Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Yet another anti-Semitic video

white trash hillbilly redneck


and you had to show this shmuck why


Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Lakewood, NJ - Cheder Settle School Lunch Overcharge Case
Lakewood, NJ - The Lakewood Ceder School, a private Jewish school, has agreed to pay more than $1 million to the federal government in connection with allegations that it provided false information as part of the National School Lunch Program, U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie announced.

According to the settlement agreement, Lakewood Cheder School submitted false information and statements to the U.S. Department of Agriculture through the department's Bureau of Child Nutrition, with having more than 1,100 pre-school age children claiming for lunches at the ineligible and unapproved sites.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney Rudolph A. Filko, Deputy Chief of the Civil Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. "This is an abuse of government funds that takes money away from other children who are truly in need and deserving of these resources," said Christie. "It is wrong, and we will continue to look for such misappropriations and recoup that money so that it can serve the intended recipients."




why is it news that goyim hate jews? This has been true forever.


Don't be so high and mighty. As if you never told a racist joke.


I find it so hard to believe that one can even call this video a joke... I am not Jewish, I stumbled upon this site accidentally; nevertheless, I was always under the impression that a joke was supposed to be funny. This is stupid, ridiculous, sick, and twisted.... not to mention: NOT FUNNY. And to think, my tax dollars went to pay for that idiot's education...


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