Sunday, October 22, 2006

Man snatches cell phone and attempts a car-jacking

A young man, who had alcohol on his breath and was apparently drunk, ran up to a Heimishe man in Flatbush on East 10th Street and Avenue J, grabbed him by his coat and demanded that he give him his car. When the man said that he had no car, the thug ran across the street and assaulted a young frum girl and grabbed away her cell. After grabbing the phone, the man ran into the gutter towards a car from the neighborhood security that was on his rounds, reached in through the open window and proceeded to choke the guy while demanding that he give him his car. The man kept on driving with the perp hanging onto his neck and hanging out of the car. The security guy drove down Avenue J and onto Coney Island Avenue. He sped up on the avenue and came to a short stop, which finally knocked the guy off the car. By this time Flatbush Shomrim were already on the scene and were chasing down the perp. Police arrived at the scene a few minutes later in full force. There were about twenty-five Police Officers at the scene. They handcuffed the perp and put him in the back of a Police car. The perp began to curse and shout obscenities at the Police Officers. At that point, the Cops pulled the man out of the car and through him to the floor telling him to calm down. The man started spitting at the Police Officers, so they borrowed a protective mask from the EMS and put it on the perp's face. A female Police Sergeant at the scene was having difficulty with what to do to the perp, because he was apprehended on the border of the 66th and 70th precincts. After talking to the Commander at the 66th Precinct for a couple of minutes, the Sergeant said to the group of Police Officers that they should pack the guy up because the 66 said they could have him.

They should've given him to the 70th, they'll take care fo him.


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