Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Liver Yingerman promises there is a big uproar yet to come

The Yingerman that brought up the controversy over the Meal-Mart liver claims that there is yet some big news to come. He says that there are forces that are working hard at quieting the matter and putting it to bed without the Kashrus interests of the public in mind. He says that in time there will be a big revelation with regard to this story. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Who is the guilty party here and how guilty are they?


why dont people leave these matters to the rabbonim, and kashrus orginizations, if you dont trust the kashrus agencies then go back to making everything from scratch, there are things that yingermen dont understand, ok so maybe somehow a non kashered liver got mixed in, it is the kashrus rresponsibility to determine how it got there (as simple as possibly kashered package got mixed with the non kashered packaging, and to determine wether its necessary to do a recall or not.


Thats a good guess, Chaptzem!


this story smells more fishy than livery


There seems to be political or economic forces at work here, trying to make or bake a scandal. Let's face the truth - Meal Mart/Alle Processing has no profit motive for not properly kashering something. Maybe it happened, maybe not. It might have been a lazy worker, or a genuine mistake - or its not true to begin with. But this is not the same as the Monsey scandal where money was the motive. Here there is no money to be made. So don't get carried away. And you can't live without trusting the Rabbonim Hamachshirim. Especially here where two independent Hechsheirim are involved. It all has to be dealt with, but not in the press or blogs.


I second Roadie's observations. I'll just add the following. All IMNVHO, of course. :-)

Suffice to say, someone at the Alle plant made a mistake. This happens from time to time in any production environment aroif die welt; even with the best quality inspection practices in place. Let's allow that Alle/Nirbater/OU are taking steps to further reduce the likelihood of such a thing happening in the future. They know the public is watching. Un G'endik!

Do NOT expect perfection, though. "HaTzur, Tamim Po'alo" excludes human enterprise.


I can just see this poor Yingerman nebach, saying: What am I, "chopped liver"?


FYI, Liver does not get kashered like other meats, it has to be brioled and therefore, the liver was never kosher in the first place. Secondly if some fat that is considered not kosher on the liver was left on in error, the remedy is to remove that fat. You still need to Briol the Liver to Kasher it. So what is all this fuss about. No one here seems to know the halacha of koshering meat and liver.


Whats with all the "yingerman's" lately.


Kosher Butcher - the issue is that someone who does not treiber properly is required to be removed from his position AL PI SHULCHAN ARUCH. If some Jew did mess up, it is a S"A issue not just shmoozing.

The problem is that the parties invovled should be discussing it with the Rav HaMachshir not "enemy" hashgachos printing letters (without signatures) claiming (translation from Yiddish) "we have proof from here that the minakrim at meal mart do not know nikur, and that people using this meat m,ust kasher their dishes"...


rabbi eisenstein is from the rabbanut


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