, but it comes from negative attitude toward Jews.


this is in lakewood. the kids referance to 107.9 fm, the jewish radio station in lkwd.
i believe this took place around the lake (near tress' house)


i think it's in brookhill /villas area of lakewood!


They just look like your typical pale face, nutritionally deprived, creativity lacking and potential for type 2 diabetes frum kids.


the street is milano and its next to brookhill


I hope these kids don't get chucked out of cheder for appearing on tv and listening to the FM radio.


Didn't the parents of these kids warn them about talking to strangers?


i am utterly disturbed by this video i think its a discrace it takes advantage of young children -- very antisemetic: listen closely you'll hear "hit one of em" just for the record those are a bunch of bord ass teenagers with nothing better to do
"get a life" layla tov


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