Friday, October 20, 2006

Monsey man accused of having sex with boys

A 21-year-old man has been charged with having oral sex with two 14-year-old boys inside a car, Ramapo police said yesterday.

A Ramapo officer found Tuvya Rokach in a car with the two boys at 8:15 p.m. Tuesday, police said.

The car was parked at the closed-down Rockland Drive-In on Route 59 in Monsey.

"A Ramapo police officer on patrol observed suspicious activity in the car," Detective Sgt. John Lynch said.

The two boys live in Monsey and Rokach was staying in the community.

Police charged Rokach with second-degree criminal sexual act, a felony, and misdemeanor counts of third-degree sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.

Lynch said Rokach gave arresting officers addresses in Ramapo, Brooklyn and Toronto, Canada.

Rokach also is being investigated by police in Toronto, apparently where he had lived before coming to Monsey, police said.

Police don't know when Rokach moved to Rockland.

Lynch said detectives also were working with federal immigration officials to determine Rokach's legal status in the United States.

"We believe he's a citizen of Canada," Lynch said. "We're trying to verify that."

Rokach was arraigned on the charges yesterday afternoon by Ramapo Justice Rhoda Schoenberger.

She ordered Rokach held in the county jail on $150,000 bail. He has not entered a plea to the charges.

Rokach is scheduled to return to Justice Court on Monday, pending an indictment by a grand jury.

He has not yet entered a plea to the charges.


Why should this surprise us? "Rabbi" Yudi Kolko molests boys for 40 years and still blows shofar on Rosh Hashana in Rabbi Weinfeld's shul on East 22nd Street. We don's punish offenders, we protect and give them honor.


And what about Mondrowitz????????????the person who was counseling all the people who weren't well- he he, in bed !!!!!!!!!!!!!and is still respected in Israel.


Listen folks, soon M. Finkel another "choizer b'tsheeva" will be honored by all the Mosdos.


I am speechless. If KOLKO blew shofar I'm kissing my F-G frumkeitgoodbye. POS!!!

someone please confirm~~


I think Kolko, Mondrowitz blew alot more than the Shofar... What a krock of Chulent... Some of the so called 'Gedolim' protected these monsters and villified the victims... its a real shandah and I'm confident that a Din V'Cheshbon will be forthcoming...

But blowing the Shofar?! Gimme a break... It was more like blowing Shimmie, Duvid, Yankel, Avigdor, Burech, Isaac, Moshe, Chaim, Aron and their playmates!


Is that Mondrowitz the Chassidishe Telzer who ran off to Israel?? Wutz he into nowadays?


People say that those that choose Psychology as a profession have serious emotional issues themselves. Very scary.

Mondrowitz hurt people with sexual abuse, there are therapists that due to their instability, take other inappropriate "positions", other than sexually (for instance by giving bad advice, advising breakups of marriage and family or convincing a patient that they need therapy for longer than they do, to increase business).


If you want confirmation call Rabbi Weinfeld and ask him. While you're at it, ask him how he justifies giving Kolko kibudim.



mondrowitz is free because the gerrer rebbe is protecting him. try getting close to him in israel and you will find yourself surrounded by gerrer goons. everyone is blaming the da for not forcing mondrowitz back to ny but its not the da who is saving him, its the gerrer rebbe.


Since UOJ closed his Blog. We need a meeting place to air out these issues. Also we need to be aware of who is a predator to be able to protect our children. This is especially true of rebbeim and others who are in close proximity of our children.


Does anybody know who this Tuvia Roakach is? is he Chassidish? are the 14 year old boys Chassidish?..I have a whole lot of comments to make if I would know if they are Chassidish or not..


Yes, I know many many more child molesters that are being honored by the Frum world..but this this not the case here, I would like to comment that 14 year old boys that go into a car with a 21 year old and get undressed with him and make out together are also at fault, these are not children, these are 14 year olds that could have run out of the car if they wanted to, and if they stayed there with him then they wanted to have fun together with him..Child molesters are those adults that do these things to children who are not willing to do it with them..but 14 year old boys that got undressed with him is something different...


There was a story on the Mondrowitz case on Nightline last week,sadly to say that they interviewed a Rabbi Herbert Bomzer from Flatbush and he had the Chutzpah to say that he does not know that there is a problem of child molestation in the Frum Community.Is he for real?Is this Rabbi Herbert Bomzer on this planet?every body knows that the problem is a big and serious problem in the Frum Community, why is he denying it?He is like all the Frum Rabbis and leaders that are putting it under the rug.it is time for the world to know and see that there are and there were and will be many many Kolko's, Mondrowitz's, Lebovits's, Goldman's, Brunner's, if nothing is going to be done about it...


I understand that a 21 year old is an adult. So is an 18 year old. And according to halacha, so is a 13 year old. But emotional maturity and sophisticated awareness of responsibility kick in at later times for each person. This guy is just a kid.

Of course this person should be punished. After all, even if an 8 year old does something bad, he gets punished. But the parent/teacher should punish (push away) with the left and rehabilitate (draw close) with the right.

This 21 year old is probably not fully developed on some level, in addition to having some deviancies. It would be nice if the judge sentencing him would recognize that.

Let's face it. He is not receiving a life sentence of solitary confinement. It is in our own best interest to make the effort to deconstruct and reconstruct his psyche. His parents and community should step up to the plate, sure, but so do we.

If we send him to jail for a few years and throw away the key, we will be worse off for it in the future. When this guy turns 29 he should be an asset to the community, not someone facing a 22 year sentence with countless families left grieving like R' Shmuel Juravel, son of the Great Raabbi Juravel Shlita.

Think people. Look at the big picture. Think outside the box. Strive for solutions. We can make the world a better place.

[But man, who knew that RS syndrome would go so far?]


Anon 11:37:
Good idea. Why don't you be the trend setter and tell the judge you'll take this sick pervert into your home and let him live with you while you "cure" him. Better yet, why not have him room with your young sons.


This 21 year old boy has special needs he is not %100.He was never mainstreamed.


To "Anon 12:39 and 9:05 AM:

Obviously you both have perfect children presently and are guaranteed never to have imperfect children or granchildren in the future. Because if Chas V'Shulem you do, you will lock them imto a dark room and not let them see daylight because they might.......

With your wisdom, you both should be Hashem's helpers in deciding who is allowed to go outside and who isn't. I take it from your take on this occurence, that you are not playing with a full deck either. This is not a perfect world and even those that seem outwardly perfect are more dangerous than those that seem imperfect, as we have seen in many, many cases in the recent past. The seemingly perfect people, those that we have come to honor and look up to, are more dangerous because they let everyone down and decrease our confidence in our ability to evaluate the human race.

Read the blogs earlier posts. Do you get it???????????


Let's assume this 21 year old young man was a farloyren oysvorf (which may or may not be the case).

But what about the 14 year olds?!!!?

Were they educated about sexual deviancy? Where are their parents, rebbeim etc?

I am not blaming the kids, I am wondering what led them down this road, or if they even knew and understood what they were really doing. And 14 year olds can be plenty naive and need lots of protection, don't kid yourself.


It's not the special needs people that confuse and majorly disappoint us-

To those that suggest keeping imperfect people away from the rest of us- at least those people you know to be wary of.

You haven't read the blog's above posts and seen how just as many people perceived to be "role models" turn out to be menaces to society. It's gotten to a point where you can't trust anyone anymore. True?


There are so many of these kind of perverts in the mikvah ! they are too long in yeshiva doing nothing .


Kolko did NOT blow shofer this year by rabbi weinfelds shul. Get your facts straight


Does anybody know who this Tuvia Roakach is? is he Chassidish? are the 14 year old boys Chassidish?..I have a whole lot of comments to make if I would know if they are Chassidish or not..

No, he isn't chassidish, sorry to sburst your bubble. He's a very good friend of mine, who had some problems and just didnt know how to control himself. People have to understand that not everyone is as fortunate to be like the rest of us and we shouldnt be going around judging people, just like that because we saw a stupid article about him. Granted the story is true and I know it is, but this guy has a diffirent backround than most of us and that has to be taken into consideration. Please reply or ask any questions. I'm only looking to clarify the situation. LATER>


also wondering who was the 14 yr olds boys, were they chassidishe or not....may the person who clarufy above, plz help clarify this......


ok thanks for clarifying but would u also know if the 2 boys were frum or not or whatever...plz help us understand and what should we do about it.....we need to help.....


To the friend of Roakach.
a person cannot be exempt from punishment for his actions because of his background. If a person was abused as a child, that gives them no excuse to hurt others. What would happen if the court did not punish a man who murdered because he "had a difficult childhood". I was molested as a child by my BROTHER and I know what it feels like to be hurt. Dont go around excusing perverted behavior. He may be an Ok guy but his actions are a million percent unexucasable. As for the two boys, who said they had any knowledge of what was really going on? maybe they were confused? I know I was and thats why I went along with it for so long with out telling anyone. Please get your Hashkafah streight. If we have a world of people that excuse thier friends perverted behavior, Moshiach will NNNEEVVERR come. I still dont excuse my brothers behavior so snap out of it.


Anon 1:32:

Please do everyone a favor and don't preach your feelings of hashkafa and what it takes for moshiach to arrive. I CAN tell you that to have people with no 'shaichus' sitting on blogs to see what the latest yent is all about will most probably not help moshiach come either. To have commenters asking questions like "were the boys chassidish?", or "were the other boyz frum?.."we need to help", shows that they are here for no purpose other than to satisfy their yent quota. You want to help? Stop yenting and go volunteer at OHEL or M.A.S.K. I'm sure all the 'professionals' here have a lot to offer these organizations.

I'm sorry to hear that you were abused as a child and I wholeheartedly agree with you that there needs to be consequences. While this boy is of somewhat diminished capacity, no one is trying to get him off scott-free here nor is anyone attempting to excuse his actions. A lot of people probably feel horrible about this and I'm sure that the best course of action is being pursued.


the biggist proof that the guy is not 100% is that everyone in monsey know that the drive in is when the cops go to have a snooze, u have to REAL Dumb to get your needs take care of right under a cop nose, this guy IQ is less the a sweet potato


To October 24, 2006 1:32 AM-

Please keep in mind that the age difference between the accused and the victims is only a couple of years. I haven't heard that the victims were tied up and forced to be involved or threatened with their lives.
There is too much boredom in our community. Not everyone can learn all day. There aren't enough outlets for healthy fun for our kids- it's learn, learn, learn, shteig, shteig, shteig.

Any ideas anyone?


1)I have no idea who the 2 boys are but I know the aren't chassidish.They were both frum, though.
2)we were all 14 at some point and did stupid things as well, those 2 boys knew good and well what they were doing, however when you're young and under the influence of someone 7 years older than you are, it's pretty easy to fault under the sercumstances, it happens to alot of boys. They grow up sheltered from the outside environment,(girls, movies, and all those things). their only way to let out their feelings is to some nice 21 yr. old boy who treats them better than their parents do, and therefore do little nasty things that he seduces them into. that's exactly what happened, doesn't that make sense. Im not saying it's normal, dont get me wrong, but thats just nature, someone treats you nicely, you become his friend, and then you just "obey" him. Any further questions please let me know, also if anyone has any info. of whats going on with him right now, i'd like to know, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you. LATER>


There is a big empty space between a full exemption and a death sentence approach. As usual the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes.
Unfortunately, it seems that most transgressors are OK people and really good friends and even mentchen. That makes things complicated. Where the person is 'messed-up' and young it's even more disconcerting.


What the friend of this 21 year old was trying to do was not excuse him but to enlighten all those who don't know him that you aren't talking about someone who is dealing with full mental or emotional capacity, but rather with someone who is probably on the same emotional and mental capacity as the children that were in the car with him. I know this individual well.

These blogs are full of people judgeing others. Why not educate your children and warn them what's out there. Keep your lines of communication open with them and tell them what to watch out for. Let them know that noone can hurt them if they told you anything in the world and neither would you be upset with them if they told you that they were a victim of any sort of abuse. We weren't put here to judge who is right or wrong and which rabbi is good or bad. Whatch out for your own deeds and the world will be a better place.


Anonymous said...
Does anybody know who this Tuvia Roakach is? is he Chassidish? are the 14 year old boys Chassidish?..I have a whole lot of comments to make if I would know if they are Chassidish or not..

If he is chassidish you have alot to say! If his not its his daily excercise


To the friend of Roakach:
Thank you for clarifying your comment. You are right, I cannot go comparing people to my brother and I surely shouldnt judge any one. Open mindedness is the key factor here. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.(Just by the way, yenta is the last thing I am. I happened to experience a similar situation and thought that I would let you know that its not a joke or something to casually dismiss. However I could see that you know that already.) If you have any new information on the situation, please tell me.


So now that everyone understands th situation what do you think about the whole ma'aseh?


unlike most of you, i didnt jump for joy when i read the news and learnt about this storey. to me, its not just another juicey storey. to me its not just another topic to talk about in shual. TO ME, IT WAS THE HEART BRAKING NEWS OF ANOTHER JEW, FORMER CLASSMATE, LIVING A TERRIBALE GZAR DIN.

to those who dont know him or his familey, its a storey of a perv being caught and "GETTING WHAT HE DESERVS". to those of us who do know him its the storey of untold pain. let me take a minute and shear with all of you a small thought. in the world we live in, people have come acusstom to looking at everyone elses mistakes and juging them. now ofcourse us ourselfs dont need to be juged, thats becouse we are perfect. im sorry my freainds, but thats not so. when someone goes and does a thing like this, we look from the outside in and quiston: how can he be so stupid? yet the person actually involved dosint think its crazy. hashem yirachem aleyhem. i in no way intend to justify the act of disgust done by my former classmate, however i do intent to prove a very importint point we need to understand.
how can we sit here juging a man who did somthing wrong while we spend our time on blogs ripping rabbonim? ripping fellow jews we know nothing about? to us its gishmock and good to be in the know, to hashem its a slap in the face. WAKE UP PEOPLE! hashem is sending a messege to us: think about what you are doing before you do it. maybe try and help those less fortunate then you so that we dont come to this type of situation. but have we taken the messege? no. we sit and call gedolim names, we disgrace klall yisroel by calling the jewish nation all kinds of unmentionable names, and so on. how sad.
if this was your kid, you would have a great excuse of how he was treated bad in school and hes not all there and so on... anything to justify the embarissment the familey will now suffer. WELL THIS IS SOMBODY ELSES KID, A DIFFERINT FAMILEY HAVING TO DEAL WITH THE PAIN! so please, lets all stop the juicy raid for a moment and think about how we can make shure it wont happen again, not to your kids, not to your community, not to klall yisroel. lets use this blog to discuss things that actually matter in life and not read the storys to add comments that further distroy klall yisrol.


ya know what i agree with someone a few above this blog.....i was that yenta be4 and now that i am realizing thank to the one be4, why i am being such a yenta...no point of talking about it cuz there nothing we gain or could do........furthermore this happens very often but they just dont get caught by cops so yea.....thankss for the wake up and be well all


To 2:32 PM

True. Ten people can start the same business, marriage, or bake the same cake with the same ingredients in the same oven, or go job hunting with the same qualifications and because of Mazel will get ten different results.
If it's someone else's kid having difficulty- we say- let's lock them up for good, we don't feel the pain- when it's ours, we beg for Rachmunes.

And sooner or later, it is ours.


I am so glad that everyone has finally come to their senses and have brought out that midah of rachmonis that we all should have.
May hakodosh baruch hu bring the ge'ula bemheira b'yameinu!

How about something new.
What does everyone think about the Cardianls-Tigers World series?


the world series was a bore, but i dont know why


dude you gotta learn how to spell


Why don't any of you speak to a compentent Rov and ask how to react toward such news and how to treat a person who's commited such a disgusting offense. I know Rokach, too. He's good friends with my brother. A person who recently befriended my husband, we were informed is a child molester. Yes, I do feel Rachmonus for the perpetrator, but what about the lives of the children he's ruined. This is a Olam Shel Arbuvia. Sometimes we have Rochmonus on the wrong people. A VERY compotent Rov who is very involved with the Kolko case told me that these people cannot be rehabbed and we have a chiyuv to protect our communities. I do feel terrible thinking about what kind of like Rokach and the likes will have from now on, but being that none of us, I presume, are knowledgeable enough in halacha to decide which "side" to take, go speak to a Rov you have confidence in, and trust his advice is correct. Yes, we should stop judging others as we regular people don't know enough to come to the proper conclusions on our own.


I don't know what Tuvya Rokach's situation is, and I'm not judging. But I'm curious to find out if he grew up watching television and movies. I'm asking because I'm a frum mother who is raising a son, and I'm thinking about getting rid of our television. I do realize that even if Tuvya had a television in his bedroom growing up, it doesn't mean that that is what caused his deviant behavior. But I need some compelling case studies to convince my husband that we are better off without the television.


Anyone who dreams that deviancy arises from television is deluded.

Gov. Spitzer had an active yetser hara without tv, a busy man.

Best to go back to the middle ages.

Build a wall around Monsey.

Empower Rabbonim to run the state.

Let's move to Iran.


what ever happened to rokach>>> did he marry?? anyone know???


he's married.


he's married. i actually saw him yesterday.


Who did he marry? does this girls family mind?


she's 50 something, her kids were taken away from her, and she knowingly married him.


You bloggers are pathetic. Focus on all 613 of the commandments, one of which is to not slander. Don't justify it by some legal loophole, of which none of you are capable or qualified to opine on. Just get a life. I wouldn't be upset if I saw only the truth on here, but when blogging has turned into KNOWN lies, then there's something fucked up about that - because no-one who is reading this blog can differentiate, and will likely take it as truth.


why? who do u think is lying?


Unless something can be done to lock up the "baheima" in order to put an end to this very weird and sick situation. Talking about it is NOT allowed. Desipite the fact that it had become public knowledge it is still forbidden to revel in your neighbours misery! It is non of anyones concern as to what is true or not. Worry about your own sex lives. and stop pointing out and obbsessing with his conduct! And take a big hard look in the mirror...


knowing what's a lie can shed a better light on rokach, and well... thats a good thing.


Sure we must have rachmanis but when you are a parent with young kids we must act in a way to protect them. Forget about all of the gossip and just realize that a child molester is out there. I certainly would hate to be on the other end of this and be the parent of Tuvia. My heart goes out to them but reality is he is out there. Can we be sure that this will not happen again by him or someone else? Be proactive and guide your children appropriately. Give your children the tools to realize what is right from wrong and most of all leave the line of communication open. I do not feel that we should open our doors or allow this man to freely become a part of our community. It's sad to say but rehab or not he has still been labelled. As strongly as I disagree about labelling people, in this instance I believe that it is not only unfortunate but nessessary to attach this kind of label to this kind of person. The bottom line is that people need to face the consequences of their actions regardless of their mental capacity. Our kids should never know from this kind of hurt.


I personally {17 yrs old} was a minor victim. He kept harrasing me to meet him. when i went to yeshivah he got hold of me in the states but i made sure not to have contact with him. he started going after my little bro. in toronto. so explained that he is called a "predator". BE CAREFULL!


Under NO circumstances can a child molester (that is, an adult who inappropriately touches a minor) be excused for his or her behaviour. This is a crime, and the police should be called in immediately. We can have rachmanos on him and his family, but that does not mean that we do not swiftly and decisively deal with the problem.


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