Monday, February 26, 2007

R' Mordche Dovid Unger's parking lot gets a tent put up on it

PLOTZ PLOTZ PLOTZ!!!! it looks like you tzionim have a miserable life of depression and will never get over the smashing and resounding success and growth of Bobov b'nesius the Rebbe Shlit'a.






the 45th streeters are afraid to invest in a permanent building, theyre not sure how long this whole Mordechai Dovid Rebbe will last....


Last?! the only reason they didn't start building is because there are so many people running away from 48st. to them every single day that they cant figure out how huge to make it. (They might have to provide a seat for the rebbes uncle too once his show folds.)


How many Bobovers does it take to assemble a tent?


WOW...It is so exciting to have a tent..In the name of all the people under the leadership of our great leader..the son of Yakov Itche Unger, we would like to thank you for putting up a beautiful tent..we will have all of Boro-Park coming to see us this Thursday night at the yearly gathering in honor of the Holy Shver the Bal Shem of the 21st Century that M.D. Unger and Y. Rubin killed so that they can come to power...At last we will have a big tent and M.D. Unger will lead his Tisch there, I hope they do not forget to give out pop-corn and beer there so that our brave Guplech will have a good time..Horray for M.D. Unger..We love you...


Happy Purim to all the Kartchiner out there..We will show them all in Bobov what Kartchin is..We are the greatest..We have a big tent..We have a Great Purim Rav like me, we have a Great Rabbi that is the son of Yakov Itche, we have the great bunch of Guplich that protect us, we have everything..Everybody else out there eat your heart out..


My Rebbe is stronger then your Rebba !


In the name of all the loyal Chasidim we herby crown our great leader with the new title ...
The Kartchiner-Tenter Rebbe....
Good Work...Your father Yakov Itche Unger will be really proud of you now....


Enk zenin a bande behaimes! Vem geit une ver boit zich vus ? Di Leben is git Panick nisht mit shtisim. Hack a Leiben in yiddishkeit.


I urge all the followers of our great leader M.D. Unger the son of Yakov Itche Unger not to heed to any of the previous comments, we are proud of what we are and what we have.Our leader will mark the Yartzeit of the Holy Shver in a big tent in the exact spot where there was a Conservative Temple, in the same spot where Dovid Kosivitzky sang , Where is Reb Benzion going to hold his Tisch ? in a Shul that his Holy Father and his Holy Brother Davened and held their Tishen for so many years, so I ask you all..who is better off?..of course we are...Al Yavoishe Min Hamaligem...


what the heck is a guplech?


You can't fool me. I know better. You took these pictures from the construction site off Taylor Rd. in Cleveland Heights, OH. Right? Life Cleveland is like driving through life in the slow lane. I yearn for the day that Rabbi Bobov will come with his Hasideem for a Shabbos and I can eat garbanzo beans and regurgitated fish like the big boys in Boro Park. I could even don my Davie Crocket coon skin cap and blend in with all the streimuls. I am moving up in the ranks of Judaism and before you know it, I might just decide to convert to Bobov. Does anybody know where I can pick up a membership application? Right now I am trying out Lubavitch. I shake Lulav every day and put a few pennies in the pooshka. With my palm branch dried out and wilting, I think its high time to move on in life. This is exactly why I’m going to try out Bobov. Can somebody send me a membership link off their website?


Mr. Reinhold;

Neither group is better off, because they both fight to much, and make a big chilul HaShem.
What an embarassment to the Bobover Rebbe. I mean the real Rebbe Reb Shlomo. Buildings don't matter, but having a special Rebbe did.


I am so excited for our Kehila that now has its own tent on 14 Ave.
I can't wait for the Tish to begin, i will be there tomorrow night early to catch a good seat
for the show on Thurday night, I am sure that there will be plenty of food and entertainment, I was told that there will be alot of Beer and Popcorn for us to eat there and of course we will have plenty of Guplech around us to help entertain us and protect us..Oh...I can't wait for the show to start, as a matter of fact I was told by my friend M.K. and D.P.R. that we better be there early so that we each get a Gupel..
See you all there.


I hear that they, the MDs, are looking to buy up the whole square block, including the Y, and that's why they're not building yet.

Veryyyyyyyyyyyyy interesting.

Is that true?


burech hashem the emes is coming out freely in the open who is the "memale mukem" and the leader of the bobever dinesty the "yerey shumayim" shines on him and the power of leadership "hanhuge" and people following him "koiach hamshuche" is way above of other so called rebbes. being the "talmid chuchem" and so friendly to evryone is unbeliveble. i wish him big hatzluche in all his undertaking.


mordy david should stop embarrasing himself .he is not fooling anybody.


how long will it take for bobov at 48 to finish the megila?
will the bang on motdche (duvid)evry time?
well mordche was, is and will be as it says in the megila
"ki mordchai... godoil layehidim rotzi l'roiv echov doiriesh toiv l'amoi v'doivier shuloim l'chol zaroi....
chazak chazak v'nischazak


Any reason no one is the least bit interested about the $14 MILLION thrown out to be able to compete in the big leagues?
How many "matanos-l'evyonim" could have been distributed instead of the obscene property purchase.
Last I heard "The Eibisthter" doesn't take all that kindly to the "in-your-face" style the new boys on the block are engaging in.


bobov, yhe greatest show on earth.


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