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Tip of iceberg feared in rabbi child sex rap

Rabbi Yudi Kolko                                    David Framowitz

Prosecutors warned yesterday that a Brooklyn rabbi accused of sexually abusing two victims - including a young boy - may face more charges.

Joel Yehuda Kolko, 60, a former teacher and assistant principal at Yeshiva-Mesivta Torah Temimah on Ocean Parkway in Midwood, was released on $10,000 bail after he was arraigned yesterday on four counts of sexual abuse and one count of endangering the welfare of a child.

He was required to surrender his passport before he was allowed to return to his Midwood home in time for Sabbath observations.

The charges against him involve the alleged molestation of a 6-year-old boy and a 31-year-old man.

"There may be other charges with other complainants, and there is an ongoing investigation regarding Kolko," Assistant Brooklyn District Attorney Marc Fliedner said in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

A $10-million suit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Wednesday accuses the yeshiva of harboring Kolko despite accusations that he abused children in his care there for years.

In May, three men filed suits seeking $30 million for alleged abuse the rabbi committed against them when they attended the yeshiva as children.

One of the three men was contacted by a Daily News reporter following yesterday's court action.

"I think it's 25 years later than it should have happened," the 39-year-old man said. "I know the wheels of justice are slow. I hope they crunch this guy."

The man said he personally knows of another 15 victims, and that he believes more than 100 other boys were molested by the rabbi.

Some of Kolko's former students were flabbergasted at the charges yesterday.

"I think a bunch of people are out to get him," said Aaron Tarnes, 30, a student at the yeshiva for 15 years. "I'm disturbed to hear such things against such a wonderful man."

Kolko arrived at his home on E. 22nd St. shortly after 4:15 p.m. in a silver Buick driven by his son, Avi. Kolko dashed inside without a word to waiting reporters.


re- I think they're out to get him.....

Has anyone found anything untrue so far in the testimonies against Kolko? Have there been any contradictions? I haven't heard of any.


How in the world can there be people that are sticking up for this beast Kolko..Kolko and Yeshiva Torah Temima that protecting him are the worst of the worst, he should be locked up forever and they should be closed forever, how many boys could have been saved if this beast was kicked out from the Yeshiva years ago..
You say that this is the tip of the iceberg, well it is the tip of the iceberg for the whole Yeshivisha and Chasidishe world, who have all swept these stories under the rug for years and have done nothing about it..Ask around and you will find out that thousands of boys have been molested over the years in the Yesivas, yes it is thousands.I went thru it myself, but Baruch Hashem it did not affect me, I will post many stories that happened to me and I am sure others have very similar stories on my Blog..


ngI feel bad for kolko's wife and children they probably had no idea what a beast their living with. why isn't there any mention about them




> How in the world can there be people that are sticking up for this beast Kolko


or nebach a "very sick" man


to anon, 5.15..
I will correct myself..Kolko is a ..Very Sick Beast....


I'm trying to figure out if this story actually happened or it's just a few money hungary talmidim that want to get even with their rebbe and mossad they for some reason hate. if this story actually happened then they should sue to get this beast locked up for life and that way he'll get his punishment and other people won't fall prey to this maniac again but why sue for money ($10,000,000 or $30,000,000)by making such a big money lawsuit they"re killing off a few innocent families the wife and children which did not send him to commit these terrible crimes. It doesn't look kosher to me.



Comment Credit ---This article posted by UOJ SUCKS : December 10, 2006 2:50 PM


You sick puppy!!!

The man had his hands in little boys' underwear for forty years and all you are concerned about is that two WOMEN were sent to arrest him???

Every time I think I have seen the full depths to which the human mind can sink I trip over some sick knuckle-dragging Brooklyn pedophile-protector who has thought up one more 'problem' with handing pedophiles over to the beasts running the NYPD.

Does it really bother you that with his wrists in cuffs the only tuchus he could play with was his own, which seems to be 55 years to old for his tastes?

Or are you worried that with only women around him he will not have anywhere to stick his hands because skirts do not seem of interest to him?

You should at least change your blogging name. If you are trying to defend Hot Kolko you should stop putting the word 'sucks' in peoples' minds.





Oh, poor, poor, Yuddie Kolko, let's all weep for him -- not only is he shamed, but HORROR OF HORRORS, he was actually touched (on the arms, of course) by two female officers who led hm on his "perp walk" into the waiting cop car, further disgracing him in the eyes of the "frumme velt." He has suffered enough.


The allegations that have surfaced are just the tip of the iceberg with this guy. For all of the chillul Hashem he has caused -- not to mention the torment he inflicted on numerous young, innocent boys whose trust he cleverly won before he betrayed them in the sickest method possible, by using them for his own twisted gratification, he deserves 10 TIMES the punishment which the legal system -- hamstrung as it has been in recent decades by an over-sensitivity to the alleged "rights" of suspects, defendants and convicts -- will finally give him.

It would be hot stuff if the police and the DA make a deal with him -- a little less jail time, in administrative segregation (i.e., not as part of the general prison population, where child molesters are very badly treated indeed), at a facility not too far from NYC, so his wife and kids can bring the grandkids up every Sunday to see Zaide behind bars -- in return for him "rolling over" on Margo and spilling the beans on how The Lipster managed for all these years to use threats of ruining families and even threats of physical violence ("I can't guarantee the safety of you other children in the Yeshiva") to make a Mafia-like "offer they can't refuse" to silence any families complaining about what Hot Kolko did to their kid -- sort of a Yeshivish "omerta." Hopefully, the authorities are even right now looking at the coverup perpetrated by the principal of Torah Temima -- legally, a MANDATED REPORTER who is supposed to tell the authorities of any allegations of child abuse that come his way, NOT "sweep them under the rug", to borrow the phrase RMS used in his recent speech to the Agudah convention trying to whitewash the frum establishment on this and point the finger of blame to all of those evil bloggers out there (I guess including everyone posting on this board).

Perhaps it might also be interesting for incoming attorney general Cuomo to investigate how it is that there was no great flood of parents pulling their sons out of YTT amid all of the allegations about Kolko which have been quietly circulating for years and which have been floating around publicly for almost a year now, since UOJ released his now-famous anonymous letter last February and since the New York Magazine article in May, comparing YTT's situation to that of the Catholic Church with the priests.
And DON'T try to tell me it's because nobody in the yeshivish world read the letter or reads secular magazines or the Internet, and they all refused to believe the so-called "loshan hara" about Kolko because they have kibbud rav for all yeshiva rebbes. I HEAR that the other yeshivas REFUSED to take any kids whose parents wanted to pull them out of Lippy's House of Horrors, forcing the parents to keep the kids there (further fattening Lippy's already swollen wallet and showing a nice vote of confidence to one of their peers in the yeshiva good ol' boy network) or be forced, alternatively, to pull them out of the yeshiva system entirely and send them to public school, chas v' sholom. Sounds like the behavior of a cartel illicitly operating in restraint of trade, and I am sure that a whole passel of laws was broken. The alleged "blue wall of silence" of cops covering up for each others' misdeeds, or the "white wall of silence" of doctors doing the same pales in comparison with the "black wall of silence" of rabbis watching each others' backs and sweeping stuff like Hot Kolko's little "problem" under the rug!

And before he heads for jail, it would be nice if the gedolim who hepled to cause this massive chillul Hashem by their years of silence in the face of Margo's manipulation of the beis din system -- one even allegedly issuing a psak that since there was no penetration and no witnesses, it was not child abouse -- to do tshuva and make amends by issuing Yuddie The Rub a blanket heter, so he does not have to wear his beard in jail, keep his head covered and otherwise do anything that might attract attention to his status as a Jew, because he has SHAMED THE JEWISH COMMUNITY by exploiting helpless little boys. In fact, the rabbis ought to institute this rule for ANYONE from the frum community who somehow gets himself into jail for doing something vile, whether child molestation, wife-beating, tax evasion, money laundering, swindling, bad landlord stuff or other such white-collar crimes, which reinforce the anti-Jewish stereotypes of sly, scheming Jews always trying to take advantage. Orthodox Jews ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW BETTER and are supposed to BEHAVE BETTER, if they are really serious about Torah and not just going through the motions

(such a heter/ban on openly proclaiming one's Jewish status in the joint would NOT apply to Jews who are jailed for honorable reasons, like those who commit civil disobedience to protest oppression of the Jews by Arab or other anti-Semites, or who use force, JDL-style to defend their Jewish brethren against Arab, Black, radical Red, Klan or neo-Nazi anti-Semite oppressors or other criminals -- they should proudly continue to show their Jewishness to the world, as their jailing is Kiddush Hashem, NOT a chillul Hashem as Kolko's is. Non-religious Jews in jail who do tshuva and find Hashem while they are there should also be allowed, nay, encouraged, to demonstrate their new-found faith.)

But those who already profess frumkeit but who commit chillul Hashem, like Kolko and Margo, and think it's OK to break "the laws of the stupid goyische authorities because it's not in the Torah and the goyim are like beasts anyway" should be FORCED by our leaders to forego the public celebration of mitzvahs while they are incarcerated -- call it part of their punishment, and part of the tshuvah process. HOW ABOUT IT, RABBIS?


Its about time that the truth should come out.
Unfortunatly our yeshivas are far away from bieng perfect and yes thier sulution for poblems that come up in thier yeshiva is to kick kids out. better have these kids roam the streets be exposed to drugs and who knows what then to have to deal with any minor problem. So can you only imagin when a problem like R. kolko comes up and a child brings it up .. god forbid that the name of the yeshiva should be blacken so they take the chance and leave this sex offender to teach in the school exposing him to his playground and if anyone dares to come up with accusations they will be expelled not only from the school but from society, they will rather save thier own tucheses then save a childs life beacuse they are not there to educate our naiv children temimim like yeshiva torah temimah they are thier to make money. and get honor.
Thank goodness someone had the courage to open up and to make this beast pay for his bad deeds. and in the long run save other innosent children from a live time sentence of therepy. these children that were R. Kolko,s victim are and will not be the same inosent child that he was before he was violated by kolko. and kolko has to pay for ruining this childs life.
We all as parents should teach our children to be carefull from all people not to trust even the biggest rabbie with the longest beard. and not to let anyone touch them in thier private places and where ever they dont feel comfortable. and last of all not to be afraid to tell the parents if a kid thinks that he or she was violated. and sure enough the parents should not be quiet if they feel that something terrible like this happened to their child and make the criminal pay for his deeds even if he is a important rabbi of a big yeshivah, even if they threaten to kick out and may do so to your child , it is better that your child has no school to go to then to go to a school,yeshivah where there is a sex offender as his teacher....




To anno 4:56
Arraignment is a common law term for the formal reading of a criminal complaint, in the presence of the defendant, to inform him of the charges against him. In response to arraignment, the accused is expected to enter a plea.

It looks like there is enough evidence to arraign him, ppl are basing there comments on that,


The police woman handling him was not deliberate. It's just that she is a member of the vice squad and even by goyim it is more common to commit a crime with the opposite sex, so they stock this squad with girls, since it is to hot a topic for any officer joe.


and with all of those long pshetlich you still are not allowed to talk lushe horah! he is allready paying his debt!


As the accepted possek of this generation, I Rabbi Yisroel (Israel)Belsky feel the olam needs to know my daas regarding Rabbi Yidi Kolko Shlita. Rabbi Yidi Kolko should never have been arrested. A child, whether he is six years or nine years of age should not be assumed to be telling the truth accurately. And even if it were true that the child was touched inappropriately, these type of things happen all the time, its not enough of a reason to label the man a pedophile and danger to society. In the early 70's,Yidi and I were together in Camp Agudah. I heard occasionally complaints from young campers that they had been fondled by RabbiYidi Kolko. Always I suggested that they allow me to go public with their accusation. It was my way of testing them for the truth. Each and every time, I heard the accusing child refuse. It was then clear to me that these campers were lying. Children are known to make up stories. To this day Yidi Kolko was never found to be dangerous to any children. To the contrary, Rav Pinchas Scheinberg Shlita and Rabbi Lipa Margulis Shlita, after carefully investigating many of the accusers, made a very clear determination that Yidi Kolko was innocent of mishkav zachar, and that the claims of inappropriate touching was nothing more than his showing of affection. That was their psak many years ago, and the olam remains obligated to accept it without any question. We therefore must give no credence to the shouting voices of Yidi's most recent accusers. These are people seeking false publicity and to make an easy dollar off the back of a Yeshiva which in reality they should be very grateful to. I therefore, as always continue to stand behind Rabbi Yidi Kolko Shlita and give him my fullest support. I am fully certain that at the end Rabbi Kolko will be acquitted of all the false charges.


Rabbi Belsky Shlita, With due respect to the Ruv. I attended Camp Agudah over 30 yrs ago and Yidi was head counselor. I admired him and I do not remember any encounter with him but unfortunately as a 10 yr old I was you-know-whated by two learning rabbeim. I was such a good talmid that they gave me a private bechina with special prizes. The private test was a horrifc experience that I will never forget. (I can tell you word for word of thier seduction and exactly where in the bunkhouse it took place, I can even tell you the color of the sheet on the bed) I never dreamed of approaching you or the head counselor. Where does a 10 yr old turn to to share such disgust. Should I however, somehow gathered the couraged to approach you and then you'd asked me to go public!!! Tell me wise dear ruv how may a 10 yr old have reacted to that embarassment. Is that the way you counseled those boys that did approach you? Would you have convinced me that I was dreaming it all up ? Would you have thrown me out of camp for having such a vile and filthy imagination, while those two guys are running around unzipping kids ?? Hashem should forgive you for your tactic and naive approach.


I think that if I were a little kid and a Rabbi did something so enbarrassing to me I'd be embarassed to go public with it even if I were told it was it in my best interests. I don't think Rabbi Belsky can honestly say that these boys were lying. They must have been very ashamed and afraid to go public with this. We really need someone like Shlomo Hamelech to judge this case. I would really hope that R' Kolko is inncoccent, but, then all the shame and pain he has gone through would be too much to bear. Still, even if he is truly guilty, it still is terrible to to keep on publicizing all this dirt about him. I imagine that for all his suffering in this world he'll get a great reward in the next world whether or not he is guilty.


The problem with dragging down Yidi Kolko is that all the people that want to forget about it all may become exposed (no pun)and dragged into the picture with wittness testimony. As an example, victim Reuvain may testify that when he and Shimon were in Torah Temima Rabbi K. called them in for recess and...,now Shimon involunterily is in the limelight. Many have no interest in having thier children and in many cases grandchildren, now know that they were once fondled by one of thier rabbaim. It doesn't make for a very good bedtime story for the einiklach. On the other hand a full blown (no pun) court case would certainly serve as a deterent for other sick'os out there.


They should all get pilagshim instead of doing these sick things.


It is not the first time they accuse him for thise.thise all thing smells fony balony A. if he was accused befor for the same how stupid can someon be to repeat it
B.what heppen till now i awaited 30 years. the answer is
it is otzoas laaz by some dirty poepl and you can and may not bleive thise story .


"Rabbi" Yisroel Belsky is a very sick man -much more sick than Yidi Kolko or Mondrowitz. I would have rather it been Yisroel Belsky and not Saddam Hussein hanging from the rope. Yisroel Belsky is worse than Saddam and deserved to be hung first. The informed general public do not call the menuvel-bastard "Yisroel Hizbelsky Yemach Shmo" just for nothing. They obvious have their facts down right.


Aguda Rabbi

Amen, Amen. You said it so well. Belsky is a low life of the lowest. I too wish the mamzer would have been hanging from that rope the way they did it to Saddam.


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