Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thousands flock to KJ wedding for rabbi's daughter

For a young man and woman still shy of their 20th birthdays, it was the dawn of a new life together.

But for thousands of Satmar Hasidic onlookers shivering outdoors in the center of Kiryas Joel last night, the wedding held great symbolic significance: Their leader, Aron Teitelbaum, was marrying off a child for both the first and last time since becoming Satmar grand rebbe.

There, under an enormous canopy, or chuppah, in front of the main synagogue on Garfield Road, stood Margalis Teitelbaum, the youngest of Rabbi Aron's eight children, and her husband-to-be, Yoel Rokeach, a young Monsey man with his own distinguished lineage.

Thus began the public portion of the grandest Kiryas Joel wedding in recent years — typical in its marathon length but bigger and more elaborate in most other regards. The all-night celebration was expected to continue until 4 a.m. or so today.

Missing from the assembled throngs were those who believe Rabbi Aron's younger brother, Zalmen Teitelbaum, inherited the Satmar crown after their father, Moses, died in April. Rabbi Zalmen presides over the main Satmar congregation in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

Since the death of the previous grand rebbe and the unusually public succession battle that ensued, the two rival Satmar factions have often turned holiday gatherings into a sort of referendum by trumpeting the size of the crowd each brother can command.

But Aron supporters said yesterday that crowd-size propaganda didn't matter here and generally pertained to events in Williamsburg, where the two sides have been waging a court battle for control of buildings and other assets.

The Kiryas Joel wedding was so big, they said, because the bride was the last of Rabbi Aron's children to marry.

The ceremony felt a little like a rock concert. Men and boys wearing dark, furry hats known as shtreimels packed the square in front of the synagogue and pressed against metal barriers surrounding the chuppah.

The event adhered to the Orthodox practice of keeping men and women separated. During the ceremony, women gathered in a parking lot on the opposite side of the chuppah. Afterward, men and women ate and danced in separate locations until being united after midnight.

The men celebrated in a 40,000-square-foot tent erected beside the synagogue. The women were bused to a girls school for their celebration.

When the women joined the men in the tent early this morning, they were seated behind a partition.

It was during that part of the celebration that the bride and groom danced together for the first time.


Wow...It was some wedding, thousands of people were there to be Mesamech with the Satmar Rebbe Shlita,but of course it was the same old story with the Chassidim, the smell from their underarms was unbearable, I was there and had to go out for some fresh air every few minutes, it was like a huge fish market in there, why couldn't they spray underarm deoderont before they came to the Chasinah, it would have been so much more pleasant and it would make such a Kiddush Hashem, I was not the only one to be overcome by the smell, I saw the few neatly dressed, well built, good smelling Bucherim and Yingerleit standing outside and talking between themselves about the horrible odor inside, when they went inside I made sure to stand only next to them, the ones that make a kiddush Hashem not a Chillul Hashem..Wow what a wedding..A wedding to remember....


Hey Shmekidik: I noticed you only refer to spray deoderant. Since you are the resident expert on deoderant on this board, I am interested to get your opinions on roll-on and stick deoderant, and with regard to stick deoderant do you prefer solid or gel.


Shmuckdik seems to be overly focussed on mens physiques. I hope I never find him behind me on line at the mikveh.


To Anon 5.02..
Yes, any deoderont is good..spray, roll-on or stick (solid and gel are both good)as long as you use underarm deoderant that will make you smell good and not like those slobby smelly Chassidim that do not use any underarm deoderant...


To Anon 5.04...
Yes, I am overly focused on what mens physiques should be by the Frum Heimishe oilem, I know of many many Chassidim that are out of shape, slobby dressed and foul smelling, and the people that are in contact with them whether in Shil, at work or their wives at home are disgusted by them..I want to make everyone aware that it can be changed with a little effort by working out, dressing nice and using deoderant..if you are one of the smelling, slobby ones do not worry I keep my distance from such people in the Mikvah..and to the well built, shtotty dressed and good smelling Bucherim and Yingerleit that I saw last night at the wedding I want to say it was a pleasure to stand near you, you gave me courage to continue my work in spreading the word that we should have more and more like you who are the ones that are making a Kiddush Hashem..


he will stick you in the mikvah with HIS deoderant stick


It was during that part of the celebration that the bride and groom danced together for the first time.
First and Last


Thanks for the coverage of the wedding chaptzem,as always it was very informative.Do you have anything on the Zalman Leib wedding which took place a night earlier?As for shmekidik I think its time for him to see a psychiatrist.


To the one who addressed his post to - "Shmuckdik" - Is this a typo or WHAT?


I was there at the Chasuna , there was a massive crowd and it was very lebedik, I have to agree with ''shmekidik'', that yes , the odor inside was not too pleasent, but we had fun anyway, I came from Boro park and met all my friends, but of course everybody was staring at us all night because my friends and I actually do look a little different than most of the other Chasiddim there,we dress Chassidish, we look Chassidish, but are not your everyday Chusid who dresses and looks slobby, we are Chassidish with a Taam.We are dressed well, are in very good shape and use deoderent and cologne I really think that they all looked at us out of jealousy, because the staring did not stop all night.I also got a couple of giggles and winks when I was standing outside going to my car, I wanted to tell them 'sorry but I am married allready'but ES HUT NISHT GAPAST TZI REDEN MIT MEIDLECH BY A REBBESHE CHASINE so I just walked away. Read my own blog and you will see what I mean.
anyway, Mr. Shmekidik has some very good valid points.


hey Mr. Shmekidik, you are so fixated on smelling nice. That's not going to get you to Oilom Haboh. Better work on your Ruchnius more than working out in the gym.


Hey Shmekidik: Why do you go where your nose finds it offensive? Maybe you could put a clothespin on your nose.By the way check your spelling - it is de-odor-ant (has the word "odor" in it)


To Shmekidik:

Why don't you be a brave soul and reveal yourself once and for all- imagine all the people that are chaleshing to meet you and experience your classy smell and looks. Introduce yourself to the oilem and show an example and offer autographs. Your admirers are all waiting. Are you married? If not,people are plotzing to set you up.

We all know you're anxious to make a Kiddush Hashem by example- Every day that you linger, you are making the Oilem lose out.

C'mon, why wait?


To the Anon posts,
By learning in Yeshiva and Kollel all day and Davening Erlich and having Midos Toives and also working out in the gym and dressing nicley and smelling good from 'underarm deodorant' will get you into Olam Haboh but by being out of shape and dressing like a slob and smelling like rotten fish will not get you there as quickly, even though you also learn and daven, because you are oiver every day many time the lav of Bal Tishaktzu, beacause people around you are disgusted by your appearence and smell..Look it up in any Chassidishe Sefer and you will see that I am right.and to the posting that I should reveal myself to see who I am, you will be suprised to see and know that ,yes I am married, I am Chassidish, I wear a Samete Hat with a long jacket, and yes,I am well dressed, clean, good smelling and in good shape and again you can be a Chassideshe Yinger man and look like me, My wife is very proud of me and my looks and I am sure that the wives of the, out of shape, slobby ,smelly Chassidim would all want their men to be like
that too....


To chasidstud,
I am proud of you and I wish that all Chassidim were like you, I probably saw you by the Chasene,I saw a few Yingerleit and Bucherim that fit your description there, I was standing near them when the smell was unbearable and to be around you and your friends was like catching some fresh air.Yes I agree with you that the smelly slobby Chasiddim are jeleous of you and for friens of your phyisical appearence and they like to stare and stare at someone that looks like you and smells like you.and yes I am sure that you had the eyes of the Meidlich standing outside popping out from keeping on looking at you..Keep it up and continue making the grat Kiddush Hashem..


Hey Shmekidik: I disagree with you because I know that all my friends sprayed themselves with deodorant and how do expect that when a kabulas puniim starts at 6:00 and by 12:00 we shouldn’t shvitz about 15,000 people from all around the world were pushed together on a 10 floor branches dancing very lebidig (as it was the grandest wedding satmar ever had) and of course the deodorant didn’t help, you were standing all the time out side with your friends in the fresh air that’s why your deodorant was still active



Don't you secretly wish you could be as innocent as the Chosson Kallah in the picture?


To Shmekidik:
There is not a single psychiatrist alive, whether Goyish, Frei, Heimish or from any sphere of society that would classify you as normal.

But please don't see one because we need you to keep on spreading your gospel- we need comic relief in these serious times of tzaros all around, nebach.


the zalis didnt smell any better.


Folks admit it-
Shmekidik would love to be as innocent as the Chosson Kallah in the picture, but something made him stray.
I guarantee you the Chosson Kallah and their families smelled great.


shmekedic is gay lshem shumayim LOLOLOL


Shmekidik and Chasistud - GET REAL! Do you really think any girls were ogling you? You are such nut jobs. How sexy do you think you look in a langeh rekel? As for your "good smelling" deodorant - I have yet to meet any girl that fell into a swoon from deodorant. You are totally fantasizing about getting picked up...and at a Satmer wedding too. You guys need help for that alone - forget the deodorant aspect.


to Batamt,
yes, I know that some of you used deodorant before the Chasine and it was so hot in there that you were svitzing away, but tose people did not stink like rotten fish beacuse the deodorant lasts a few hours, but what is with the few thousand Chasidim that did not use deodorant before the Chasine, they made the Hall smell like a big smelly fish market, and I had to go outside every 15 minutes to catch my breath, or when I was inside I made sure to stand next to the good smelling people..


Of course not, all chassidim that do not spray underarm deodorant, whether he is a Zali or an Ahroni, it is all the same they smell like rotten fish, it just happens to be that this posting was about the big wedding in Monroe, when there will be a posting about the big wedding in Willy we will then talk about their smell, lets stick to the subject..


To:Anonymous said...
Folks admit it-
Shmekidik would love to be as innocent as the Chosson Kallah in the picture, but something made him stray.
I guarantee you the Chosson Kallah and their families smelled great.''

Are you for real?why would I want to be as innocent as the Chosson Kallah in the picture..I would not touch either one with a ten foot pole let alone being like them..I feel very sorry for them having to spend the rest of their lives between the smelly, rotten smelling pot-belly, slobby Chassidim in Monroe, I am sure that they would want a better life but they are stuck and have to live a life like that, even if they would want to dress nicley and smell good they couldn't beacuse they would be kicked out head first..'zei zenen mir ah groise rachmunis' and as for their and their families smell at the Chasine..Please..I do not even want to imagine the smell that came from their bodies, it must have been horrible.The only one that probably did not smell bad was the Satmar Rebbe Shlita, becuase he is a Melech Byisroel, and he knows that a Melech has to smell good and be clean..but the rest of the family and Cusan Kallah..Fech...Fech..They do not even know what Deodorant is..Just thinking of their smell the night of the Chasine makes me want to vomit...


To y.y.
your comment does not deserve a responce..I will respond to comments that stick to our subject of getting all chasiddim to look good and smell good...your picture on your post makes you look exactly like the names that you call me...


To anon from 11.11..
Wow, what world are you living in, are you awake? yes, there are plenty of Chassidishe girls in Monroe, and Willy Or Boro Park etc..that look at good looking, well built, neatly dressed, good smelling Bucherim and Yingerleit all the time..You must get real..there is a big world out there today, we do not live in a ghetto anymore, you can wear a long Rekel and still look great, go to any Chassidishe gathering and look at the Boys with the lange reklech and their well built chests sticking out, and their neatly made payos, and their freshly starched shirts and their, shiny shoes, and their good smell, and their beatiful straight white teeh..Yes it is very very s---, and the Chasiddishe Girls love it..I believe chasidstud that there were girls that were winking and giggling to him..there are many girls out there in Monroe that would like to marry a boy like chasidstud, who is good looking and well built and smells good and yes, they would pick them up even at a Satmar Chasine, they are looking out for these boys all the time, they are sick and tired of being imprisoned in the world of slobby, out of shape, smelly boys, they want a Chassidhe boy that is Frum, Eidel, Chassidish and also good smelling, well built, nicley dressed..Yes get it into your head..these two things can go together....start waking up..


To Shmekidik:
There is not a single psychiatrist alive, whether Goyish, Frei, Heimish or from any sphere of society that would classify you as normal.

But please don't see one because we need you to keep on spreading your gospel- we need comic relief in these serious times of tzaros all around, nebach.

You know you're nuts- otherwise you'd reveal yourself to your adoring public on 13th avenue .

Please consider it- we're all diiiiiiiiiiieing for you- male and female.


To Shmek!
All these people that you claim need deodorant- are you willing to take an IQ test with them and see who does better?

Tell us about yourself- how do you spend your day?


shmekidik- how eidel can you be if all you think about is bodies? Trust me, I'm a girl and every girl I know would run in the opposite direction from a guy like you. Mr. Gym-comb in his back pocket- cologne loving- fool. You are a stereotypical self centered bozo. Maybe your big in the deodorant department, but small in the brain department. P.S. Sexy is not a four letter wod.


"To y.y.
your comment does not deserve a responce"

shmeckedik, please fix your spelling! if u cant', don't be a slub, we know u can't speak a straight word of english!


All you commenters have nothing better to do than comment about how smelly chassidim are. Why don't you stick to the posted topic? - the chasuna. Chaptzem didn't post a topic about whether or not chassidim do or do not use deodorant.Get A Life!


to Shmekidik: I sincerely believe that you think Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and I believe that everyone should take a shower every day. But, I don't think that one should dwell on this subject so much that it consumes one's whole being. Maybe you have OCD about cleanliness (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). You can be a very good Jew even if you don't smell so nice all the time, that's what's really important in life; being a Toiradike Yid, not working out in the gym and showering TWICE! daily, and wearing cologne (which may be Assur to men, by the way). The Yevonim thought their bodies were the most important thing, but Yidden shouldn't think that way. It is Hellenism, and is assur.


good afternoon freainds. in all honesty, i have to admitt i am a little shocked.actually, i am very shocked.
we are jews. we care about each other. we help each other in any way we can. we are the most honarable nation in the world. thats who we are.granted, we like to have "gishmacka" conversations and "handle" whats going on, but today my freainds you have gone to far. we have all gone to far.
in todays day and age, we as jews are forced to face so many problems amongst ourselfs that they can no longer be counted. we have a shiduch crises. we have way to many yisomemem and almonas. way to many sick people. and way to many children headed in the wrong direction. BUT THIS IS NOT ENOUGH FOR US... when we do have a simcha and there is finally some joy for us all to share in, we take it as a oppertunity to destroy ourselfs yet a little more and show hashem how low we really are. WE GO TO GREAT LENGHT TO DISCUSS WHAT A CHASSIDISH WEDDING HALL SMELLS LIKE. AND WHO NEEDS TO WEAR DEODERANT.
dear young man who started this conversation. you are what i would label a "minuval birishus hatorah". what that means is, you have chosen to take the torah to protect you in degrading others. how can you posibly sit there and dicuss what a kiddush hashem is while you sit there and speak loshen hora? im shure in your mind hashem is looking down upon this blog and is most happy with the way you are spreading the need for kidush hashem, i mean, after all classifiying a group called chassidim and publickly anoucing that these people smell like fish really shows the world we love one another right? WRONG! you have instead made a tremendouse chillul hashem and even managed to drag others in to discuss it with you.
should we dress nicely and look like a mench? of course, after all a talmid chacam who is dirty is chaive misa. we must all strive to look like true bney torah. however, we must get our priortys straight. learn shmiras haloshon, work on your middose, learn from your teachers what the torah asks of a jew, and then ask how to go about giving musser, BUT DONT DEAR COME OUT IN PUBLIC AND SHAME KLALL YISROEL LIKE YOU HAVE JUST DONE. AND MOST IMPORTINTLY, DONT DEAR USE THE TORAH TO JUSTIFY YOUR DICUSTING BEHAVIOUR.


jolly, what does smelling from shvitz, have to do with the torah or with chassidus.
the chassidim need to learn hygiene. The smell is one of the reasons, I dont go to a chassidic ocassion, I am not sure how their women bear it.


To :Anonymous - 9:49 AM
You are right, I will continue with my comments to spread the word that to make a Kiddush Hashem you have to look and smell good, the ones that have to see a psychiatrist are the smelly, slobby ones that are a disgrace to Yiddishkeit..I do not have to stand on 13 Ave to spread my word, I do it in Shul and at work and at the gym..If you are diiiiiiieng to see me you can at the kosher gym where I work out..this is not comic as you call it ,it is real serious issues that will help Klal Yisroel in these hard times..


i clearly stated in a very blunt fashion that we are all required as bney torah to dress respectfully. there is no dought about this. however, what this person is doing is wrong. to be michollel sheam shamoim in an effort to promote a kidush hashem is a tottal disgrace and should not be tolerated. we should not even respond to such nonsense.
as far as this guy goes in responding that he will continue his campaigne, you are just proving my point. what a chiled you are. does life really have so little meaning to you that when you are told off, you cant except the musser and quite up the sillyniss. are you really so low that making fun of people still gives you enjoyment? im afraid to say yes. the only thing i can hope for, is that hashem deal with you in teaching you whats right in a nice way. may you never have to learn the lesson from someone in your cicles being forced to go through a terribale embarresment that it will cause you to open your eyes. amen.


Hey Shmek-

The world is full of billions of very good, good and not so good smelling people from all races and religions but only a mishiggener like you would want to discuss it. Tell us what other advice you have for the human race. With the smell issue, you've passed your quota! Times up Kiddo!

There is not a single psychiatrist alive from any sphere of society that would classify Shmek as normal. Perhaps we ought to take up a collection for him, nebach. He probably overspent on cologne.


Shmekidik- what's your opinion on the war in Iraq? What's your opinion on Giur K'Halacha in Israel? What's your opinion on the Lakewood real estate fiasco? What's your opinion on Senator Lieberman? What's your opinion on dissent within Chassidic groups? What's your opinion on the present increase of Kids at Risk? What's your opinion on prevention of proliferation of nuclear weapons? What's your opinion on the Iranian Pres.? What's your opinion on tax credit for parochial school parents? What's your opinion on how we can prevent terrorism? What's your opinion on different Chassidic groups coexisting peacefully?

I know, I Know, when Chassidim will use deodorant,everything will be OK and Moshiach will come.


To:Anonymous :10:32 AM
Yes, I am willing to take an IQ test with any of these slobby, foul smelling Chassidim, and I would win them all, and I say this not because I am a bal gaivah, but because Chazal say that a dirty person that smells can not be talmid Chacham because he makes a Chillul Hashem..If you want to know a little more about me you can read my blog..


To:Anonymous 10:42 AM
yes, I think that you can be Eidel and Frum and Chassidish and talk about how to make sure that Chassidim should have nicer and cleaner bodies..and I would like you to know that since you are a girl you know better then to write such foolish remarks, you know very well that you would much better prefer to me with a Chusid that is well built, nicely dressed and smelling good from Underarm deodorant and cologne than being with a Pot-belly, out of shape slobby, smelly Chusid.I happen to know how to learn and are smarter then alot of those smelly ones..Again if you have a nice clean good smelling body then you are smart also according to Chazal.
P.S. I did not write out the word sexy beacase it is not nice from a Chasid to write it out...but if you want I will let you know what you want to hear that Yes, the well built, nice dressed, good smelling boys are much sexier even with a long rekel, than the fat, foul smelling Chassidshe slobs..


To:Anonymoonymous 1:24 PM
I know that Hashem wants the Yiddeshe Am Hanivchar to be nice and clean and we see it many times in the Mamurei Chazal, and that is why I dwell on it.No, you can not be a good Yid if you do not smell good all the time beacause you are oiver on Bal Tishaktzi.And yes being a Toiredike Yid is to follow everything that says in the Torah and according to Chazal and Shilchan Urech, and that is keeping in shape by going to the gym which is Vnishmartem Meod Linafshaseichem , and showering twice a day and using underarm deodorant and cologne and no, it is not Assur for a man to use deodorant and cloogne, it is not Lo Yilbash if you wear a deodorant and cologne that is made only for men and not for women, it says so in Shilchan Urech.and all Poskim say so...and it is not Assur to take care of your body if it is in the way of the Torah and it is not against the Halacha, The Yevanim did not do it together with Torah, so of course it is Assur, but a Yid that takes care of his body and also learns Torah and does everything al pi Torah, is not only Miter but it must be like that beacuse this is the Derech Hatorah..


To dave
Thank you for your comment, let all know, that it is true what I say that the smelly slobby Chassidim think that to stink from shvitz is Torah and Chassidus, yes I know that they do not take care of their hygiene. I do not blame you for not going to a Chassidic occasion , the smell can knock you out in a minute, it is horrible. since I am Chassidish I have no choice but to go , so this is why I am trying to solve this smelly crisis in the Chassidhe world, and believe me the women there can not bear it, and it is a very bad situation there.the wives of these slobs are sometimes slobs themselves and do not care, and the wives that do care are stuck, because their smelly husbands brainwashed them that this is Derech Hatorah Vchasiduss.


i dont know about the rest of you, but personaly, this is my final blog under this topic. young man you are sick minded individual. i have tryed to open your eyes to what you really need to know, yet instead of a response you choose to answere those like dave, who enjoy to put fuel in a good fire. like i said earlyer, may this storey never come back to bite you and cause you the disgrace you cause on others.


Hellllllllllllllllo Shmek!

We are waiting for your commentary on what might be of inferior importance to deodorant, but nonetheless important to some people.

Please.What's your opinion on the war in Iraq? What's your opinion on Senator Lieberman? What's your opinion on dissent within Chassidic groups? What's your opinion on the present increase of Kids at Risk? What's your opinion on prevention of proliferation of nuclear weapons? What's your opinion on the Iranian Pres.? What's your opinion on tax credit for parochial school parents? What's your opinion on the Lakewood real estate fiasco? What's your opinion on how we can prevent terrorism? What's your opinion on different Chassidic groups coexisting peacefully?


First of all your spelling is horrible, you must be from those smelly chassidim that do not believe in learning English becaue it is not Chassidish to learn English..why are you so shocked ?yes ,we are all Yidden, we help each other, we care about each other, we are the most honorable nation because we are the Am Hanivchar, and yes, we like to have geshmake conversations with each other.Yes, there are nebech alot of tzores today by our Yiddeshe people, and yes, we are very very happy when there is a big Simcha like there was this week by the big Satmare Chasines, but why do say that we destroy ourselves by talking on how the wedding hall smelled?I was also mesameach by the Chasine, but the fact remains that it smelled like a fish market because most of the people there did not use underarm deodorant, why do say that it is''minuval birshes hatorah''.it is not menuval if I want that yidden should look and smell good, it is Birshis Hatorah, because the Torah wants a clean nice looking Yiddeshe Fulk.Yes, it is a big Kiddush Hashem to want Yidden to look and smell good, and why is it Loshon Hora? we are trying to make Am Yisroel nice and clean,if a Rav makes a drasha and gives Mussar, is that also maybe Loshon Hora ?when you give missar to Yidden it is not Loshon Hora, beacause we want to make them better for Hashem and that is what I am doing.Yes, Hashem is happy what I am doing on this blog by trying to make a big Kiddush Hashem..Yes it smells like a fish market when the Chassidim do not spray underarm deodorant, and I am saying it beacuse of the love that I have for Klal Yisroel, because I want them to change for the better.Yes, we learn Shmiras haloshon and yes we work on our Midos, and yes we learn from our Rebbes and from the Torah what a Yid is supposed to be like, and finally yes this is what the Torah says and wants from us, so go ahead and take a shower before Shabbos, use good smelling soap and shampoo, and spray underarm deoderant so that you should make a Kiddush Hashem and encouragre other Yidden to be like that too beacuse as you said that a Talmid Chacham that is dirty is Chayiv Misa Chas Veshalom, so since we are sure that most Chassideshe Yidden are Talmedei Chachamim, we want them to be healthy, well built, nicly dressed and good smelling...




To:Anonymous said...
Hellllllllllllllllo Shmek!

Thank you for your comment, sorry I am not here to disscus world issues or current events I will leave that to the smelly, slobby Chassidim that sit and veik themselves in the Mikvah and sit in the water for an hour or so and disscuss everything from Iraq to Iranto Isreal to Satmar to Lubavitch to Bobov to Vishnitz,etc. etc. and while they talk, they keep on scratching and rubbing their dirty smelly underarms,,Fech..any way I leave that to them, I am here to talk about getting these smelly slobs to become a Mentch and dress and smell clean..


I was on Shabbos in Boro Park and I Baruch Hashem did not have to be in the Smelly Wlly and Monroe Sheva Bruchis, where it probably smelled worse then the Fulton St. Fish Market, Where I davened ,it Baruch Hashem did not smell that bad and I continued going around to people that need to improve and tried to convince them to change. Baruch Hashem I succeeded in getting a few people that told me that they will start working out in the gym and will use underarm deodorant every day, I am very happy with the results so far, I hope I will get more and more Bucherim and Yingerleit to start woking out and to dress neatly and use underarm deodorant..Bezras Hashem we will succeed.


Let's talk about the chasuna already not the odor.


Hey Shmek:

I wanted to help your wonderful Avodos Hakodesh by letting you know that since people who have never used deodorant previously may find it very challenging to remember to apply it daily, you may want to reccomend that they start with MITCHUM deodorant. Mitchum advertises that it is so powerful that it works even if you skip a day. This will allow them to ease into the practice of using deodorant and eventually it will become second nature. It is also a cost effective way for those who are wondering how to fit deodorant into the budget. This way they will not have to cut out the DELI 52 Thursday night special.


I GET IT- SHMEK OWNS THE GYM. He ain't no dummy!


To:Anonymous 10.51
Well, where do I begin?, yes, it was a very big crowd, the Rebbe Shlita had a very nice white Bekeshe, The Skvere Rebbe tantzed very nice Mitzva Tantz,the music was very nice, the food was good..
O.K. did you hear enough?now lets go back to the important issue, yes, the odor was horrible,most of the Chassidim did not bathe or spray underarm deodorant and the handful of good looking , well built, good smelling Bucherim and Yingerleit, were the only ones that you can stand next to, and they were constantly being stared at by men and women alike and were winked at by some girls outside..That sums up the beautiful Chasine last week in Monroe..


To;Overnight Kigel,
Thank you very much for trying to help my cause, yes it is a very good idea for them to use a long lasting deodorant that will protect their underarms for a longer time, Mitchum is a good idea, but they can also use Axe, or Arridd XX, which is also a good deoderant anti prespirent..as long as they use these deodorants every day..We all know that the cost of deodorant is next to nothing, you can get a can of spray, or a bottle of roll-on or a deodorant stick for less then five dollars, they can smell good and still go to Deli-52 for a good supper, everything together cost less than 20.00.the deodorant can last usually around 2-3 weeks..5.00 every 2-3 weeks will not make anybody go broke...I am even willing to help sponser deodorant for those that can not afford it, we can start putting a few cans at the Mikvahs for everyone who wants to use it can spray himself before he leaves the Mikvah..I think this might work, what do you say to my idea?


Shmek couldn't respond to the 10 questions posed earlier, so he posted a question anonymously ("Let's talk about the chasuna"). That's the best he can do at news analysis. Nebach.

Hashem Yiracheim. Refiyeh Shleima B'Kurev to him.


To Anon 10.39..
sorry, it is not my fault that you do not read all the comments, I wrote a comment on that allready, thet I leave world politics and current events and Chasididshe politics to the Mikva Veikers that sit in the Mikvah scrathing their smelly underarms and other smelly body parts and think that they know what they are talking about..


To shmeck: I don't know why anyone should have to choose between a smelly pot bellied chusid or a body worshipper like you. There are nice normal guys who are clean and don't make an issue about it at all. It's second nature to them and they don't talk about it because it's as natural as breathing.( I know cuz I'm married to one.) Maybe for you it isn't natural and that's why you can't stop. Anyway about looking hot in a langeh rekel - the whole point of the langeh rekel is to avoid that sort of look.


I just want to tell Shmekedik that you spell very nicely and your grammar isn't all so bad. Where did you learn?


To:Anonymous 12:20
you do not know why anyone should have to choose between a smelly pot-bellied Chusid or a bodyworshiper ?if you are a woman you should know that pretty well, there is a vary big difference, I will not get into details here. yes there are nice normal guys who are clean and do not talk about it, this is my point here, there are very few of them around, and we want that there should me much more of them around in the Frum Chassidishe circles.And about the issue of looking hot in a Lange Rekel, Look at a Chassidishe Bucher that works out in the gym and smells good and you will see that he certainly looks very hot even in a Lange Rekel, you can see that he has a large chest and small waist and broad back and big shoulders, and large armsbeneathe the Lange Rekel.They look great..and are Frum and Chassidish too.


Shmek, isn't your wife embarassed- or is she another one like you?

If she's sane, she's either running for her life or staying with you only BEC. you have lots of YERISHA cash, not "DEODERANT" AND NOT your PHYSIQUE or GREAT ADVICE or BRAINPOWER.

You have too much free time to be making a living yourself.

But don't despair, there's hope for everyone, even you.


shmek, when I say a girl does not have to choose between a pot bellied chusid and a body worshipper, I say that because there is some middle ground. Pull yoursef away from the mirror for a minute and you'll see. You'll also see that no one is looking at your muscular arms in that hot langeh rekel. Careful, you are on the verge of turning into a modern day Narcissus. (bet you don't know who that was)


To:Anonymous 8:08 PM ..
My wife happens to be very proud of me..she is proud of me for everything which I am, physically and monetary..Thank You..
I happen to own my own business, and have a little more time then an hourly worker.Baruch Hashem we lead a very happy life together.I wish it on all of Klall Yisroel.


To:one cool girl...
Yes, I agree with you that there is a middle ground also, but since you are one cool girl then admit it to me and to everybody that a Chassidhe Bucher in a Lange Rekel, with his muscular arms and chest sticking out and smells good is very hot, and yes, I know that all girls like it and stare at it, no, they do not look at a Bucher with an out of shape body the same way.




Shmekidik, if the girls are staring at you in your langeh rekel puffing out your chest like a rooster it's because you look weird, not hot.


Whether you are gay or happily married, please go spend time with your partner 24/7 and leave us all alone. Don't deprive your partner of yourself for even a minute. They are desperate for you all the time.


To:Anonymous 9:43 PM ..
Chazal say''MI SHEPOISEL BMIMI POISEL''do you know what that means, it means that if you call somebody ''Gay''then you are the one that is ''Gay''.
Ask anybody in Boro-Park or in Willy, or in Monroe etc., who are the Gay child molesters, who are the Chasiddishe perverts that Rape young boys in the Mikvahs, or in the Yeshivas, or in the Beis Medrash bathrooms and rooftops..everybody knows who they are..they are not the nicly dressed, well built, good smelling Bucherim and Yingerleit..it is the fat, ugly, smelly Chassidishe slobs..
Who stares at who in the Mikvah? we all know that in every Mikvah ,it is the fat, ugly Chassidishe slobs that look and want to touch the nice looking, well built Chassidishe Bucherim.Did you ever hear about a well built, good looking good smelling Bucher staring or wanting to touch an ugly, slobby, smelly Chassidishe Bucher ..NEVER..get your facts straight, we all know who the child molesters and Boy Rapists are in Willi and Boro Park, we do not have to mention any names here, everyone knows who they are..maybe it is even you???


To:one cool girl..
You are the one that must be wierd, because everyone in his right mind knows that a Chassidishe Bucher or Yingerman that is well built and you can see his muscles sticking out thru his Lange Rekel is very very hot and yes, all girls stare at them in the street..so if you are really ''one cool girl''then you are also one of those that like the well built, good looking, good smelling Bucherim..


chazal also say, "mi she'amar l'olamai dai, yoimar l'tzaroseinu dai". basically what you just said absolutely has nothing to do with anything we're talking about here. spewing random pesukim wont make your opinion any more valid. Here, I've got a few pesukim for you.
1)"Netzor l'shoncha meira'ah, usifusecha midaber mirmah".
2) V'ahavta L'reacha Kamoicha.
3) "Zachar es yom hashabbos l'kadshoi"

Shmekedik, go run you "highly successful business selling (Spray)deodorant and may you have much hatzlocho in doing so.
We can exchange pesukim some other time I really do enjoy it!


Shmekidik, I'm cool because i realize that a person's true appeal is his personality and mind, not his muscles. It's time for you to research Narcissus. Get those brains going.


Attention Bloggers:

Does anyone really think they can get Shmek to say anything meaningful? This is getting more and more boring, it's probably time to start ignoring him.

For all we know, there's always the possibility that Shmek is a bored housewife who thought up this annoying character for fun.


Rabosai: I figured out who Shmekedik is!

He's the Satmar Rebbe!(No the other one), who is just trying to get his chasidim to smell good but just doesn't have the guts to say it to their face. ding ding two points.


To:TroubleMaker ...
Yes, Hashem will help all Yidden and make an end to all the Yiddeshe Tzaros when all the Yidden will listen to him and do what it says in the Helige Torah and that includes having a nice clean smelling body, and there are many many Pesukim and Mamurei Chazal to back up what I am saying.
I will now give you a Perish on the Pesukim that you quoted.

1)"Netzor l'shoncha meira'ah, usifusecha midaber mirmah"...Yes this means the fat, slobby,hairy, smelly Chassidim that veik themselves in the Mikvah and talk Loshon Horah and Rechilis against every other Yid who they do not like and against every Rebbe or Chassidis that they do not like..
2) V'ahavta L'reacha Kamoicha...Yes I know that Pusek because I love every Yid, and I want them to be healthy and nice looking and good smelling, the slobby, smelly, out of shape Chassidim are the ones that hate everybody, go into Satmar, go into Bobov, go into Vishnitz etc, etc.you will only hear and see Sinas Chinum against other Yidden.
3) "Zachar es yom hashabbos l'kadshoi" ...Yes, the ones that bathe themselves and dress neatly and smell good they are the ones that remember the Heilige Shabbos, they know that you have to be Mekabel the Heilgi Shabbos Malkisa, but the smelly, slobby, out of shape,hairy, bad breath, yellow teeth Chassidim come into Shabbos not like they would greet a Queen but like they would greet a Garbage Collector..
Think about what I said here and you will agree with me..I will continue with my goal that the Chassidim should be well built, nicly dressed and good smelling from underarm deodorant..I challange you to any more Pesukim that you will comment about..Good Luck..


To:one cool girl...
Yes, I agree that you have to have the whole package to be cool, you have to have a well built body, you have to look good, you have to smell good and also you have to have a good personality and that is a persons tru appeal.Torah Im Derach Eretz..Torah, Midos Toives and a cool well built good smelling body.The whole package is what we need and want...
Shmekidik, I'm cool because i realize that a person's true appeal is his personality and mind, not his muscles. It's time for you to research Narcissus. Get those brains going.

October 31, 2006 8:31 PM


Strike one, how can I be the Satmar Rebbe ?he is used to the smell allready, he is immune to it.he does not give a hoot if his Chassidim smell as long as they bring him money and the money does not smell... (figure out for yourself which Satmar Rebbe I mean)


What about not being echod bapeh v'echod balev? If you have such strong feelings against your fellow chassidim, why don't you tell them what you think about their hygiene to their faces?


To:Anonymous 8:46 PM
Wow! you repeated a Mamer Chazal, yes I keep on telling my fellow Chassidim about their Physical appearence and their hygiene to their face, I do it all the time in Shul and at work and wherever I meet them, and I really mean every word that I say and write.We will do our duty allways Bishleimis..

What about not being echod bapeh v'echod balev? If you have such strong feelings against your fellow chassidim, why don't you tell them what you think about their hygiene to their faces?

November 01, 2006 8:46 PM


The unfacign of Shmekedik: you must be the one runnign this blog. Otherwise how is it that you always reply first to everything, and anythign and everythign you write gets posted even if you didnt write anything.


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