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Mezonos Maven reopens with new Hechsher

After losing their Kosher certification from OK, Mezonos Maven has reopened under a new Hechsher, from the OU. Mezonos Maven according to the OK has been uncooperative with their Mashgichim. This forced the OK to stop providing the Kashrus certification for them. When the OU was approached by people from the OK as to the Kashrus allegations against Mezonos Maven and as to why they would certify such an establishment as Kosher, they reportedly said that they could not give credibility to these allegations because they considered it hearsay and Loshon Horah. I guess when Mezonos Maven was caught baking on Shabbos a couple of years ago that was also Loshon Horah.

What happend to the new agreement that no kashrus org. will take over from someone who lost their hechsher w/o meeting with the old hechsher? is the ou taking nekama on the ok because of la meria


Mezonos Maven did not just get OU cettification, they got the OU about a year ago. You should change the post beacuse its unfairly misleading.


I am out of my league here but I will post some thoughts.
1, I know the people of Mezones Maven and I do not think they would do something wrong. True, you do not go by feeling but by having Hashgocho.
2, I remember the story of a few years ago was suposedly proven not true.
3, These switching things have gone on for years and it is routine, could even be a personality conflict with the Mashgiach. If there was a real problem the OK should be required to go public with it. Make an anouncement like HASHGACHA REMOVED FOR VIOLATIONS. Remember, if it is true go public, if there is nothing then stop spreading rumors.


To commenter # 3: OK stated that they removed hashgocho "Due to lack of cooperation in the implementation of our Kashrus Standards."





The mezons maven episode working on Shabbos was all caught on Video. Video's don't lie "people do lie".

The smallest problem they fooled everyone with "yoshon" all these years etc


I called the OK and they told me that Mezonos Maven lied about yoshon. They caught them using flour that was not yoshon and labelled it as yoshon.

They refused to cooperate with the OK.


But it's under heimishe ownership, no ?

That's the ikkar, no ?

The balabus wears a shtreimel on Shabbes ?


this shows once and for all who is right about le marais. hopefully the ok and star-k will take over lots more everyday stuff from the ou so we dont have to use ou anymore.


I don't know what's going on here, but it's giving the whole hechsher business a black eye.

If Mezonos Mav is not guilty of wrong doing, then OK and hisachdus are giving the hechsher business a black eye. If the OK and hisachdus are right, then the OU is making the hechsher business look bad. Whichever it is, something smells!


As a consumer here in florida< I know the OK to try to work out things with their clients, only after all attempts at correcting the problems will they take the drastic step to remove a Hechser, I would hope that the OU comunicated w/OK to at least have been updated to the problems, if this isn't the case it is a shame that the two largest agencies don't share notes & info. This is a disservice to the kosher public.


The policy of not picking up a hashgacha dropped by another agency was instituted by the KIC(Kashrus Information Center) of Flatbush. As of this writing no other neighborhood has had the courage to pull this off.Flatbush kashrus is probably the most reliable since they are all monitored by the KIC.Only Hisachdus and Rabbi Beck do not give access to the KIC.


The OK doesn't remove a Hechsher unless there is a Kashrus reason. According to their website, Mezonos Maven didn't want to cooperate to raise their Kashrus standards! Unfortunately that's what often happens when the company is "Heimish". The frum owners think they are so smart and can tell the certifying agency what to do.


In the Kashrus world everyone knows that the OK puts Kashrus standards before everything including money. The OK's standards are the highest and extremely reliable.


Again, this site is full of hearsay. Let's get the facts straight!!

1. It was well documented that Mezonos Maven baked on shabbos routinely.
2. It was well documented that he lied regarding Yoshon status.
3. The OK found receipts for unapproved sesame seeds.
4. The owners have made every attempt to circumvent any attempts at investigations by Mashgichim.
5. The OU has been giving a hashgocho for about 4 months, before the OK/Hisachdus removed theirs.
6. According to the goyim that work their, he baked on Pesach!

The hisachdus initially hesitated to remove their hashgocho and attempted to work with him, due to the fact that many families rely on their products, and they felt be removing it, they would cause undue hardship on many families.
The OK initially denied that there were Shabbos violations, even when presented with Video evidence. It was the hisachdus that first recognized that there was a shabbos issue.
The OK mashgiach was constantly harrased, and the management refused to let the mashgiach have unhindered access. The OK, according to their own statement, removed the hashgocho, not due to a violation, but due to refusal to allow implementation of standards. The hisachdus mashgiach was the one that actually found receipts for the non-kosher ingredients, and that's why they removed their hashgocho.

For those questioning why the OK removed their hashgocho before the hisachdus, its because the OK just got frustrated, not due to a violation, and the hisachdus waited until they found a reason to pull their hashgocho.

The only question that remains thought is why the OU still is giving a hashgocho on a place that obviously flounts their arrogance against the hashgocho establishments.

As another commentor wrote, this story shows the true colors regarding the OU, and lends to the Le Marais story. For those that aren't following the story, they should know that Le Marais dropped the lawsuit against the Mashgiach, and the Mashgiach is free to speak. It seems that the OU and LE Marais were unable to prove that the mashgiach was lying, contrary to their publicly released letter.
The ou has become a huge corporate entity, and they are becoming less reliable in their hashgocho practices. They feel accountable to no one.


The OK is the one i would trust and remeber they droped La Marai way before this problem happened because they saw it coming.

I am not to say there perfect but look at this one case


Graddeh, I m pretty sure the owners of Mezonos Maven don't wear shtramelach, they are far from chasidishe yidden.


I look at it the other way around when a Bal machshir pulls a hechsher from an establishment. It takes guts. They dont want all the publicity and bad mouthing.
I'm impressed Hisachdus had the guts to do it after having their hechsher there so many years.


MM had many hasgochas. They have been with the OU for well over a year and they have been trying to leave the OK since that time but they had to use up old labels. This can be a case of the crown hieghts gang being upset about losing a high profile hashgocha. quit the loshon hora.


the owner of mezones maven had a heart attack...


Hashgachas are SHOCHAD - OU and OK and STAR-K are all guilty of SHOCHAD!!!!!!


I have a question to ask. How can it be that two people study the same Mesechta thoroughly, put in the same effort and hours and remember it equally well, yet, in Olam Haboh, one is cheerfully greeted by the Bais Din Shel Ma’alah, and the second is frighteningly frowned upon?
The Chofetz Chaim (Chovos Hashemira, Chapter 7) writes that the disparity may be based solely upon the Loshon Hora spoken by the latter. The Torah of the one who is careful with his speech glistens and gleams from afar, while the Loshon Hora speaker smothers the light of his Torah with the Tumah which leaves his lips.

Which of these two are you?

Where do you come off making invalidated statements...

Actually, the above commentary does not apply to you...this is not Loshon Hora...this is not Rechilus...this is a blatant lie

Think about what you are doing... think about the lies you are perpetuating and spreading.

As for the statement that there is a video of the bakery in operation on Shabbos...how come no one has ever seen it?

Mezonos Maven respectfully parted ways with the OK...and the OK went ballistic...

There was never an issue with Mashgichim...as a matter of fact, it was the Mashgiach who opened the bakery Motzoei Pesach...are you saying the Mashigiach came during Yom Tov to open the doors?

This is all pure and unadulterated rubbish...and it is based on the simple premise of Sin'as Chinom.

And you wonder where Moshiach is?


the OU are proster tzionim - in their last "Jewish" "action" magazine they wrote very negative things against gedolim and tzadikim, including the chazon ish zt"l, and they wrote positive things about reshaim like herzl yimach shmo - my wife made me throw it in the garbage right away -


When your wife made you throw out the magazine, did you also

1) throw out the OU products in your home and the other products which use OU certified ingredients,

2) call to cancel all future mailings to you,

3) call any of the rabbanim at the OU (i.e. Rabbi Belsky, Rabbi Shcechter) to tell them how much more learned and frumer you are then them,

4) finish the diet coke than you were drinking ?


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