Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lakewood man indicted on kidnapping and rape charges

An Ocean County grand jury has handed up a nine-count indictment charging a 21-year-old Lakewood sprinkler installer with the kidnapping and rape of a 20-year-old Lakewood woman, abducted in May after leaving a Lakewood gym.

The indictment also charged the Lakewood man with trying to rape a 48-year-old woman after breaking into her home in Old Bridge in Middlesex County in July.

The grand jury on Wednesday handed up an indictment charging Brandon J. Fritz of Delaware Trail with two counts of kidnapping, two counts of aggravated sexual assault, and robbery of the Lakewood woman on May 7, and with robbery, attempted aggravated sexual assault, burglary and theft from the Old Bridge woman on July 18.

Fritz was arrested in July after the victim in the Old Bridge case gave information about her assailant to police. She had returned home on July 18, discovered some was money missing, and then went up stairs to find the intruder wearing her pajamas and her underwear on his head. The man proceeded to attack the victim, but she fought him off, police said.

In the Lakewood case, the victim was abducted after working out at TrimGym Fitness Center on Madison Avenue, in the rear of ShopRite Plaza in Lakewood. She was driven around for about seven hours, raped in a wooded area and dropped off in the same place where she was abducted while investigators were still on the scene.

Fritz is being held in the Ocean County Jail in Toms River to await trial. His bail is set at $1,450,000.


I hope they throw the book at this guy.. But c'mon! Do you have to post this humiliating article and embarrass this girl all over again? Yes, people can read elsewhere BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO COME FROM YOU! Chaptzem is obviously run by some obtuse MAN who probably doesn't even GET what I'm saying.


I see nothing wrong with posting this story what should he do censer the word rape? the idea of this blog is not to censer the news and he is doing a fine job at it.


Mr. Chaptzem: Remove this article. Have you no decency? Everyone in our community knows who the victim is. You have no right to cause her and her family more grief.


fnzz8:52 is probably also a man who doesn't see anything humiliating about reporting this story. If you think that just censoring the word rape makes everything ok, you have little sensitivity on the subject of violation of women. If you are a woman, then shame on you. Anyone who is violated needs years of recovery and they are never really the same again. All this article does is keep this story alive in our circles. Do you remember the story of Elizabeth Smart, the Mormon girl that was abducted and forced to become a "wife"? The guy was obviously not playing chess with her. Somehow, her people managed to be more discreet about the entire subject, and you never heard the word rape, or any salacious details.


is it just me, or have other people have also noticed how this storey quited down right away. THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT! its becouse us as jews were created with that spechial gift called rachmonis. we care about others and when this happens to a frum girl,unlike in the outside world, we dont talk about it and we dont give her unwanted pain. if u cant understand this then maybe u should find out if your really jewish, missing that thing called rachmonise, and find a blog with people who care to hear u ruine others lives. but dont do it here:WE ARE TOO GOOD FOR THAT!


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