Monday, December 04, 2006

Board eager to sell school

Three months after the Scranton School Board agreed to sell the former East Scranton Intermediate School to a rabbi from Brooklyn, N.Y., it is still awaiting documentation from the prospective buyer to move ahead with the deal.

Some board members are getting impatient.

“I’m concerned it’s been almost three and a half months,” board President Brian Jeffers said. “How long is too long? Well, I don’t know, but I don’t want to wait much longer.”

The board voted unanimously Aug. 28 to sell the Quincy Avenue property to Rabbi Alter Rosenbaum for $400,000. The rabbi is the leader of a Nadvorna Hasidic community that wants to use the building as a school for families that would relocate to the city from Brooklyn.

Under the pending agreement of sale, Rabbi Rosenbaum is required to provide the district with two appraisals for the property.

As of late last week, only one had been submitted to the district, acknowledged Teri Backus, the real estate agent who is brokering the sale.

Ms. Backus said a second appraiser has examined the building and is preparing a formal report. She hopes to submit it within two weeks.

“That’s my goal,” she said. “Everyone wants this done as soon as possible. We all want the same thing.”

The district needs the appraisals before it can petition Lackawanna County Court for permission to sell the building. Under the state School Code, the district’s petition must include two affidavits affirming $400,000 is a “fair and reasonable” offer for the building and that a better price could not be obtained at public sale.


"Rabbi Alter Rosenbaum for $400,000. The rabbi is the leader of a Nadvorna Hasidic community"

How many Chassidim does he have ? .25 ? .5 ?


Re previous comment - Well said.

Sounds fishy to me.


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