Sunday, October 29, 2006

Williamsburgers don't exercise and are obese; New health study

A stunning 43 percent of residents in Williamsburg/Bushwick rated their health as fair or poor.

Here's why: Nearly one-third of residents there are obese, 56 percent don't exercise at all, one-third are without a regular doctor, and nearly 4 in 10 are uninsured/underinsured.

Williamsburg and Bushwick were singled out as among the worst neighborhoods for "interpersonal" or domestic violence. Five percent of respondents said they were afraid their spouse or partner would harm them or their children.

Such unhealthy environments are "bad for kids," said Claire Barnett, of the New York Healthy Schools Network.

"If you're not healthy emerging out of childhood," she said, "it's going to be harder to become a healthy adult."


WOW!!! I am telling you all this for a long time.Where are all the people now that said that I was off the wall?well here is the study and the statistics..a large percent of Willamsbugh People do not excercise and are obese and their health is fair or poor.Wow!! it is among the worst neighborhoods for ''interpersonal'' or domestic violence..Of course I was right!!look what the study says''such unhealthy enviroments are''bad for kids''if you are not healthy emerging out of childhood its going to be harder to become a healthy adult''
NU!!!What do you say to this???of course if the kids are not healthy, they are obese, they are fat, they do not excercise, they have rotten crooked teeth, they do not bathe, they have smelly bodies etc.etc...then they will not be a healthy adult, and there will be domestic violence against their spouses and harm their children..
Look!!!! so start listening to what I say and it will change..go to the gym to work out, fix your teeth, bathe regulary, spray your selves with deodorant, take care of your bodies and you will live a happier and longer life, without domestic violence Chas Veshalom..


YES!!Shmekidik was right after all. I did not believe it when he was saying that Chassidim are fat and out of shape and not healthy,I am shocked to see that he is right, that most Chasiddim in Willamsburgh are obese and out of shape and not healthy..We must start urging Chasidim to excersize and go on diets and be healthier..


Shmekidik, who says you have to smell good to be healthy? Eat va lot of garlic and you will be very healthy. But, you won't smell so good. Garlic is good for everything,as an antibiotic, lowering blood pressure, lowering choleterol, cleaning out the arteries, lowering blood sugar etc. It should be used more than Tylenol or Motrin, and then everybody will be healthy only they won'r Shmek so good.


wow the new york post redid their website


sh...... go to hell. we all couldnt care less about what you have to say.


oy vey. this shmuck is babbeling again!


i agree. lets shut this guy up!


call me when you are ready to post a blog that this fat guy has nothing to comment on. he is a real piss off!


I am a idiot a shmuck a a nut job I have no life very low self esteem that is why I write this blog


What is shmuckidik's hangup with body oder? Hygeine can be remedied with a clean mikve un a biseleh deoderant. Who says the Post is only talking about Men? Maybe the bulk of the fat is found on the veiber? I mean let's just stop and take a good look around. Forget about the extra weight that those milk hydrants perched in the upper chest area add, we're still talkin' layers of flabby excess fat below! These people should be hitting the gym and pumping iron. They need to work and tone their bodies and aspire to be fit.


Ok Shmekidik , I am on board the “clean train” with you! I would like to ask you some questions. Which group of Chasidim are the worst and which are the best? How does Bobov’s hygiene compare to Satmar’s ? Are the Litvisheh guys up to par with their weight and health? Do Lubavitcher Chevreh smell ok ? I would like you to break down each group and tell me your opinion.


Shmekidik, you tell everyone that one should go to a gym, shower twice a day etc., in the name of doing it for the sake of Yiddishkeit. Are you a Posek that you can tell evryone this? I hate to burst your bubble, but working out in a gym is hardly advocated by gedolai Yisroel. You get fit just by walking. Working out in a gym doesn't have a Yiddishe Ta-am. I don't know if anyone needs two showers a day, even if they smell a little. Taking too many showers could be bitul Torah. Go ask a choshuve Rov if you should be giving this advice in the name of Torah.


anon 6:13 You have some nerve refering disrespectfully to a woman's body.


anon 11:12 lighten up a little bit a turn the page. Actually, you're probably one of those robust "veiber" who need to lighten up a lot! YOU are the one who acts disrespectful to the female body by dragging around oodles of excess fat. Stop being in denial, join a gym, and reduce the circumference of your wide load once and for all.


To:Anonymous -- 1:28 PM,
Yes, you are right, garlic is very healthy..but where is Kivod Habrios ? where is Bal Tishaktzi? you can not do something that will Farekel other Yidden, so the best way to stay healthy and smell good is to go work out in the gym, eat healthy foods, shower every day, use underarm deodorant every day. if someone also wants to eat garlic and not smell, you can get in the health food stores 'garlic Pills' it is natural, healthy and non-smelling...


To Anon-1.44, 1.45, 1.46
yes ,the truth hurts, you can not stomach the fact that what I have said all along is true, that most Frume Yidden are obese, out of shape, and not healthy and use domestic violence beacuse of that..come on, go get a life, start doing what the Torah and our Chazal say, keep you body healthy, strong and clean..


To post of 1.47, 5.43..
You will not stop me from writing the truth and do everything I can to get Klall Yisroel to be strong, healthy, and good smelling .
by the way everybody knows that a comment without a direct link to my blog is not from me, so 5.43 go get a life and start looking and smelling good..


hey Shmukidik you never said anything about domestic violence in any of your posts youre only now saying it because of the nypost but there are goyim living in Willamsburgh so shut up already you have no idea what you are talking about saying that you have always said about domestic violence is a lie


anon 6:13 You are out of line referring to a woman's body in a disparaging manner. It has nothing to do with lightening up, or my weight (which is below recommended fyi).Men who speak this way about women tend to become abusers - either physical or verbal and they pass this attitude onto their children. The boys act in the same way and the girls end up hating themselves and eating to numb the hurt the men in their families inflicted on them. So you see that the very behavoir you have a problem with, you are perpetuating.


To:Anonymous - 6:13 PM
Yes you are right that hygeine can be remedied with a clean Mikvah and a biseleh deodorant, but that is the problem, the Chassidim go to a filthy Mikva and they do NOT use underarm deodorant..and yes, the obese women should also go to the gym and have a nice figure for their health and for their husbands, I am talking mainly about the men because as a Frime Chassidishe Yid it is not nice to talk about women and their bodies, it can come to Nival PEH, which you did in your comment.


To:Just A Guy
Thank you for your comment and thanks for hopping along on my train.
In my opinion it is the Chasidim as a whole that are much worse then the Litveshe guys, I am a Chusid so I know the situation there better then I know the Litveshe, but as a whole the Litveshe are much cleaner, better built, much better smelling then the Chassidim.
Among the Chasiddim I find that there are slobs, out of shape, foul smelling Chassidim all over, there are a few well built ones and clean dressed and good smelling ones in Satmar, Bobov and Lubavitch too, but most are not..The holy Rebbes of Satmar, Bobov, Lubavitch Z''L were very clean dressed and clean smelling, the Chassidim should follow in their ways.


To:Anonymous .. 10.05 pm..
Yes, I am telling you all this in the name of the Torah...and in the name of Yiddishkeit..what is wrong according to the Torah to work out in a gym that your body should be health and strong, and if your body is healthy and strong then you mind will be healthy and stong to learn the Heilige Torah..Yes the gedolei Yisroel want all Yidden to work out and be in shape as long as it is according to Halacha and Tzinius, that is why I urge all to work out in a Kosher Gym which is al pi halacha 100 percent.Yes, working out in a kosher gym does have a Yiddeshe Tamm, go try it and you will see.
As for taking a shower 2 times a day, once in the morning before davening and once at night before going to sleep is not Bitul Torah, it is al pi halach and it takes exactly, 10 minutes to keep yourself clean .no, it is against the Torah and Halacha to smell even a little..I have studied the Halacha and Poskim on this matter and what I am continuing to say is all according to Halacha and any Rav that says differently should brush up on his Shilchan Urech ..


"Taking too many showers could be bitul Torah" - The average person wastes so much time every day - it first becomes "bitul torah" when its something you don't want to do. My cousin in Kollel can waste time everyday drinking coffee and shmising - but going shopping for groceries is "bitul torah".

Taking care of your body and your health will add to your stamina and mental clarity - helping you to learn more Torah and do more mitzvos. See in the Rambam how much he speaks of proper eating, drinking and other health issues.

You can get all the benefits of garlic without the smell by adding tumeric power to your food. You can get it at any Indian store and most health stores.


To Shmekidik (1)i dont know from where you take it that you are allowed to shower before SHACHRIS it looks like you never started to learn the first chelek of shulchan urech (2)looks like you never looked into a musar sefer from any of our Gedolim that write to use SHMEKEDIK soap or deodorant is a LO SASE of LO YILBASH GEVER SIMLAS ISHA


I don’t know which Chassidim you are referring too, but the one that I know go to mikve every day, take a shower 2-3 times a week, never use deodorant and never go to the gym.
Still they have a fresh–gentle smell and very few are overweight (1 out of 8-9) look around in your Shull to prove it yourself. On the other hand most goyim including businessman have a smell and their face look far worse than the behind of a horse....

Your comment about domestic violence, which is a joke compared l’havdil to the goyim, gives a hint about your upbringing, sorry to speak about it…


To:Anonymous October 30, 2006 12:56 PM
Thank you very much for your comment, yes the ugly, smelly, filthy out of shape Chassiddim will blame everything thatthey do not want to do on Bitul Torah, they waste hours each day on doing nothing, speaking Loshon Horah and Rechilus, but taking a shower and going to the gym to work out,and going shopping for your Wife that is Bitul Torah..and we all know the fact that keeping your body in shape by working out and keeping yourself clean will add to your stamina and help you learn Torah..Thanks again for agreeing with me on this issue..


To:Anonymous:October 31, 2006 2:02 AM
Sorry to dissapoint you but you do not know what you are talking about, It is stated in Shilchan Urech and all Poskim and all Gedolim from before our times and in our times have all taken showers before they went to the Mikvah before Shachris.so you dirty, smelly, out of shape slob that does not want to shower every day do not write Am Haratzis..
you can look it up in all the Poskim that using a good smelling soaps, shampoo and underarm deodorant that is used only for men and not for women is NOT Lo Yilbash because a woman does not use Axe, Mitchum, Arrid XX etc..
so go ahead and brush up on your Halachah..and go get yourself a shower and spray your filthy hairy underarms with good smelling deodorant..


To:Anonymous 11:35 AM
You are either dreaming, have a very bad stuffed nose and have a sight problem, if you can say that you know Chassiddim that only shower 2-3 times a week, never use deodorant and never go to the gym and have a fresh-gentle smell and are not overweight, you must daven in a Shul that does not have Minyan and have only some 80 year old people there, go to any shul that has more then a few Minyanim there and you will see that it stinks like a fish market from the out of shape, smelly, filthy Chassidim that do not shower, that do not use underarm deodorant and that do not go to the gym.Go get a life you Smelly, out of shape, slobby Chasid...and by the way in the home whwere I grew up there was no domestic violence beacuse everybody was clean and healthy and happy Baruch Hashem, It is in the unhappy, filthy, smelly homes that there is more of domestic violence..I did not make this up it is a known statistic..


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