Friday, October 27, 2006

First Chaisidshe Boro-Park woman Lawyer is inducted to the bar

A Chasidishe woman from Boro-Park was inducted to the bar in a Downtown Brooklyn Appellate Division Court House. The woman, who has a husband and six kids, graduated from Law School after many years of hard work and is now a practicing real estate attorney. This woman has set a precedent for Chasidishe women all over the five boroughs (Boro-Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg, Monsey and Crown Heights) and has reached a milestone as being the first Chasidishe female Lawyer. I'll bet that now that she has that Law Degree her gefilte fish tastes much better.

now Mr. Chaptzem lets hear who that woman is so we can all patronize her or at least we can have all the women use her because of tzinius. (let us know if its your wife/sister/mother/shviger)


Maybe her gefilte fish stayed the same, but now, hopefully, if she chummies up with the right politicians, she'll have more of a gefilte bank account. Hatzlocho to her- what's her name?

Actually there are probably other Chassidishe women in law, but not overtly Chassidish. Is she very obviously Chassidish?


There is already a lawyer with the name Chana Sklier she has been practicing law for 20 years and is from Crown Heights


there been a frum jewish female lawyer for the past 10 years she used to live in crown heights and she works for the DA'S office


The woman's name is Rachel (Ruchie) Frier. She is an incredible person and a true makadeshes shaim shamayim. I was in law school with her. Kain Yirbu!


The real question is, where did she get a job? At Sullivan Cromwell, Paul Weiss, Fried Frank or at mr. haimishe lawyer who doesnt know crap about the law and had a 3.0 GPA in law school and as a result no respectable law firm would hire him?


Anonymous at 10:38- Get your facts straight and then talk. A 3.0 GPA will land you a decently respected job at a large firm in the city. BTW, I happen to know a chassidish yingerman living in Boro Park who is a lawyer with Paul Rifkind and is an adjunct law professor at Fordham Law School, which is from the top 25 law schools nationwide.


I'd like to chime in here. A 3.0 GPA out of Fordham will NOT land you a good job. Out of NYU or Columbia, yes. But not out of Fordham or Brooklyn Law. By the way, I'm an associate at one of the top 5 (on the Vault prestige list).


this is stupid. with a 3.0 you can make a good living out of any school. just because she does not work for a big firm does not mean she can not make a living.
lie is not all about the starting salary of first year associates


i don't want to hear from you until you make partner.

What are you billing this to, professional reading? ;)


As one who's in the field as well, i beg to differ, as my personal experiences prove otherwise.


wow, 11:57 sounds like such a douche.


To 11:57 and I'm President of the U.S.!


Typical men. You have an article about a woman and what do they do? They turn it into a discussion about themselves.


did you hear about the Chassidishe Woman Pediatrician in Boro Park?


There is a chassidishe lady who is the law clerk of Judge Kramer in brooklyn.


For heaven sake! Of course women are out there doing things. Why is everyone so surprised? Without women, nothing would get done ANYWHERE.


This Chassidish women happans to be my daughter, and let me tell she has made her parents, proud, and I am sure Hashem, is smiling down to her for all the Kiddush Hashem that she has done.


Hey, you must be at least 60 years old. Now, Mr. Chaptzem, i think this is the first 60 year old to comment on you blog! Horray!!


I know this Heimishe lawyer. She is Ruchie Gluck Freier. She is a wonderful and very bright person.
May her family and especially her parents have much nachas from her, always, and she should have much Hatzlocho.
I want to also add that 10:38 sounds like a real shmoe. I think he is jealous.


to all you leidegeiers sitting in pizza shops with nothing on your hands but to pick on a frum girl who has achieved a major step in her life and over come obstacles that some people dont have the guts to even try to attempt.
by the way she doesnt work for a second rate law firm but rather is self employed and already runs two separate successseful law firms in two different counties.
we should all be proud of the kiddush hashem she is making, and someday you may be coming and knocking on her door for help.


how could you be talking about the same woman? Is it possible that she just got inducted into the Bar and she already runs 2 successful firms in different counties? Talk about Mazal. With that kind of mazal she could have been a shaytel macher.


its not mazal its brains and overall perserverence(i hope you know what that means) .if you dont plan ahead and sit on your tush until you are sworn in than you cant have private practices.
you gotta plan in advance and not blog or hang out in pizza shops.
go get a life and do something.
dont pick on someone successful
who gives a damn if shes a chasidik
or a shiksa? shes a pride to the community at large.


As I am reading some of the blogger's comments, I am reminded of the famous expression "aseh me'at v'omer harbeh". However, when speaking about the subject individual, namely Ruchie Gluck Freier, I am reminded of "omer me'at v'aseh harbeh". Yes, it is possible that she just graduated and now has two successful offices,one in Brooklyn and one in Monroe,because she has been involved in the legal field for over twenty years. I know this, because I am a Real Estate attorney (and yes, frum too!) and Ruchie started working for Irving Listman, Esq. OB"M and myself, Fay Taub Stern, Esq., back in 1983. Within no time, she knew as much as any attorney out there. She went on to work for many well known attorneys including a Senior Partner at Wilkie Farr, where she personally got to know Mario Cuomo. Her persistent hard work and dedication to her studies earned her a Special Award at her Law School Graduation.(By now I'm sure you have surmised that this is no ordinary girl!) Her husband is well known in the mortgage brokerage business, and throughout her jobs she developed an excellent rapport with professionals, clients , as well as an impeccable reputation. I might also add that not only is her gefilte fish great, but she bakes her own challahs too!So ,yes, all of the accalades reported not only CAN be true, but ARE true. And, throughout it all, she has been a devoted wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and Bas Yisroel. Ruchie, may hat is off to you (literally!), and all you bloggers should really join me in celebrating her tremendous success and Kiddush Hashem!


she worked for years in law this was just a formality to finally have her own licence to practice and is very involved in helping the village of kiryas yoel with their zoning issues.


It's really nice for the support to come out for her from inside her circles instead of this shameful criticism from people who just talk and assume whatever they feel like.


RUCHIE you go girl as fay taub said my hats off to you too.
were all proud of you and show us off.
by the way,RUCHIE also interned in HILLARY CLINTON's office when she graduated college. so thats another feather in her hat.


I can only whish that my daughter should be that lucky, i know Ruchi she is fantatstic.


Did she graduate in 2005 or 2006?


Whats the difference, dont try to figure out how many times she took the bar coz you couldnt even get your ass into law school let alone the bar!


I know the lady in question. She was an extraordinary member of her law school community. I know because I was an associate dean at the time she was there. It was my great privilege to be be of some modest assistance to her as she navigated the not so easy path of being a wonderful wife, mother and student. I think the appopriate response is Mazel Tov, Rachel. You are a source of nachas to all who know you.


Ruchie, you are an inspiration to all frum girls who want to have a career and be a wonderful mother and wife. Mazel Tov on all your achievements and I wish you much hatzlochah in the future.


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