Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Carjacking perpetrator takes over PathMark in Boro-Park with hostages

A man that carjacked two people, killing them, was chased to the parking lot of PathMark in Boro-Park. The man left the car in the parking lot and entered the store taking everyone hostage. Police helicopters arrived at the scene. The man began to let some of the PathMark employees leave the store. There was a line of people leaving the store with their hands in the air as they were let go. The man somehow evaded Police and left the store undetected. Police are now looking for the man, who remains at large, armed and dangerous.

Excuse me, but I was in the store and no one was taken hostage. People walked out with hands up as directed by PD.


I know something went on there last night but howcome has the news outlets not reported this story? It would seem to me that a story of a hostage at a Pathmark store would make the headlines, no?


This stroy is so full of BU!!$H!T Why don't you listen to the Shomrim frequecy for the real scoop.


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