Monday, November 13, 2006

R' Mordche Dovid Unger gets permit to rip down former Temple Emanuel

R' Mordche Dovid Unger got a permit from the City to rip down former the Temple Emanuel on 14th Avenue and 49th Street and build his new World Headquarters in its place. After spending the past few months slowly dismantling the former Conservative Temple and selling every piece of it individually, R' Mordche Dovid has finally gotten the permit he needs to tear down the building. R' Mordche Dovid plans to build up a tremendous Shul in its place which will serve as his World Headquarters.

Horray! Mordche David Ungar is tearing down the ''Third Temple because of ''Sinas Chinam''


I wonder who will tear down his edifice?


Where is all the money coming from?for years the holy Bobover Rabbi Naftali z'l had over 20 millon dollars in debts, and not only did they not help him but his own ''Good Friends'' used to harrass the Holy Rabbi for their money, I know of one of M.D.Unger's big Chasidim who is now his driver, used to go to him when he came back from a wedding and he got an envelope, and this guy used to go over to him and say''You owe me money give me the envelope. and the Holy Tzadik had no choice but to give it to him, and now all of a sudden the same people that let the Tzadik die a broken man and 20 millon dollars in debt have all the money to spend because of Machlokis..can anybody explain this to me?


Very simple- When you're nothing you will use all your energy and spend every dollar to prove you're something.

It's all because of certain chassidim's ego. This has nothing to do with MD. He's a puppet, living in a walkup.


It's actually quite simple. The explanation is that Mochlokes leads to the most unnatural and unforeseen acts to occur and this is just one of them.


Rosemark is doing the work (a.k.a. Chesky Rosenblum- the marathon runner) - I hope he gets paid - where do they get the money for all of this - the havent gotten a penny yet from their din torah.

On the other hand you have to give them credit great location right in Ben Tzions backyard and they will have the biggest mikvah they are taking over the Y as well


MD's World Headquarters of WHAT?


THis is Bobov, right?


realbobov is in poland


Amazing how little lack of fear the usurpers display.
Someone needs to explain to them (RMD & RYR)that R'BZ's zchus-avos is not a kleinikeit to be ignored.
I would not want to be in their shoes.




I don't know why the city allowed them to tear down such a lovely building. He'll probably build a shul like Bobov I with grotesque bathroom marble on the front. Such edifices should be outlawed.


It's incredible how these crooked rebbes can have such a cult following when they are blatantly dishonest, corrupt and driven by one thing. Money. I know personally of a someone who lent a "prominent" rebbe a large sum of money which was never returned. Sure these rebbes are in debt, but for the average guy that means there is no longer an option to spend. Since the rebbes don't care about paying their debts, they continue to spend. And spend. And spend.


I do notunderstand something..Ungers people keep on saying that they will win the Din Torah and get 48 Street Shul back, what are they going to do with his Temple on 49 Street if that happens?I think that they are going to make it for a garage and a parking lot for the Budget Trucks for their Guplech..


I thought that it was a landmark bulding !!!!! how did they change that?????????


To "they are taking over the Y as well- ovember 13, 2006 10:49 AM"

The Y will never sell. The people in the know, know. They were approached, but the got a big fat NO!


Don't blame MD-

He's a nebbish, living in a small apartment. He doesn't need the fancy stuff. It's THE WAR OF THE CHASSIDIM. Not the two Rebbes..


To:"I thought that it was a landmark bulding !!!!! how did they change that????????? November 13, 2006 2:53 PM"

Probably with the help of our Heimishe elected officials and the best lawyers money can buy.


Whats the current status with the din torah? Has it started yet? Are they just waiting now for a psak from the bais din or each one still in middle of presenting their sides?


One fact holds true for the Chassidishe Velt AND the Litvishe Velt.

The Askonim are running the show and the Rebbes and Rabbonim are saying Umein.

That's why we are where we are R"L - including the BLOGS- we're looking to other people for opinions - we have no real, strong, peace preaching leadership and role models to look up to.


The fact that the city let someone tear down such a gorgeous building is in of itself a tragedy.

As times go on, everyone will see the true MD and will start to realize he is not just an ehrlicher person who cares about his shver's memory.

This has everything to do with kovod and money.

Regardless of whether you hate or love R' Benzion, and regardless of whether you think he is holy enough, the fact remains he is the rightful heir.

What is the Unger group going to say when they lose the din torah?? Will they all go back, and show R' Benzion respect, or will they continue their babyish tantrums?

As for the Din Torah, yes they are still in middle, and they are finally getting around to discussing the halachic aspects and claims of each side.


To:"As times go on, everyone will see the true MD and will start to realize he is not just an ehrlicher person who cares about his shver's memory... 1:04 AM"

Please tell us what you predict we will see.




it is a known fact that M.D.Unger did not care about his Shver and even had a hand in his death by shlepping to sick man to Israel when he knew that his shver did not even know where they are taking him, he shlepped him there to make Kavod for himself ..He hated him and did everything possible to make sure that he is gone so that he should be able to proclaim himself Rebbe..He is a big fraud..


To Anonymous 1:04 AM

Obviously you make no sence a din torah is not for you to decide what the outcome will be the same thing you can say vise versa what happen's if R'M"D wins the Din Torah will R'B"Zs followers come to the other party? knock it out of youre head that will never happen.


If BZ and MD would get together, despite their rabblerousers, and say they both want a unified Bobov, Hashem would probably send Moshiach.

Can't we dream?




can you all stop with this loshon hora he has as much chasidim as bentzion they live in boro park so of course his shul will be in boro park so give it a rest case closed


If Chassidim on either side of Bobov really would want Achdis, ALL Chassidim from both sides should leave BOTH REBBES PRAVAING BY EMPTY TISHEN. HASHEM WOULD HAVE HAD ALOT OF NACHES. BOTH REBBES WOULD HAVE ZERO CHASSIDIM. FIGHTING REBBES DON'T DESERVE CHASSIDIM. This would be a case of the KUL teaching the Rebbes how to behave.



I have to laugh at all these comments by people who hate MDU and hated his shver also. Let's face the facts. When RN died betwen 10 and 20% of Bobov felt that BZ was not the Rebbe for them. They all had different reasons, and no one has a right to force anyone to follow someone they do not respect. They just choose RN son-in-law who was a well known talmud chochom and ovad hashem. Had BZ not been so cooperative and sent MDU so many of his chassidim MDU would not need such a large place as he needs now.

I think the difference between both places can be summed up this way:

MDU has chassidim who woudl jump into the fire for him
BZ has chassidim who are just waiting to throw him in the fire. (I COULD name names.)


I dont know about Chasidisshe Poltics too much, but I noticed one thing. When MONEY is involved there is always MACHLOKES!Look at Satmar!!Did you ever notice that Chassiduss is similar to the Italian Mafia? The Rebbe=John Gotti. All the Rebbes inner circle=The Capos under the Mafia Leader, They enforce the orders of the Rebbe/ godfather. The Chassidim =soldiers in the Mafia. They must give as Tribute(Money) to the Rebbe on Yomim Tovim.Also any Buisness that wants to curry favor with the Italian Mafia must give a Tribute to the Godfather or head of the Family.So the Chasidic Dynasties are set up similarly to the setup the Mafia!Many of them Are Multi Million Dollar Juggernauts!I belive The Rebbes Have their "enforcers" like the Mafia. The only difference is that you dont see Retzicha with the Chusids.


To "BZ has chassidim who are just waiting to throw him in the fire". November 15, 2006 1:17 PM

Don't tell us who wants to throw him in the fire-Please tell us WHY they want to throw him in the fire.


is there any comment here from s/o who is or likes bobov, period?


One thing i know when rmd started out the 48 street guys kept on saying nah till 3 months the guy is down he has no money and no people, now he is up to year 3 with over 750 people davening a shabbos in beis hamedresh with a property worth 14 million dollars with a talmid torah of 530 kids and a kollel of 215 yungerleit and a mesivta of 300 bucharim. if you dont belive it you can walk in anytime and see it for yourself. there is no rebbe that in threee years has established such kind of chsidus so obviously who are the people davening learning in his beis hamedresh BOBOVER Chasidim so you tell me why he should not be called BOBOVER Rebbe. Alot of people ask where was the money till now one wrong doesnt make two but lets look at it this way Benzion Halberstam owns his own 3 floor huge house and never worked to earn a penny in his life always stole his fathers and his chasidims money when RYS and RMD had a job to make ends meat where was the money 48 street has now when reb SHlomoztl was trying to put together money the most someone gave was $50,000 or mechilas and bs now at once Bentzion gets 3 million dollars with no problem why didnt he help out his father and brother when they were trying to build bobov but now he wants to get it in a silver tray. As i say the money issue you can ask on both sides and both are wrong on that issue looks like this where maclokes brings us to


r,md has die hard chasidim! ALL bobover einklach back him, built an empire in two years,huge amounts of money behind him, doesnt practice hate against other team,whoever went to him was not forced .........you tell me who is the winner????


Would Bobov have been more at peace with him or without him (R' MD)?


Chaptzem blog has an exceptional number of obnoxious commentators! If I was one of the official "gedolim" I would be pushing the blogs as wonderful vehicles for these opinionated people to spew their venom, leaving the botei medroshim free of this chevra. Eventually there will develop a new name for one of the dynasties, just as Toldos avrohom yitzchok grew out of Toldos A. that came from Shomrei Emunim, like Bobov came out of Sanz, like Doyan came out of Rizhin etc.
There is no need for the hostility, in my version of Judaism we believe in kinas Sofrim


I just read this awful news. i was researching the temple for something i'm writing on the history of jewish music. (I'm glad I got one last look at it about a year ago.) How can a rebbe tear down a shul? Isn't there enough destruction of our Jewish treasures?
I grew up in Boro Park. At that time it was mostly Reformed Jews, some Conservatives, before the Hassidim began to buy up small houses and turn them into shuls. My bedroom window was on a courtyard, facing the stained glass windows of the brick shul. Every Saturday morning, when it was warm and the temple’s windows were open, I would hear the cantor’s voice. I didn’t know it then, but he was one of the greatest cantors of all time, Moishe Kousevitsky. We never bought tickets, even on the high holy days, because my father was an agnostic and my mother didn’t really care one way or the other and even if he hadn't been a doubter and she had cared, no one could have afforded the price of tickets. So every Yom Kippur we’d all stand outside the temple to hear Kousevitsky sing Kol Nidre and then the blowing of the shofar. It was one of the few things we did together. Actually, I’m not even sure we did do it together. Come to think of it, I was probably alone and wished we were all together. In any case, I’ve always carried that voice in my head, walking into any shul I’ve been to— looking for that wordless feeling of all longing, the kind of painful joy that music is for me.
I swung from a small gate at the side of the temple, somersaulting through my arms. It was a game i played only on that gate, on the body of the shul like a strong beautiful mother. The shul where i discovered God, even though we couldn't afford tickets, because it left it's windows open in the warm weather and i was a child and could pass through the sea of mink coats and make my way inside sometimes, but not often enough. So I begged my mother to send me to "confirmation" school so I could stand inside and speak to the congregation and she did. I don't think I've ever been inside again. Now, I'm so sorry.


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