Thursday, May 31, 2007

Astroland's last stand

The end is approaching for Astroland, which goes dark shortly after Labor Day — all the neon and the rides and the booths rolling out on a tide that will never return.

In its place comes a planned $2 billion Coney Island makeover, a proposal to convert the once-seedy stretch of Brooklyn into a year-round stop with a swanky Vegas-style hotel and glitzy indoor attractions. Albert, who sold the family property to developer Thor Equities last November, remains in intermittent denial about Astroland’s impending demise.

What will Boro-Park do this Chol HaMoed Succos?


there is always Nellie Bly


For Heavens Sake! Why the concern over Astroland and no concern regarding the fact that BORO PARK IS PARKLESS!!!!!!!!! for the summer as a result of the renovations on 18th Avenue. Why oh why? couldn't the renovations start after the summer months?

There are alot of people who will NOT be going to the country and are really upset over this!

This is a day to day issue, rather than a Chol Hamoed issue! Where were our politicians who allowed this?


Re: 18th Ave. park:
They started last fall and promised it would be finished by April... did you really expect it to be done on time?


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