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Chaptzem! Caption Contest - Back by popular demand

Post your caption to this picture.

There's a M.Finkel apology letter out there and there's no debate here as far as its legitimacy? How is this picture more newsworthy?


let's get a picture together, you wear my hat and I'll wear yours.


The picture shows a a Chasid who does not bathe ,does not use underarm deoderant, and is out of shape and dresses like a slob and has crooked yellow teeth ,standing next to a good looking , well dressed, good smelling sailor and is tring to stand very close to him and maybe even touch him(look how close he is to him)and he is making himself like he is interested in looking at the pictures..Well! thats a smelly, slobby Chusid for you...


Vat rrrrrrrrrrrrrr u, a Zoli orrrrrrrrrrr an arrrrrrrroinie??


The Gerrer Rebbe said that we are not even alowed to walk together in the street --nevermind sit next to each other in a car --how come these people disobeyed him??


Succas in Brooklyn... Only in America kids... only in America!


shmekidik you are one sick, sick, sick fellow.

I feel sorry for your friends, family and acquantences.


Shmekidik you are anti-Chasidus. Stop generalizing. You sound so shallow and Chasidus is too good for you. Stick to your beepers and phones. You are probably one of those manager types that can't see past their palm pilot.


Who ever you are chaptzem I see you are leting goyim post on your site like shmekidik he learned one yiddish word and he using it to make fun of yiddin


Your a sick man for wruting such shit.


To Shmekidik:

If you are so in tune to how people/things smell from a photo- you could be working for the FBI or some other detective organization and making a bundle every minute instead of wasting time posting.

Can you tell about Midos from a photo too? Your Midos stink, and noone needs your picture for that.

Get some analysis to figure out why you are so hateful, and anger management. You'll be much happier.


chaptzem, if you dont put on comments without approving them first, then how did shmekedik get his on to begin with, it is disgusting?!


To all previou Anonymous posts.
I see that the truth hurts..look at the Chusid, does he look well dressed, good smelling to you ?anybody that looks at this picture can see what he really is, a smelly, out of shape Chassidishe slob..
and to all of you out there, yes, I am a Chassidishe Yid, and live in a Heimeshe neighborhood, and daven in a big Chassidshe Shul..in the next few days I will start posting on my blog various Marei Mikomos from Chazal and from Missur Seforim and Chassiddishe Seforim to prove my point that all Chassidishe Bucherim and Yingerleit must be well built, well dressed and good smelling to make a Kiddush Hashem..you are all invited to read my blog..


Assuming this is in Eretz HaKodesh:

"My brother and I"


which one do you think i should take?







TO Anon 3.56
Sorry to dissapoint you, I am very happy with life and I do not have to become a Baal Tshuva because I am a Frum Chassidhe Yingerman who is trying to get my message across that a Frum Bucher and Yingerman should be well dressed , well built and good smelling to make a Kiddush Hashem and the pot-belly, slobby dressed, bad smelling ones make a big Chillul Hashem..


Shmekidik - just because you go to shul, it does not make you frum. Your attitude says some Teshuvah is in order for you. These thoughts you share show that you do not have Ahavas Yisroel. Quite honestly, it sounds as if you are obsessed with body odors, body builders and clothes. Maybe you are a closet gay.


To Anonymous 8.13
on the contrary, my Ahavas Yisroel is probably much greater then most Frume People out there, Yes I go to shul 3 times a day and it bothers me to see all the Frum Chasiddishe people being out of shape, slobby dressed and smelling from foul underarm odor, yes, I have much more Ahavas Yisroel then you, my goal is to make sure that all Chassiddishe Frum Bucherim and Yingerleit should make a Kiddush Hashem by being well built, neatly dressed and using underarm deoderant.Do not label other people who you do not know with silly childish remarks.We will with the help of Hashem succeed to try to get more and more Bucherim and Yingerleit look like and smell like the truly Am Hanivchar..


Anon 8:39 pm, all of us need teshuvah so stop attacking shmekidik . If you look at the important part of what he is saying, it isn't bad at all. number one, G-d wants us to be clean. So to go a whole week without showering is crazy. Or to call your mikvah bath a shower is also pathetic. Number 2, G-d blessed us with some form of currency. Most of us have the ability to buy soap.

As for well built, shmekidik you're a fool. If you ever get to the age of 90, allow me to punch your stomach to see if you are "WELL BUILT"


Hey Anonymous at 8:13. Do you have some inside information? I think Shmekidik is just playing games with everyone on this blog. You would all be better off ignoring his stupidity. Such people are to be ignored and they fall off the face of the earth. Let's all take an oath right now to ignore Shmekidik.


Why say it's Chassidim that don't shower? There are other people too that lack hygeine. The fact that he focuses on this group is a problem. He must hang with the wrong crowd cuz the Cxhassidim I know are very clean. Shmekidik is probably a real slob and this is how he compensates for it.


I really appreciate the posting that Anon. said that it is important to be clean and wash yourself with soap, I thank him for that as for his statement on being well built, yes it is important to take care of your body when you are young and you will be in shape you will Bezras Hashem live a long and healthy life.You do not have to punch him when he is 90, try to punch a well built Bucher or Yingerman when he is 20 and your hand will really hurt aftercoming in contact with the hard six pack abs, I would not try it if I was you..
You can ignore me all you want, i will continue to post here to get my message thru, that to make a big Kiddush Hashem all Bucherim and Yingerleit should be well built, well dressed, and good smelling from underarm deoderant..


I second that


Shmekedik your efforts to have all other chassidim adopt your lifestyle is based on two big misconceptions.

1) That all chassidim have a shlanger as short as yours.

2) That all chassidim as a result experience your self-insecurity and inferiority complex.

Please be advised in the large number of cases assumption number 1 is incorrect, and in that minority cases were it IS correct, you are still wrong on assumption number 2.

As these points have been cleared, I beleive you will be able to better understand the general apathy to those issues which concern you most.


shmek. you sound like you belong in the aryan nation.


hey, mr. shmekidik. R u married? If yes, do u have such high standards for your wife, poor soul? Do you go nuts every time she wants a cookie, or works up a sweat cleaning your gym clothes? Do you make her work out? Oops, I forgot. It's the men you're busy with. You're probably a faygalah.


To Anonymous,5.52
you are a sick man, on the contrary I am a well dressed clean smelling Erliche Yid that wants to make Klal yisroel the really Am Hanivchar by getting all dirty looking, slobby, smelly Chassidim to be well built, well dressed and good smelling..I am very sorry for you that you do not understand what means to be a clean Chusid..and no , not all Chasidim are in the catagory which you label them, come to the Kosher Gym and you will see what I mean, there are Baruch Hashem more and more Chassidim that are starting to take care of their bodies and their physical appearence, and I am one of them.we do not have a complex, we are proud of the way we look and smell beacause this is the right way and Hashem wants it to be like that.


So shmekidik you go to the kosher gym which days and what time


Shmekidik, u popular guy! i agree with u, a lot of chassidim stink which isnt exactly a kiddush Hashem, but its not something to be said in public...


Yes I go to the Kosher Gym 4 times a week , I go after my Shiur which finishes at 9.30 so usually I am there by 10.00 and are there until around 11.15..Hope to to see all of you Chassidim there and start getting in shape, start dressing well and start smelling great by using underarm deodorant..


shmek. firstly im not chasidish, and there are some who need to take better care of themselves.
however it seems that u are a bit of a fag.
ive never heard a man so obsessed with other mens looks and smells.i just hope u dont do any "tricky" things to your kids. if you were touched as a kid there are alot of good people you can talk to. people who can help you get passed it. all the best.


Thank you 'hell'(what a name!)for agreeing with me that there are many many Chasidim out there that make a chillul Hashem with their bad body odor, I am writing these posts in public, in order to try to reach out to as many Chassidim as possible to change and start looking good, neat and good smelling, and with the help of Hashem I will succed in getting my message across


TO anon,9.13,
You are not chasidish and you agree with me that there are many Frume people out there that have to stake care of the bodies, Thanks alot for the fact that you agree with me on that, and I am obsseed with the looks and smell of Chassidishe men to the extent that I want all chassidim to make a Kiddush Hashem and look and smell good.I mean it Leshem Shomayim, you will agree with me that if all Frume people whether Chassidish or Litvish would dress nice and smell good and not be slobby and smelly then there would be a big Kiddush Hashem and Kovod Shomayim..the rest of your comment is not important to respond to, beacuse if this is what you think about then you are a very sick man.


hey, ssmekidik! Do you work? sounds like u have lots of free time.


Yes, I work in an office and I have a computer on my desk, and one my jobs is to get the word out that Chassidim should dress well, be clean, work out, and smell good...By the way I do not get paid on the hour, I am self employed..


And you pay your self to do the job to get the word out that Chassidim should dress well, be clean, work out, and smell good


sounds like a great job shmekdik.
are you hiring?
i could randomly insult people if it pays.


U know the saying the truth hurts? Evident on this post that's for sure! Obviously we're generalising here but yeh, along with the French, someone should introduce these people to personal hygiene... Truth is though this post was a captition competition, not a waging of war...


The contest was to put a caption on the picture, well I did just that, a smelly, slobby Chusid standing next to a clean good looking sailor, what is wrong with that? it is the truth, the Chassidim can not take the truth that most of them are out of shape, slobby and smelly. Well, get your act together and start showering every day, start dressing nicely, go to the gym to work out and use underarm deodorant every day and the sailors will also be looking at you..


DUDE! GET A LIFE! Seriously, what the hell do you expect to gain from spending every breath telling other people how to look and smell!?! I cannot fathom what it is that makes you focus so much of your attention on sucha cause.. unless of course you are gay. Hmmm.. that explains it...


To:ICE 3:42 PM
Do you know the Mamer Chazal of ''Kol Yisroel Areivum Zeh Lezeh'' ? this is the reason why I am wasting my breath telling other people how to look and smell, I want a good looking and good smelling Klal Yisroel, and Bezras Hashem we will work hard and get the word out to all.You go get a life, if someone dresses neatly and looks good and smells good and urges others to be like that makes him a Good Yid and what has that to do with gay? get your facts together, I know many gay child molesters and perverts in Boro-Park and they are smelly, slobby, ugly Chassidim,I would not like to mention their names but everybody in Boro-Park knows who they are, so the opposite is actually the the fact..


I aint neva seen someone so obsessed with personal hygiene! Looks like all ur doin is windin ppl up instead of helpin out but hey - u made me laugh so... shkoach!


Hell: Shkoaching for a laugh that comes from Loshon Horah and Rechilus, not to mention immaturity and pettiness?! Dudette-you should know better! Go shopping or something!lol! x


Haaaaaaa! "Ohhh nooo!" Ok, now for my caption: "I hear you can make a fortune flogging them on ebay!"


We are really helping people out, and the main thing is that I am helping Hashem out my making his Am Hanivchar become the Yidden that he wants them to be which is well built, neatly dressed and good smelling.If it makes you laugh..good for you..enjoy it. You will really enjoy it when you will be able to walk into a Chassidishe shul or on the streets of Boro Park and Willy and be very proud of your Yiddishe brothers.

No, it is not Lashon Hora and Rechilis, It is making a big Kiddush Hashem.Immaturity and pettiness is what you call people that do not care about other people, we care about other people and we are doing what the Torah tell us to do which is bringing out Kivod Shomayim.


no, those prices are before the hotel room


hotel room? okaaay...
shmeky, i tel u, a lot of Chassidish men dont have BASIC manners - so wot's more important, that or their hygiene? In any case, i'll let u know if it's roses i'm smelling next time i'm around a bunch of such pious men!


Hell: A lot of non jews dont have basic manners either. Manners have a lot to do with upbringing... stop attacking the chassidim, you're pissing me off, and ShmeckDick... You're beginning to sound like a broken record. The type of guys u want as your audience arent reading this, let alone using the internet so go blow your fuse in Shul or at the Mikvah or perhaps concentrate on doing maasim tovim that will merit the bringing of mashiach and the end of your senseless crap. It is sad that you openly and proudly admit that your goal in life is to 'spread the word' to help the Am Hanivchar smell good. How about setting goals to be a true Ovad Hashem, good caring husband and father and a goimel chesed to your family and community. And DONT DARE SAY UR DOING CHESSED TO UR COMMUNITY BY SPREADING THE WORD THAT CHASSIDIM NEED TO SHOWER MORE OFTEN OR I'L HAVE UR HEAD. OR BETTER YET, I'L CONFISCATE YOUR DEODRANT.


Yes, you are right, the basic manners of alot of Chassidish men are as horrible as their hygiene, I will get into that in my next posting in my blog.I am am not so sure if it is roses that you will smell when you are around these guys unless they sprayed themselves with deodorant and brushed their teeth.Good Luck..


To:ice ..
Cool it, why are you getting so aggravated by certain comments? who is talking here about the manners of n0n-jews? we are talking here about Frum Chassidishe Yidden,Yes manners have alot to do with upbringing, and this is why many Chassidishe people do not have any manners because they did not see any better at home.The record will keep on playing until we reach our goal of having a well built, good smelling Am Yisroel. Yes I go to Shul to talk to people about it, yes I go to the Mikvah and talk to people about it, yes I will continue doing it on the internet too, so that I can get my message thru to all slobby, smelly, out of shape Fruma Chassidim.Yes I do alot of Massim Toivem throughout the day and this is one of them , it goes into the category of helping Yidden and will hasten the coming of Mashiach.We are constantly working on Avdis Hashem, being good fathers and husbands, and of course doing Chesed with all our Yiddishe Brider, by helping them out in every way possible and that includes helping them with their health and physical appearence.Yes I am proud of it and you will not scare me off.We will Bezras Hashem have well built, clean smelling, nicly dressed Buchrim and Yingerleit that every body including you will be proud of and we will not be embarrased when we are Mekabel Moshiach Bimheiru Biyumeine Umein.


shmedik- You have a NASTY personality. If you slander a group of people for a living, you need to see a psychologist. I will stress another point- Are you a chossid to know that they dont wear deoderant? Are you a chossid to say that they all have yellow teeth? Lies- thats what I call it - cut it out before you get yourself into MAJOR trouble.


"If you slander a group of people for a living, you need to see a psychologist."

maybe he is in public relations and that is how he spins the message. As much as i love yidden there are alot of farshtunkeners around. Hygene is very important.
why in the heimishe yeshivas thousands of kinderlach use the samw towel in the bathroom?


To:by disgusted Jew
Do you call this a NASTY personality if what I want is that Frumer Chassidishe People should make a Kiddush Hashem by having a nice physical appearence and smell good? this is not slander this is trying to help other Yidden as it says that 'Kol Yisroel Areivim Zeh Luzeh'. Yes I am a Chusid and I daven in a big Chassidishe Shil in Boro Park, i know for a fact that most of them are out of shape, I know for a fact that they stink like rotten fish beacause they do not use underarm deodorant, I know for a fact that they have yellow teeth, I know for a fact that they have bad breath..I know all these facts because I am in contact with them all the time, I daven with them, I work with them, I see them in the street. How can you say it is lies when in fact it is true and everyone knows it..do not deny the facts..go get a life and admit it that we have alot of work to do in this field until we will Bezras Hashem have a Frimer Chassidishe People that are in shape, dress neatly and smell good and have nice teeth and good breath..We will succeed with the help of Hashem in making a big Kiddush Hashem...Only then will I cut it out, and the only trouble that I will get into is that I have to suffer when I am between my Chassidishe friends and the smell is horrible that it makes me willing to vomit..


Thank you very much for starting to understand my points..yes, there are many many farshtinkeners around them, not only do they use the same towels in the Yeshivas and the Batei Medrushim for hundreds of people, I have seen many of the slobby, smelly, out of shape Chassidim blow their noses in the towels and then the other people wipe their hands in the same towel..Fech..they are disgusting... When I go to Shil, I never ever wipe my hands in those towels, I allways carry around tissues in my pocket to wipe my hands..Yes, they are a bunch of out of shape, dirty, filthy, slobs..I will continue my work in order to change this horrible situation..


I was not trying to scare you off. All i was trying to say was there are many FAR more important issues within the heimishe community that need seeing to and its frustrating to see how much effort you are willing to put into degrading and slandering against a whole sect. I have agreed that you do have a point about chassidish hygiene but dont you have any decency or shame? Do you not think there are better ways of tackling the problem? Do something concrete other than blasting off and off and off... and off.. and off.. all im saying is have a little sensitivity, be less obnoxious and try be more productive. You're not the first person to notice lax hygiene amongst chassidim and yet you're the only one kicking up sucha stink (no pun intended) Perhaps you can see to it that batei midrashim have contracts with cleaning companies that collect daily all the towels and return them fresh? Hell..i dunno the way these things work but just DO somethin.. stop barking, coz your ''getting the word out'' isnt gonna do a damn thing.


Shmekedik is right, but he is saying it in an insulting manner that will not attract many people to his way of thinking. It is good for any and everybody, chassidish and non-chassidish, frum and frei, Jewish and non-Jewish, to observe proper hygiene and take care of their bodies. There is a tendency within the frum world to regard anyting oustide of Torah and as meaningless and "hisyavnus" with the possible exemption for divrei chol to enable people ot make a living and support a family which feeds into neglect on the part of many frum people. Fairly or not, while you find people who neglect these matters in all communities, when chassidim fail to take care of themselves as best as they can they are seen as representing all frum Jews, and by extension, all Jews, even non-religious ones (many goyyim don't distinguish between us, believe it or not, and regard frum black hatters as the "standard" Jew. Therefore, shmekidik IS correct to urge his fellow chassidim to do their best, to strive to look their best and yes -- even smell their best! (How many times have I heard from non-frum Jews about smelly chasidim, even if it is untrue that many or even most don't!) It may be unfair to judge the whole group by the actions, behaviours or hygeine of a few, but the world at large does, so shmekidik is right to urge people to try and do a better job of taking care of themselves-because it would be a huge kiddish ha shem if they do! He is wrong in the way that he writes, however. He needs to moderate his tone to and not insult to win over people to his way of thinking.


Michoel - i cudnt hav put it better myself - nice one


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