Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Unlikely reggae star rocks armory

Matisyahu is arguably the most popular reggae artist in America. He's also one of reggae's most unlikely superstars. He's a Hasidic singer and rapper who embraces Jewish spirituality in his music, at times singing in Hebrew and taking lyrics from the Torah.

Musically, Matisyahu serves up an amalgam of dance-hall reggae, hip-hop, rock and even ska-flavored punk, sung with a slight Jamaican accent -- even though he's a one-time Phish fan from White Plains.

Matisyahu was mesmerizing Tuesday night at the Washington Avenue Armory, playing 90 minutes of intense, infectious reggae and hip-hop that had fans screaming, swaying, dancing and taking cellphone photos from start to end.

The crowd of about 1,500 was mostly college-aged, although there were more than a few teens, like 13-year-old Josh Fisher, who saw Matisyahu for the first time. And yarmulkes were the order of the night for a noticeable number of fans, although few were as outward with their faith as Matisyahu.

Dressed in a black overcoat, sporting a bushy beard and a kipa, Matisyahu looked downright odd fronting a searing five-piece band that pulsed bass-heavy reggae beats and grinding, guitar-fueled rock. But somehow it all fit together, punctuated by Matisyahu as he jumped, skipped and swirled around the stage, moving to the beat during pounding readings of "Chop 'Em Down" and "Fire of Heaven/Altar of Faith," and the slow reggae groove of "Exaltation."


With all due apologies, please allow me to announce and publicize a new and hopefully vital Lakewood community program for music education and appreciation. This will be a fully funded and 100% halachically sanctioned program for the benefit of the youth and adult residents of the community.

For more information please go to:

New Lakewood Music Program

I urge you to complete the short survey there so that we can properly address the needs of the Lakewood Jewish Community. Your input is important!

Thank you,



Matiyahu is a joke. Just like you wouldn't see me sporting a chinese accent, Matisyahu and other Jews need to stop with the reggae accent.It isn't natural. He has this identity crisis, and in the mean time is stealing black people's style. Leave it to Shaggy and Sean Paul to do REAL Reggae. I am tired of chassids in brooklyn trying to tackle a jamacian accent.


I saw Matisyahu in shomer shabbos on 13th ave in boro park and he davened a 25 min shenona esrai
on a regular night


It's interesting...


25 minutes? Big Deal! How long would it take you to Daven if you did it in reggae & with a Jamaican accent? LOL


Okay, so today I davened mincha in 30 seconds with a jamaican reggae accent. Everyone went crazy, asked for my autograph, and called me the next Matisyahu. I know, I know I'm that good.

There are a few people I would like to Thank.

I would like to say thank you to my innovative friend, Kodeah eetem. I would have been nothing if it wasn't for your "dare."

I would like to thank the blacks who were high on weed in Jamaica. Thanks to you I can steal your music and get an applause.

I would like to thank the bakery and alcohol store. (No reason)

And thank you Chaptzem for your nonsense.Because of you, I, too like to create non sense.


to 10:54 you ASS sean paul is white


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