Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ta-Shma - New Hasidic mainstream album

Come Listen (JMG)

Described as: Beats straight outta the Bass-Medrash meets lyrics from the depths of the Jewish soul.

At a glance: Matis-ya-who? There’s a new yid in town. I love the false confident glares these dudes are throwing when they must be deeply insecure about how many gimmicky Hasidic reggae singers society is willing to tolerate. I also love the name Ta-Shma. It’s got a nice unintentionally dismissive ring to it.


why dont you link a sample song??!


Do you by some crazy chance know who the guy on the right is?He looks strangely familiar.


I actually happen to know these guys quite well and they are actually pretty talented. I heard the demo for the cd about 6 months ago and I really have to say I think they have more raw talent that Matisyahu. Mat is ok as reggae goes, but it was mainly the gimmick that got him to stardom. True enough he opened the door for these guys (whos genre is not reggae but a lot more hip hop sounding) but I think they have what it takes to make it. You can hear samples on their myspace.


what are you talking abouy. Matisyahu is the king of reggae


the guy on the right is klonimous greenspan a greatnephew of the previous satmar rebbe.


Lol. Actually hes a Baal Teshuva from Baltimore named Menachem Dovid Shapiro, but whatver...


I have this album. It's definately worth having on your ipod! It's even at the itunes store. There myspace is www.myspace.com/HasidicHipHop. Yeah, everyone keep saying that they're hip hop, and they definately have some songs that are straight hip hop feel, but they really have a wide range of music, and a lot of guitar. Andy Statman has clarinet on two songs, and the song "Speak Out" (you gotta hear those lyrics!) has a viola!


i just got this off iTunes. it's a good listen. I'm really into the lyrics: "i got my tanya and my gemora,
the rebbe's nigun as the ring on my motorolla." I like that.I love these guys and Matisyahu. I hope there's more of this coming out. Anybody heard anything?


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