Saturday, October 28, 2006

Beware of GPS smash and grabs

There has been a rash of car break-ins for portable Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The thieves smash a car window, grab the GPS and take off. There have incidences where the theft has occurred as early as 11:30 pm. Furthermore, even if you do not leave the GPS in your car overnight, the thieves have still been known to break in and look through the car for it, because some people leave their GPS hidden in their car. A car was broken into Friday night between 11:00 pm and 12:00 am at 58th Street and 16th Avenue and was ransacked because there was a GPS bracket in view. Nothing was stolen in this instance. Therefore, if you have a GPS unit take it with you when you leave your vehicle and hide the bracket in your car overnight as well. This is the best way to avoid such break-ins.

Friday night between 11:00 pm and 12:00 am at 58th Street and 16th

ACROSS the street from the great 66TH!


I & J and east 29th Street, two cars were broken into on Friday night.


I had my car broken into last fiday night. It was parked on 16th Avenue - corner 48th Street the corner of Bobover Shul (High Traffic Area) They busted the passenger front window and took my GPS Navigation system which was placed between the front seats. They must have seen the bracket which I had left mounted to the windshield. I personally know 5-6 other people that had there GPS systems stolen. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING RELATED TI IT IN YOUR CARS. I hear they will check your car if the windsheild even has the mark where the suction was. Also PLEASE make a police report so these crimes get reported, even if your insurance company wont reinburse you.


hi my suv was also broken in i was parked on 13 ave. i went to slichus by time i came back evrey thing was missing includig my 2-way radio digital camra with a 70-300 lens and if course my magellan 800 gps


A few weeks ago, my car was parked on 58th street between 14th and 15th avenues. They broke my window, took my GPS from "my armrest" along with the windshield bracket and charger.

Don't leave anything in your car.

It happened between 2 and 6 AM.


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