Thursday, May 10, 2007

Anti-internet asifah

If you are reading this, you should be attending this.

they should send out a mass email to let everyone know about it.


Well, since I'm not reading "this", I will not be attending "that."


good luck! turning away progress why instead of no say yes! provide oppurtunities keep up dont say no provide interesting ways od downloading interesting shiurim and stories for the ipods videocasts people who make it dont use it anyway and they havent figured out that rabbis making a asifah to give them a sense of accomplishment is selfserving and not alot of people will show up good luck lemonheads and its to hide from having to do something


What does internet mean?


entertainment provided by lipa
breakfast provided by mzonos mamzer


many years ago, there was an asifa in bais yaakov on 14th avenue about the tragedies affecting the community r"l. oneo f the rabbonim got up and asked, "How many people are double parked or blocked driveways?" about 1/2 the audience raised their hands. He answered, "Rabbosai, that's why our kinderlach are dying - no kavod habrios."


DO THEY HAVE A WEB SITE TO GO TO ? i am very against using the internet !treif ! .

sent from rikers island


Yes, the internet has a lot of treif in it, but, just like we control our yetzer hora for other treifos, we have to control it for what we do on the internet. If some one wants treif (not only food, Hamaven Yovin) he will find it, not just by using the internet. I use the internet, and I am careful to what sites I visit. I use it as a tool for paying bills, shopping and getting information on important issues, like health care,how to fix things etc. I don't feel that the rabbonim have a right to assur it.They don't come out and say no one should eat in McDonalds or go to houses of ill repute etc.so why are they picking on the internet? I am frum and I am not embarrassed to say I have internet, because I know how to use it wisely.I can think for myself and I don't think the rabbonim can me what to do in this case, just like they don't tell me what hashgocho to eat or what tapes to listen to etc.We have to use our own discretion. I know people who have television and that is far worse than internet.


internet is much worse then TV. Tv has it's limits to chanels. internet u spell one letter wrong and... it's bad.


its true, everytime I google "fuji digital camera" and write "fuji digetal camera" I get all kinds of porn.
It's crazy, thats just one letter off too!

How about this one, google "mind control"


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