Wednesday, May 30, 2007

BEWARE - NYPD cellphone roadblock

Be aware, there is a Police cellphone roadblock currently in place on 55th Street and 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. Uniformed Police officers are hiding behind cars at a stop sign and ticketing drivers that are talking on their hand-held cellphones as they stop at the corner.

also there is a police road block on 59th street and 23 ave where macdonald ave turns into 60th street there is a stop sign that no one stops at and there are police there daily ticketing for seatbelts,phones and stop sign..please continue the thread....thanks

be safe but rat out the cops


I must give a shkoyich to Chaptzem, these last three articles are pertinent and relevant to the heimishe oilam. Keep it up.


so when someone on a cell phone hits someone while talking thats ok how about obeying the laws of the road.


Don't you mean 55th and 15th Avenue - as in fifteenth?


tyre yidden dina dmalchusa dina is halucha dont be a putz


I am thankful that after getting tickets for handheld cell phone use I bought a bluetooth.
I wish everybody did the same, it makes you legal and might benefit safety.
There might be a terrible thing if G-d forbid you have an accident while illegally using a cell phone.
You can buy a headset with a cord for a few dollars and you can even add bluetooth to a non blue tooth cell phone for the cost of one ticket.


I drive on the road every day and can always tell when i am driving behind someone that is talking on a cell phone. I wish that they all get tickets and maybe it will prevent damage that cost more then the ticket. When will we learn to listen. They are not doing iot becaue they are Anti semittic, they are doing it becaue they care about us.


Using a wireless/bluetooth headset while driving is almost as UNSAFE as talking on a hand-held phone.

You still lack the proper FOCUS ON THE ROAD.


how many poeple died because a cellphone that was desined to save lives while on the go, but instead we abuse our safety handouts and it has the opposite affect, and if every driver should get a fine while abusing it we should look on the law enforcment as a message from above that we only get away with a fine, as we know in the time of the beis hamikdosh we would get much harsher punishment for attempted murder and it will cost us alot of time consuming and work for forgivness.


well i want to saay this yo shuled never post this again it is very unsafe make a post just saying not to speak and drive tis like drink and drive the same stuff can happen its just that your not drunk your crazy couse you speake on a cell phone and i dont think peaple can get away i see peapl all day take red lets or relize roh i dident see the light couse ther on ther cell i can be drunk and still stop by a red lot


They are not really police officers! They are tax collectors!!!


Driving is dangerous. You are powering a killer machine. You need full concentraction on the road.
Talking on a cell phone is a distraction. PERIOD.
There was a study done in Israel that claimed that you lose up to 60% of your concentration and awareness when talking on a cell phone - and it makes no difference if it was hand-held or bluetooth.
Get this one - the same holds true for people walking on the street while talking on the phone!
This week I watched two such episodes that blew my mind.
A chasidishe guy walking with his wife while in deep discussion on the phone, stops in the MIDDLE of the crosswalk and argues on the phone. He was just standing there oblivious that the light changed.
Today I watched a young lady cross the street with her baby carriage AGAINST the light while talking on the phone. She had no idea what she was doing.
RABBOSSAI - WAKE UP and STOP this idiocy.
I hope they set these traps in Boro Park. It might save a misfortune.


To Joseph 10:50 AM and others

I posted the suggestion about everybody using an earpiece. Using an earpiece has to be somewhat safer than holding the telephone in your hand. I agree that not using a phone must be safer.
There is also the legal issue, if you have an accident G-D forbid, while breaking the law it can be bad for you.
I get very upset when driving in Flatbush and I usually see a minivan, frum appearing Woman driver holding the phone while making a left turn in traffic. It is wrong for many reasons, too many to list.
I also get just as upset (and complain to the perp) when I see similar behavior by Black, Spanish and others so please do not reply that I am anti frum or Anti-Semitic.
I post messages like this whenever cell phone driving is discussed because my daughter was almost run down by a frum Woman backing out of her driveway while using a cell phone and her mirror. She did not apologize or even stop talking when it happened. I bentched goimel for my daughter's experience.


I don't know the person who runs this site but posts like this are very irresponsible. It's almost like you are telling these people to drive with their cell phones except for this one particular corner where the police are waiting. Collectively the community drives horrendously enough as it is. No need to encourage the illegal use of cell phones.


Driving while talking on a cell phone
is dangerous, let's outlaw it.
Driving while arguing with your spouse is dangerous, let's out law talking while driving.
Driving while fiddling with the radio is dangerous, let's out law car radios.
Driving while thinking about work/gemara/money/in-laws is dangerous, let's out law driving and thinking.
"Im cain, ein ldovor sof".
Let's out law driving...

The bottom line is you can't out law stupidity. Everyone has to drive carefully.


Note to the comments June 1,
1, I do not see that Chaptzem is encouraging driving while holding and using a cell phone. Warning about a ticketing zone is close but does not cross the line.
2, Saying that driving while talking, arguing etc is dangerous may be true but misses the point. At this time driving while using a cell phone without a speaker or earpiece is not legal. The other issues are not blatantly illegal, they may be covered under other categories.

You might be right to say that everyone has to drive carefully BUT look outside, if you live in Flatbush or B.P. I can assure you not everyone has seichel like you.


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