Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Man gets ticket for parking at crosswalk.

A man gets a ticket for parking at a crosswalk. When he arrives at his car to find a Police woman writing him a ticket, he begins to argue with her that he is not over the crosswalk.


You are obsessed with parking/traffic/automobiles

What is it with you?

How about you go around snapping photos of our beloved cops who seem to have no regard to the VTL laws they so love to preach us about.

Passing red light FOR NO APPARENT REASON (with their lights and siren off)
Almost never putting on their turn signals.
Yapping on cell phones while weaving through Ocean Parkway.

Before you do it, check this.


this happens all the time . they figure you'll not go to fight the ticket. i was once parked next to a bus-stop but not in the bus-stop and got ticketed for parking in the bus-stop. had i gone to fight the ticket it would have been my word against their's and who do you think they would have believed?
yeah, right


i dont know is this guy blind or what ???? its a day after yom kipur and he is already lying and making a chillul hasham!!!!!!!!!!


Why is he arguing? look at the pictures, he is definitly over the crosswalk..why do all Yiden who do not obey the parking regulations argue about it and make a chillul hashem..''Dina Dmalchisa Dina''is a Halacha..it it does not make sense..Pay the ticket and go away..


In General I think that parking enforcement is to leanient. There are overzealous cops, however most people dont really care about other people and park by pumps bus stopswetc



Chaptzem is really to be commended for breaking all the latest, hottest news.

Right up there with CNN!!


Chilul Hashem in its glory..stupid frume Yid .does he want to be the next Schick ? why didn't he make a riot?..why ? why? do they allways make a chilul hashem? take your hat and jacket off and go get a life...can somebody explain this?he did not park legally and he is still arguing? go figure it out.a day after Yom Kippur when he said ''al chait'' for Chillul Hashem!!


Where did this Chillul Hashem occur?probably in Boro Park where the frum yiden think that beacause they wear black hats and black jackets and have body odor that smells like rotten fish they can disobey the laws.Tell all of the Chillul Hashem makers to bathe themselves and spray themselves with underarm deoderant if they want to make a Kiddush Hashem not go around arguing with the cops...


did you see how the send in the brownies to give tickets to every car that was parked at a meter on YOM KIPPUR ?






whats wrong with the picture its moshe finkel giving the rest of his chicken to the cops lol


Chilul Hashem is bad enough.

Good thing we aren't guilty of sinat chinam so soon after yom kippur.

Some of you sound like you should start a group named G'Malt Nazis.

Blaming ALL Jews for anything and accusing ALL the residents of Borough Park of ALWAYS doing anything is ALWAYS Sinat Yisrael.

Some of you some like a bunch of over-enthusiastic Kapos.


btw. i heard that nyc is so backed up with hearings. so if you plead not guilty and request a hearing, they send you an option to plea bargain.
i got a $60 ticket for inspection.they let me pay $40.just thought you should know.


The cop is a shikse. Why is a frum yid talking to this thing.


Chaptzem has done it again breaking news LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So yeh... someone wana explain why he dint park where the police car is in the first place?!


I think there is a pump over there.

And he didn't park on the crosswalk b/c the painted line stops about 5 feet from the curb.

I think chaptzem should present this photo in an amicus curia brief to the traffic court on behalf of this cash strapped yungerman.


I want to know what's up with the idiot who thinks everyone in BP smells like dead fish. Every issue - a ticket, Uman - becomes this guy's opportunity to rant about underarm deoderant.


To anonymous from 11.56..
Yes, you are completly right, every Chillul Hashem that happens, whether in Uman ,Boro Park tickets etc. is made by the smelly filthy chassidishe slobs, you will never find a Chassidshe Bucher or Yingerman that is well dressed, well built, good smelling, making these Chillul Hashems, they make a Kiddush Hashem every day by looking good and it is also these good looking ,good smelling people that are out there helping other Yidden all the time..Go get a life..and spread the word that we will be Mesaken this Inyan as best as possible so that we have a beautful Am Yisroel


Att. shmekedik- since when does personal hygeine determine a person's moral compass? YOU get a life, and maybe if you broaden your horizons a bit you could get beyond your deodorant fixation. You think people WANT to smell? Maybe they were running around doing lots of mitzvos and that's why they smell. Writing comments on a blog doesn't work up much of a sweat and maybe that's why you think you don't smell.


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