Wednesday, October 11, 2006

C H Rumor 

According to rumor the surprise guest tonight at the Simchas Beis HaShoeiva in Crown Heights will be Matisyahu.

that pr4obably y they had to make it asurprise and ppl will only now at the last second cuz knowing crown heights there would be a whole fight about it and its not right all the yentas and groise rabbonim freiking out


for the same prise I can make up a rumor that lipa shmeltzer is going to be the suprised guest knowing yisroel shemtov I dont think he would ever let matisyahu sing thats beside the fact that his music is not simchas beis hashueivah style unless he'll sing normally


since we're on the topic of simchas beis hashueivah, I need to know a few things. I live near a few shuls and I noticed that these people play the same song a whole night. Why? Also, the volume gets turned high after midnight. If you want to dance a whole night, that's very spiritual of you, but you don't have to keep up the whole neighborhood. Some of us actually get up in the morning.


I hope everyone's planning on deoderant.


well for a fact matisyahu at most concerts sings the rebbes nigunim


As a long time chaptzem viewer and fan,I would like to address an important issue.First of all I would to thank chaptzem for all his hard work and especially for keeping this blog as clean and as kosher as possible so that it can be viewed without hesitation.On the other hand I would like to strongly urge the comentators to please keep the comments clean and do not post all kinds of nonsense that has lately been posted.There are enough stupid blogs out there that I am sure would be more than happy to welcome your stupidity.This blog is meant for normal mature human beings who have an opened mind and are not afraid to question and analyze what is right and what is wrong,but this blog was most certainly not meant for empty headed illiterate people who can hardly read never mind spell their own names,who have to keep on posting such messages constantly about deoderant and the like no matter what the topic is.In other words if you have nothing intelligent to say for yourself either keep it to yourself or find a blog that suits your brain power to post it on.I look forward to seeing more and more mature and intelligent posts on this blog in the future.May we be zoche to see chaptzem posting the coming of moshiach in the immediate future. A gutten moad to all.


why not nick lachey? if ur gonna come up with a rumor of someone who sounds like a goy why not just say some goy is gonna be at the simchas beis hashueivah?


I hate Matisyahu.


To troubleshooter 12.07 p.m..
you look like you are bothered by the post from anonymous 11.10..
It seems that you think that it is not an important issue, well you are probably an illiterate dirty Chassidhe slob with a pot belly and filthy clothes and smelly underarms which is a grat Chillul Hashem..Go ahead and start making a Kiddush Hashem and let all other Chassidim also make a Kiddush Hashem by starting to dress neatly and spraying underarm deoderant and being a Mentch..Yes this is a very important issue, and read my blog and you will see that we will start getting the Chassidishe Bucherim and Yingerleit to be the envy of everyone out there by being well built, well dressed and good smelling..After Yom Tov there will be a full report on my Blog on my findings during Yom-Tov on this issue and we will post our future undertakings which we plan to implement to get it done so that we make a real big Kiddush Hasem ...


A person that doesnt know how to spell deodorant probably doesnt put it on either.


Is the Rebbe going to be there?
Or maybe the Rebbe already is there? If the Rebbe is there, is Matisyahu going to speak with him? Is the Rebbe going to give him a dollar? An eitzah? Ah brochoh?

Is Chabad Chassidish? Is Chabad Jewish? Is Chabad Chabad?

Is UOJ going to be there? Is UOJ going to talk to the Rebbe?

Is Shabbatai Zvei going to be there? Is the Rebbe going to talk to him? What are they going to talk about? Are we allowed to lean in and listen?

Is there a Jew alive who actually likes Matisyahu's music? Don't most people just pretend?

G'nig shoen.


You anti semite, Anon 157pm.


I completely agree with the previous comment. While I admit that Mattisyahu is obviously blessed with incredible talent, I abhor the whole concept of his music. The reason is, that he is becoming a "bridge" for our children and communities to complete "Goyish" music. I know that people think that "kol Isha Ervah" is some kind of chassidishe frumkeit, but it's not-it's Halacha. For children and teens listening to Matisyahu's music, the next step-(nd I know this to be a fact-I deal with teens and kids at risk daily-)is listening to the FM stattions, then watching music videos, then MTV on a daily basis, and then doing what is shown on MTV ! Believe me, I'm not exaggarating a bit, this is the truth ! Therefore, even to invite him to the HASC concert was a Horrible mistake ! B"H there are some rational parents out, and when the DVD of HASC 18 was released, they had to make one without Matisyahu's appearance, because so many people refused to have their children see him perform. So to have him perform in a mainstream location, especially a Dovor Sheb'kedusha is horrifying and extremely embarrasing !


Since when does someone's spelling proficiency determine his/her standards of hygeine?


a) he didnt sing so what are you all worried about?

b) he says himself that his music/songs are not for the frum people - that they are for the non-frum crowed to listen to.
if you read the words of his songs - they are all about torah, moshiach, and other things - such as pure and holy words from the tanya sung in his songs - go and take a look.

c) if you have a problem with him then dont listen to him and dont let your children listen to him either. he has a very great talent that he wants to share and help be mekarev people through it, and if you dont like his music then dont diss him - its obviously not meant for you. he is the same human being and jew like you and also has a neshama.


What torah thoughts are in that song thats starts, Lalalalala lalala, and those gross mouth utterances that sound like spitting.Im sorry Chabad has went off the derech. THE REBBE ZAL IS DEAD!


It does not matter how you spell Deodorant, as long as it is used everyday by all Chassidim, please do not forget that with Simchas Torah coming up and there is alot of sweating and perpiring in the Shuls do not forget to put on alot of underarm deodorant..it is allowed to be put on on Shabbos and Yom-Tov according to all Poskim...


To he who wrote :
c) if you have a problem with him then dont listen to him and dont let your children listen to him either- its obviously not meant for you. he is the same human being and jew like you and also has a neshama.

My answer is: You are totally right. Fried or MBD were to me when I was oung. He is accepted as a mainstream jewish singer, and is coming onto us, whether we want our children to listen or not, he is here already.


deodorant user:

dont look at the beginning of the song - all songs in the beginning dont usually have the words of meaning the middle does.

and what does chabad going off the derech (which they havent) have to do with anything, if for some reason you dont like chabad you dont have to diss them just here keep it to yourself, and the Rebbe - what does He have to do with the topic?


if you people dont like his music because you say its goyish - i agree with you to some extent, but if you listen to lipa shmeltzer then you shouldnt have a problem listening to matisyahu - if youre concerned about the 'goyish' part of it, because lipas tunes are straight from lion king.


Where in heaven's name does Shmekedik daven? I want to check out the odor for myself. I think this guy's exaggerating.


no, I am not exaggerating, I davened in a large shul in Boro Park on Simchas Torah and I was in Willy for the first days, and if you would be here by the Hakofes on Simchas Torah you would see and smell what i mean, the smell was awful, worse then rotten fish..


no smell beats 770


as for mattisyahu- i am one of those people who everyone calls frummy, i know it, i AM ultra frum and all, basikly a few months ago i started going off, not noticable diferences except for those who knew me well.... like everyone was shocked to hear me use replacement words etc etc... the only thing that kept me on the track and back to "frummy" was matisyahu... when i heard his song youth for the 1st time i was in tears and realized "the powers in hands" etc, etc...
comment bac k all you want, all those against chabad and manage to find every excuse to mock them... i can personaly say his music has a positive effect on many


What determines Jewish music anyway? It's words? It's singer? It's composer? It's tunes?

I am afraid to break it to some people over here but what makes Matisyahu any different from MBD? Is MBD music any more Jewish than Matisyahu's? They are both frum practicing Jews who have talent and wish to share and give inspiration to others. Just because you may be unused to Matisyahu style doesn't mean it's not Jewish.

That being said I am a big fan of Matisyahu and enjoy his music. His music is fresh, exilherating, and inspiring.

Some people are just jealous on how succesful he has become. It's a shame because your missing out.


Yeah why can't kids just listen to jewish music like Mordecai Ben David.... Y'know, like this song


everybody just stop speaking about everyone else. mind your own buisness. are you really bored all day that you have to post up stupid comments saying mean things about everyone!


> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5329218840884525228&q=dschingis+khan

Hey, good find! Dig some of those dance moves. I've seen not a few of those at some "chassidische" (quotes intentional) weddings in recent years.

At least the women in that band are dressed somewhat Tzniusdik.


I became frum from Matisyahu.


A lot of kids in my school became frum (2 years ago) because of Matisyahu.


Mazel tov to Matiyahu he just had a baby boy.


I was born to a not religious family, me & 5 of my fiends went to a concert of matisyahu (arranged by Chabad) it was so touching & we started getting frumer & now we are completely frum thanks to Matisyahu & chabad.


Matisyahu rocks.


I go to crown heights a lot, it is great.


I am one of the 4.000 shluchim of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and I hosted Matisyahu for shabbos and he made a concert motzei shabbos, because of that concert people became frum.


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