Thursday, October 19, 2006

In the wake of deaths, mid-Hudson lawmakers push for Route 17 barriers

State transportation officials said they couldn't "justify" building a potentially lifesaving barrier along the Route 17 median three years ago, but a half-dozen recent head-on fatalities has some political leaders calling for action.

Mid-Hudson lawmakers whose districts include Route 17 said they are putting pressure on the state Department of Transportation to finally install barriers along the highway's median in Orange County.

Six people have lost their lives in the past 15 months because vehicles crossed the grassy median and plowed into oncoming traffic. In the past 12 years, 12 people have been killed in such crossover wrecks in Orange and Sullivan counties.


Are you so desperate that you have to go all the way to the country for news? It's time to get funny again, Chaptzem. Don't you have any insider Shomrim news?


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