Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chaptzem! Exclusive Video

Man waving and threatening to stab tourists in Times Square is arrested by New York's Finest.

Notice the large knife in the Cop's hand and then how he throws it down into the grating in the street.

Chaptzem, you are such an idiot!!!

It's not a knife, its a baton the extends. The only way to close it is by hitting it against a hard surface or sidewalk. You are a true dumbass.


Yeah, I saw it.

Why did he do that?

Was the knife inherently illegal, i.e. larger than the limit?

Was a crime committed with or without the knife?


Chaptzem, it would be very appreciated if the videos you post are mopre clear, and don't stop every 2 seconds. thank you


you really are an idiot. if that was a knife that the man was using to threaten everybody, than why would the officer throw away the evidence. use your brain when you write.


sorry, gotta agree with with everybody

look again its after the grating that he pushes down and 2) he pushe down twice at least not the way it would look when droping something in a hole at least the second time should be just a jab with a finger not full force as you see him doing


If it were a knife then the NYPD Sergeant would not be holding it, he would have two officers watching it so that the prints stay on the weapon so they can use it in court. USE YOUR HEAD!


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